Unbelievable! Democrats Apologize to IRS Commissioner For Tough Questions From Republicans


Wondering what the Democrats are doing while Republican law makers are investigating the degree of Lois Lerner’s deceit, they’re apologizing for Republicans asking tough questions and for calling IRS Commissioner John Koskinen out for being an arrogant liar and assisting in a cover-up!

Congressman Paul Ryan (R-Wis) made a statement to IRS Commissioner John Koskinen calling him out for an obvious political cover-up.

“This is unbelievable,” said Ryan. “I am sitting here listening to this testimony… I just, I don’t believe it. That’s your problem, nobody believes you.”

“You are the Internal Revenue Service. You can reach into the lives of hard-working taxpayers and with a phone call, an email, or a letter you can turn their lives upside-down. You ask taxpayers to hang on to seven years of their personal tax information in case they are ever audited, and you can’t keep six months’ worth of employee emails?”

Here are a few of those unbelievable “apologies” by Democrats:

“I want to apologize to you for the way you’ve been treated this morning,” said Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) to Koskinen. Lewis then offered Koskinen time to say whatever he wanted.

Rep. Richard Neal (D-MA) was among the Democrats accusing Republicans of pursuing unfounded conspiracy theories. He said that every element is present “except Oliver Stone.”

This is maybe not a hearing, but an inquisition,” Rep. Xavier Becerra (D-CA) said as he apologized to Koskinen for the Republican questioning and counseled him on how to get his side of the story told.

The most appalling and shameful display came from Democratic Congressman Elijah Cummings! He said, “I appreciate you coming into this institution, giving it the best you’ve got, and then having to come in here and go through this hell!” 

He went through hell? What about the innocent American people who were targeted and put through audit hell! Where is the empathy for them Mr. Cummings!

Listen to this nonsense! He’s practically in tears and literally sympathizing with a witness in a serious criminal investigation!

Once again, the Democrats are out of touch. It’s more than apparent they are trying to downplay the severity of the situation to draw attention away from the guilty parties.

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