University Academics Say Pedophilia is ‘Natural And Normal For Males to be AROUSED by Children’


An academic conference held at the University of Cambridge said that pedophilia interest is “natural and normal for males”, and that “at least a sizable minority of normal males would like to have sex with children, and normal males are aroused by children.”

These sentiments were discussed at a conference that took place last year to discuss the classification of sexuality in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), the standard international psychiatric manual used by the legal system.

The conference, which was titled “Classifying Sex: Debating DSM-5″, had featured a number of speakers who spoke in favor of sex with children, which, in essence, is supporting pedophilia.

The American Psychiatric Association (APA), which produces it, had been locked in battle over whether hebephilia should be included as a disorder. Hebephilia is the sexual preference for children in early puberty, typically 11 to 14 year old’s.

The proposal was being discussed because children are going through puberty at a younger age and the current definition of pedophilia is attraction to pre-pubescent children.

One of the attendees, and enthusiastic participant, was Tom O’Carroll, a multiple child sex offender and long time campaigner for the legalization of sex with children and former head of the Paedophile Information Exchange. “Wonderful!” he wrote on his blog afterwards. “It was a rare few days when I could feel relatively popular!”


The Telegraph reproted:

After a fierce battle in the American Psychiatric Association (APA), which produces it, a proposal to include hebephilia as a disorder in the new edition of the manual has been defeated. The proposal arose because puberty in children has started ever earlier in recent decades and as a result, it was argued, the current definition of paedophilia – pre-pubertal sexual attraction – missed out too many young people.

Ray Blanchard, professor of psychiatry at the University of Toronto, who led the APA’s working group on the subject, said that unless some other way was found of encompassing hebephilia in the new manual, that was “tantamount to stating that the APA’s official position is that the sexual preference for early pubertal children is normal”.

Prof Blanchard was in turn criticized by a speaker at the Cambridge conference, Patrick Singy, of Union College, New York, who said hebephilia would be abused as a diagnosis to detain sex offenders as “mentally ill” under US “sexually violent predator” laws even after they had completed their sentences.

But perhaps the most controversial presentation of all was by Philip Tromovitch, a professor at Doshisha University in Japan, who stated in a presentation on the “prevalence of paedophilia” that the “majority of men are probably paedophiles and hebephiles” and that “paedophilic interest is normal and natural in human males”.

O’Carroll, the former PIE leader, was thrilled, and described on his blog how he joined Prof Tromovitch and a colleague for drinks after the conference. “The conversation flowed most agreeably, along with the drinks and the beautiful River Cam,” he said.

Check the FBI Sex Offender Registry Website to search your state and local area for registered sex offenders.  

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      • You can’t compare homosexuality to pedophilia. One can be a consensual relationship between two adults and one there can be no consent. What may be “natural” to the paraphiliac is vile and unacceptable to our culture and should remain so as consent can’t be given! To me what this says, is that there should be civil commitment of all pedophiles indefinitely.

        • Yeah there may be “consent” but there are a crap-ton of gay’s who prey on straight people hoping to turn them gay, just like the tranny at the nightclubs. Being gay is not normal just because of “consent”, there are more people with cancer than there are gays and cancer is not normal.

          • Gay people do not prey on straight people to “turn” them gay any more than tall people prey on short people to turn them tall! Don’t be so foolish rod.

          • I have seen this many times, its like its no good unless there is a compromise involved, “i want a real man” or “the difference between a straight man and a gay one is a couple strong shots of liquor”…these words are from the mouths of gay men, on public record, springer.

          • Sexual orientation is irrelevant here, whether the person interested in you is gay or not doesn’t matter, as an adult, you can say NO. Pedophilia on the other end is a form of predation because you have someone who is capable of overpowering a kid. A kid cannot consent, I don’t care if physically kids are more developed that what they used to be, mentally, they are not there yet. They are enough grown up people willing to experience sexually, you have enough gadgets and videos, leave kids alone! Let them be kids!

          • To Rose, my best friend at high school was groomed for years by homosexual predators. He was targeted and eventually turned. It does happen. I’ve seen it and lived it!

