UNBELIEVABLE: Minneapolis Mosque Reports Radical ISIS Recruiter to FBI Who Do Not Arrest Him: Why? He Is A Government Informant!


Amir Meshal, aged 31, formally from New Jersey, was reported by a mosque volunteer who said that Meshal was talking in terms of jihad and a radical Islamist ideology. The director of Al-Farooq mosque said they had no patience for that, and will not tolerate that in their mosque and immediately called police and the FBI.

What those at the mosque don’t understand is why the FBI hasn’t arrested him, or why other mosques in the Twin Cities haven’t banned him as well.


Amir Meshal has a complicated history with the FBI. Several years ago, he was arrested in Kenya after escaping from Somalia. He admits to being at a training camp, but says he wasn’t a terrorist.

In a 2009 lawsuit filed for him by the ACLU, Meshal says he went to Somalia to study Islam, yet was interrogated more than 30 times by two FBI agents, threatened with torture, and shuffled between jails in Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia before being brought back to the United States three months later and released without charges.

The lawsuit was dismissed two months ago, Fox News reported.

According to the ACLU lawsuit, the FBI offered Meshal the opportunity to serve as a government informant. In exchange, they would take his name off the no fly list that prevents him from visiting his mother and family in Egypt.

The question remains, why has the FBI not arrested Meshal, and where is he now. It’s a fair assumption that Amir Meshal is indeed a CIA or FBI informant who is under their protection.

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