Unhinged Maxine Waters Threatens American Voters: ‘Resist’ Trump Or ‘Go Down With Him’ (Video)

Unhinged Maxine Waters Threatens American Voters: ‘Resist’ Trump Or ‘Go Down With Him’ (Video)

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Maxine Waters appeared on MSNBC’s “All In” with Chris Hayes, and said that America is getting to a point where people will either “have to stand up and resist this president” or “go down with him.” 

“I’m with the 70 percent. Seventy percent of Democrats who have been polled say that they think that he should be impeached,” she said when asked about impeachment.

“I’m with the 70 percent. I understand the reticence of my colleagues and the Democratic leadership who say don’t feed the notion that is being presented by the Republicans—that say that all they want to do is impeach the president because they’re mad about the fact they lost the election. I get that, and I understand why that would cause them to not want to talk about it. But I just don’t have those fears. At some point in time, we have to deal with reality. We have to deal with some truths. And we have to deal with some facts.”

Mad-Max is not capable of dealing with the facts or she would accept the truth that Hillary Clinton paid for the bogus dossier that is the basis of Robert Mueller’s witch hunt, and he can’t charge President Trump with Russian collusion because none took place. The only collusion that took place was with Hillary, Barack Obama and the rest of the Deep State who are trying to take Trump down, and that’s not going to happen.

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Waters had lots more to say on the subject:

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“I know that people are saying we’ve got to wait and we’ve got see what our special counsel will come up with. I get that. And I believe that we need facts in order to move forward. But the discussion must take place. We must not allow the president of the United States of America, who has this is relationship with the country who hates us and has undermined us and who has undermined our democracy, to not be talked about, to not be discussed, to not be talked about—the reticence of our members to deal with it.

I just will continue to talk about it. I think it is dangerous. I think that we should stand up for our country. This president has no respect for the Constitution. He’s in bed with Putin and the oligarchs of Russia and the Kremlin, and it’s come out already. So let the special counsel keep doing what he’s doing in order to connect the dots for those people who say we need the positive proof, and I think we’re going to get to the point where people are either going to have to stand up and resist this president and talk about how he’s dangerous for our democracy or they’re going to go down with him.”

Here’s video of her statements, courtesy of the Gateway Pundit:

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Mad-Max is in for a shock when dirty cop Robert Mueller announces that there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. The only collusion that took place was with Hillary Clinton and the DNC paying for a bogus dossier… but Mueller is staying clear of all that because it will expose not only Hillary, but Barack Obama and the rest of the gutter rats in the Deep State.

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