          • @Brad: he was gay all along. you and likely your community just wouldnt accept that and he feared what you people would do to him. he pretended to be straight.

          • That’s more like straight men “preying” on straight women who are out of their league at nightclubs. An adult can say no, but a child is defenseless.

          • Prey on straights? You can’t be serious. Many gays have fantasies about having sex with closeted gay or bisexuals and being their “first.”

            And what, you’re afraid a gay man will hit on you? Yes, I understand that it can be very uncomfortable when someone you have no interest in having sex with expresses their desire to do so with you, but do you wear a sign that says “I’M STRAIGHT” in public? No, no you don’t, because that’s fucking stupid.

          • Cancer is normal. You need to look up the definition of normal. Particularly in the psychological and sociological context it is being used here.

          • Rod, what a stupid comparison. People of the opposite sex also try to “seduce’ others, often in bars & clubs, but if you’re not willing, the gender doesn’t matter, you’re not agreeing to have sex.

          • and that is what they will soon be saying about pedo’s. Acceptable, equality, etc. No it isn’t and neither should homosexuality!

          • It’s like you trying to pick up a girl who turns out to be gay or trans. How would you know until you tried?

        • This is where the slippery slope of acceptance of disorders is leading us. It began when homosexuality was removed from the list of psychiatric disorders and called normal. Now this.

          • what a load of utter bull homosexuality was accepted throughout history till the religious dark ages which killed the enlightenment of humanity and set us back 500 years technologically and medically you want someone to blame for the widespread acceptance of pedos look no farther than the priest in the pulpit fiddling with the quireboys organised religion has and always will be the utter bane of humanity

          • Killall, you do realize your argument works for pedophilia too, right? It was highly accepted in the ancient world, including Greece.

          • “It was highly accepted in the ancient world, including Greece.”

            Still is in some parts… typically the Sharia locations the left is so keen to protect with accusations of islamophobia

          • Pedophilia has been accepted much more often than homosexuality, especially ‘gay marriages’. Even the God-fearing Burgerlanders of the past were okay with it, and your founding fathers; within marriage.

        • Hate to break it to you where do you think this came from? The gay rites movement has created this because why ” They were born this way”. This whole scenario has been engineered by those who control the media, movies, and tv shows. Why do you think we see nothing but transgender this, gay that, the rights of others stripped from everyone who doesn’t support being gay, being a child molester, being a transgender. This entire Socially engineered scheme is to hard for the dumbed down trendy’s to even believe. The Government is so in love with those filled with nothing but ” IGNORANCE”, and you are their pets when they feed you the bait and the idiots bite it every time.

          • Is it the fact that you never grew out of a child’s mentality that leaves you unable to tell the difference between sex involving adults and a child?

          • You are not born GAY, that is incorrect. Basically you are calling GOD a liar, he hates homosexuals, why would he create homosexuals and then say he hates them? Come on now

          • Kita – Your God, perhaps… but not everyone’s. Since your God has no evidence for existing beyond stories in a big book of fables, let’s be real.

            And yes. There are genetic predispositions for being gay. It’s not a CHOICE like morons like you seem to think. No more than it’s a CHOICE for you to be attracted to members of the opposite sex, or red hair, or blue eyes, or whatever.

            And I’m not calling God a liar. I don’t believe in your God, so I can’t really call “nothingness” a liar. I -am- refuting the validity of any of the supposed “history” that comes from the Bible, and thereby any accounts of any form of “divine law” within it… but as “God” never wrote that book, that is just calling the many many men (and or women) who wrote parts of it, liars. Or more accurately, calling them misinformed.

          • Kita, I don’t think that God cares about homosexuality since He is supposed to be all about love. I’m sure that He does care about pedophilia though since it involves twisted perversion and lust not love. For your information (education is a must), there are many reasons why people practice homosexuality, some ARE born that way, some became that way after abuses, some are exposed to too much hormones in the water, etc. However, all that is irrelevant since the topic is not homosexuality but pedophilia. Consent is the magic word here, and in the case of pedophilia, there is no consent, only lives that become shattered because a handful of pervs have twisted desire. It is NOT normal to be attracted by kids, even the rest of the animal kingdom got that! This so call research is bias and was probably founded by members of NAMBLA who are trying to find ways to justify their sick desires.

          • Since you dont know, I will tell you-homosexuality use to be classified, in the psychiatric manuels as a “mental disorder.” So, now I guess they will work on having Pedophille taken out of “mental disorders!” this is what happens, when you start the ball rolling! Then next, you will be able to marry someone who is considered a child!! Horrors of horrors!

          • Here’s the deal: Sexual orientation is pretty much hard wired from birth, with a few exceptions, and these people can’t help that. Again, with very few exceptions, no amount of treatment will change that. There are a lot more pedophiles out there than we could possibly imagine. But, if we start to say its ok and tolerate it, pedophiles will get alot of special treatment and reduced sentences and made them look like they are victims, and that should NEVER HAPPEN. Maybe it is natural, but if we don’t have a zero tolerance it will become the new way of life. We can’t glorify it in any way, shape, or form. I don’t care what the “experts” tell us, ALL Pedophiles are a threat to children.

          • Here’s the deal: Sexual orientation is pretty much hard wired from birth, with a few exceptions, and these people can’t help that. Likewise, with very few exceptions, no amount of treatment will change that. There are a lot more pedophiles out there than we could possibly imagine. But, if we start to say its ok and tolerate it, pedophiles will get alot of special treatment and reduced sentences and made them look like they are victims, and that should NEVER HAPPEN. Maybe it is natural, but if we don’t have a zero tolerance it will become the new way of life. We can’t glorify it in any way, shape, or form. I don’t care what the “experts” tell us, ALL Pedophiles are a threat to children.

        • Is it then okay for a brother and sister or a parent and adult child to marry?
          They are both consenting adults who claim to love each other in a romantic way

        • Consent is just a matter of law like anything else. They can change the age of consent or do away with it entirely if they want to and if pedophilia is found to be “normal”, then age of consent laws will be challenged by pedoophiles just like sodomy laws were challenged by homosexuals. As soon as age of consent laws are done away with, it will be open season on children.

          • well, than children will just have to be taught earlier about sex and the consequences… and discouraged or encouraged by their parents to participate. same as age old family rules and education about cussing, dating, dancing,… whatever.

            or, their parents would have to be involved in the decision making, much like they have to give permission for school field trips. if their folks think they are ready, it’s up to them to say yes. if for whatever reason they don’t think their kid should be participating, than it would be a crime for the adult involved to participate.

            i’ve known parents that okayed their 15-16 year old daughters dating of 18-20 year old boys. some set rules for sex and touching, others left it to their daughters to decide. this would just be the same with younger , less mature, folk and bigger age differences.

          • That’s relying on parents to actually teach their children, and with the way society is progressing, that’s going to eventually fall on the wayside.

          • “Until the late 20th century U.S. age of consent laws specifically names males as perpetrators and females as victims. Following English law, in which the age was set at 12 in 1275 and lowered to 10 in 1576, ages of consent in the American colonies were generally set at 10 or 12. The laws protected female virginity, which at the time was considered a valuable commodity until marriage. The theft of a girl’s chastity was seen as a property crime against her father and future husband. If two people were married and had sex, no matter what their age, no crime was committed because a woman was her husband’s property.In fact, until the mid 1960s, the legal age of consent in Delaware was 7.

          • So they want paedophillia legalized. Can a 2, 3, 4, 5 year old vote? Hell, paedos are raping newborns. Is that okay and ‘normal’ too? Violating people not even old enough to have a voice in this discussion…does that seem right?

            I was violated by an adult male when I was 6 years old, a 10yr old when I was 3, an other adult male at age 10 and another adult male at age 11–that does not even begin to include the number of inappropriate comments made to me by dirty old farts. Things like a step-grandfather asking me if I had hair on my pussy. My stepfather’s friends playing with my underwear and asking him if he’ “gotten any of that yet?” I still have nightmares and trust issues to this day and I am now 49. I would like to see the men who violated my body because of their “normal” desires taken out and tortured for years before suffering a slow agonizing and painful death for what they did to me. They should have to suffer as they made me and my friend (her uncle molested us both) suffer for all these years. Sex? I frankly hate sex because of them. It was only a means to an end to have children for me. You want to pass laws making it open season for these monsters? Then the ONLY voice that should be heard on the matter is the voice of persons violated as children and children themselves. What rules are you going to lay down to make it okay for a 20 year old to force his penis into the vagina of 5 year old girl, ripping her flesh open and potentially killing her because his penis (if average) would reach her liver? Yeah. The fulfillment of ‘Normal’ male lust is perfect justification for physically destroying a young child’s body. His orgasm trumps the child’s right to be free from pain and physical and mental harm. Who gives a damn if the child gets so screwed up they require surgery or even so mentally ruined they commit suicide right? Just so long as the paedo got off good and hard…children are disposable.

            I tried to kill myself twice as a kid because of abuse like these idiots want to call normal. I have always hated my body and felt total shame and like I can never be clean or worthy of love again ever since. I never trusted any man or boy around children since. I laughed hysterically when I was 11 and learned that one of my abusers had burned to death in a car–the only justice that I have had thus far. All my other abusers died at ripe old ages. (I was abused by not one, but 4 different men, each knew nothing of the other, as a child between the age of 5 and 11). Anyone lobbying for paedophilia to be considered normal…I and other victims like me hope you suffer for your evil, sadistic intentions.

        • It’s called ‘Chicken Hawking’. Maybe you should come clean about it. For the uninformed-that is when an older gay man initiates a teen age boy into the gay lifestyle.

        • You are right Kerr, homosexuality is far worse than pedophilia (unless pedophilia is male adult with male children which is homosexuality again). I consider hetero pedophilia more benign that homosexuality.

          • Homosexuality is worse than paedophilia???? I can’t believe it’s 2015 and i’ve actually seen somebody write this on the internet for the whole world to see.

            Can a child legally give consent? NO
            Can an adult legally give consent? YES

            Homosexual relationships don’t scar a human being for life. Being abused as a child is something that definitely does cause mental health problems such as PTSD and depression.

            I get that you’re probably some far right religious ignoramus, but please keep your 18th century ideas off the internet.

        • Since you dont know, I will tell you-homosexuality use to be classified, in the psychiatric manuels as a “mental disorder.” So, now I guess they will work on having Pedophille taken out of “mental disorders!” this is what happens, when you start the ball rolling! Then next, you will be able to marry someone who is considered a child!! Horrors of horrors!

          • People are not born with any sexual preference. As they grow older, they are indoctrinated into a “gay” lifestyle. So sick of the “born that ay” argument. God makes us, male/female. period. It is obvious, because we are born either male or female. God help us, because this is the 1st. time in post modern history where it has been made legal for gays to marry. and that was done illegally! scotus can not make laws, only interpret them! Watch what will happen, now. It will be worse than Sodom and Gormorrah! Thank God, we are saved, those of us who are christians, thru what Christ did on the cross. Because it is coming!

        • I agree in principle that homosexuality was between two consenting adults, whereas children are not yet old enough to perceive their own consequences as an adult will perceive the child’s consequences. However, I think there is value in the comparison nevertheless. The reason I think this, is because the kinds of persons who sustained the kind of psychology that could lead into the abuse of childhood, are most often able to feel gratified by becoming homosexual instead, usually because they were not themselves sexually abused in childhood. Other kinds of folks also were homosexual, but among homosexuals were more of the kind of person with the specific psychology that can become perpetrators. (See my post below for more information of what I know of their pattern.)

      • That is correct. We also used to say it about heterosexual couple where the woman is significantly older than the man. Or who are of different social/cultural/religious backgrounds. There is a difference though, and the difference is significant: two adult people, sexually fully grown, are aware of their own and another’s sexuality. Thus, they can consent or not.

        Small children are not yet developed. That’s also, btw, why we wouldn’t force a medium steak down their little throats; that’s also why we wouldn’t let them drink coffee or booze, you see. They’re still small and not yet fully developed, they don’t understand many things yet, that’s why schools start with simple math and not yet with algebra and square root. Even if you’d love to discuss the higher mathematical realms with your 2-year-old, you’ll probably have to wait. Strange thing, dat, hm.

        Btw, so it is with sexuality also.

        • Are you really that naive? Sex ed in schools is starting earlier and earlier and they are teaching them things now that many adults don’t know. Trust me, by the age of 10 your kid knows more about it than you do.

          • Unfortunately, that is part of the twisted agenda of some people and frankly, I don’t know why parents don’t do something about it! Sex ed shouldn’t be taught so early. Kids are already exposed to enough sexuality as it is with the music and film industry, they don’t need to be bombarded with it at school. Sex ed has also taken a form of propaganda rather than of education. Teens are more confused now than educated and this is exactly what pervs want! As parents, it is our responsibility to protect our kids!

          • they have to learn at some point, children are very curious and since many parents dont want to teach them anything, they learn it school.

          • Bug, actually kids SHOULD be taught about their sexual organs and basics of sex so they understand if someone is inappropriate with them and why it’s inappropriate.

          • Oh I understand that they should learn some things about it but to a point! Talking about homosexuality and intercourse is too much too early. They should wait until at least 10 years old before teaching kids about this and even then, it needs to be presented in an appropriate way. I know many little girls (11 yo) who were pressured to engage into sexual activities after a Sex ed course… not good!

        • That can be interpreted however the law sees fit. “Sexually mature”, depending on what a single person may define it as, can be as young as 9-12 years old when a girl first has her period. Or 25 when the human brain stops growing and evolving and you are finally truly an “adult”.

        • I want to know who is “Disliking” these sane comments!?!? Children are NOT developed enough for sexual relations physically, mentally, or emotionally. If you think they are, you need to go get your head examined.

          • i had sex at 9y/o, i was curious, and it was consentual, with an older female. i had had crushes and had daydreamed about sexual touching and relations with much older women before that. my dad, who is gay, said he was sure i was straight when i was around 2 because of how i watched women, and interacted with them.

            i can’t tell you exactly when i learned about penetrating sex, or procreation. but i wanted and was ready for sexual contact long before i was ready or wanting of a romantic relationship.

            i woulda been soooo down with being seduced by various babysitters or teachers. long before i had actually had sex. i kid you not.

            and i’m not the only one who will tell you things like this.

            sex, masturbation, ejaculation, procreation, physical pleasure, desire, and healthy romantic relationships, are by no means all the same things. sometimes they exist together, sometimes they don’t. but one does not generally need or make the others.

          • The notion of ‘innocence’ concerning child sexuality is one that has a hundred different definitions today.

      • It’s sick, cowardly and if your talking balance of power….your talking danger to children, they not only want sex, in many cases they want to kill the child. As an MSW I have always looked at the DSM as a bunch of bullcrap…where deviant behavior is compared to minorities by whites and a way for mental health people…to get paid.

      • Well the only reason they changed the age of consent was because of child prostitution.. Rich ppl didn’t want their kids making money that way.. No one was discussed about the age… Just that they were making money in a nasty ass way, so that means… The feelings that our bodies have been naturally feeling for centuries need to be changed for the over privileged Puritans and fake Christians . all this social stigma has been placed as a rouse to keep kids in school to perpetuate the cycle of workers to feed the system that is America. It’s fucked up if you REALLY think about it… Love is love..

    • Islamic infiltration for sure. Mohammad’s 3rd wife (Aisha) was only 6 years old child. Mohammad molested her from 6 till 9 years old. From 9 years old, Mohammad raped her till his death about 9 years later. Mohammed, pedephile child rapist, hailed prophet of Islam. Mohammad legalized crimes against women, children and humanity in general. Pedephile of a prophet, won’t surprise me if his followers don’t find pedephile lifestyle wrong.

      • Is it possible to be more stupid? You’d have to work hard at it. Would that be all those Roman Catholic Muslims you’re talking about? Racist buffoon.

        • Young Scud, the difference is: Roman Catholic priests are not worshipped as a prophets of God whereas Mohammad is. Please differentiate. There really is a difference By the way, your remark could very well be considered “bigotry”.

          • First of all, NO ONE worships Prophet Muhammad. We believe in him as a messenger of God same as Abraham, Muses, and Jesus.
            Second Aisha was not 6 nor 17.. Simple calculation and study of history would prove its a lie and she was around 25. If you are interested, I can send you the links to see for yourself 😉

          • Mohammed? First you say it’s the Spanish Armada. Forty years ago we were aligned with the Commies.

            Man, are you people ignorant. It so happens that Islam wasn’t even around when the Catholic Church was at its infancy. Why do you think they fought the Crusades?

      • Yeah, all except for the fact that many of these things took place in civilizations where Islam never set foot. Learn your history.

        • Sanity ”let’s be real” and ”learn your history”

          I Jakob (Isaiah) present you hereby with a challenge which will lead you back to the future. the truth and reality of today. ”Sanity” will remain it’s value and holds it’s everlasting meaning behind the intention, expression and language by which we tend to communicate something which holds our best possible known way how to share a message we want to get understood by the recipient/other. to know history is to know the future… (Just to complement Einstein’s quote:” The only thing we learn from history, is that we don’t learn from history”

          It’s experience..

          My home is where love is…my peace, my legacy, my history which will remain to always be my future, and I am sure the history Humanity writes today, will be remembered in the present future for ever. Warm regards, and best wishes on your memories of tomorrow. Jorn Jakob Albert Boor (House of righteousness) Challenge: Read the scriptures with your present consciousness attached to it…as I did to, enriching me beyond my expectation’s ….Let’s write the ”6th day” and provide ourselves the blessing which is the beginning of the end 😉

      • Dear sister in Humanity Flora,
        Aisha was not 6 nor 17.. Simple calculation and study of history would prove its a lie and she was around 25. If you are interested, I can send you the links to see for yourself 😉

        • Rula, you are full of it up to your ears. I am a researcher of all things islime and moohamed did in fact rape his little wife only 9 yrs old. I taught at an all boys muslim charter school and they told me Aisha was only six when he married her, but did not ‘do her’ until she was nine. My response to that was how stupid is that..marry a girl and be her father for a few years and then one night say honey pull down your panties, tonight’s the night. Islime is so sick when you know that there are old afghan men marrying 7-8 year old girls who end up bleeding to death on their wedding night. How any muslim woman can agree to this sadistic crap makes me wonder if she dances with demons…Your calculation is way off, but then again, taquiyya is a liars way.

      • I bet you think that the Pagans, Israelitesz or the Christians were much different concerning child marriage. I’m not a Muslim, but I think that if she were raped, she >probably< would not spread his teachings.

      • No. It is a ‘disorder’ that should be handled by incapacitating and handing these sick bastards over to their victims when they have become adults and allowing we victims to pronounce upon them whatever sentence we wish. We should be allowed to exact retribution for the harm they caused us with our own hands in whatever manner we deem fit.

        • I like that idea VERY MUCH! So sorry about what happened to you! Don’t let those bastards get to your soul, they will pay… one way or the other!

        • Angry victim…you can see by the lack of likes you are getting that we live in very sick times. When folks do not identify with children being abused/victimized you know we have reached the bottom of the cesspool. For all the idiots commenting on here about gays versus pedos, DO KNOW that research now shows their is incontrovertible proof that pedophilia and gaydom are linked. All those gd catholic priests that diddled with kids, were ALSO GAY…F A C T. And now we even have the sickos of the APA trying to legitimize pedos as being the natural thing to do. Obviously ANGRY VICTIM OF PEDOPHILES IS MORE THAN RIGHT IN THEIR FEELING THAT PEDO/GAYS SHOULD BE NOT ONLY BE PUNISHED, BUT LOSE THOSE VERY BODY PARTS THAT THEY USED TO ABUSE/TERRIFY/DEFILE. The thrust now of pushing for legitimizing the use of children for sexual purposes is being pushed by the sickos on the left/liberal loons, as well as the koranimals hoping to make pedo activity their sphere once they reign supreme. Pray to god that the Koranimals never achieve that power as they are the most evil of men to use/abuse small children either boys or girls. Even today it is known that afghan men marry 6 yr old girls like the sadist moo hamed did…and these girls often bleed to death on their wedding night. Only a sick son of a b monster could do this to a child and so ANGRY VICTIM YOU ARE MORE THAN right to want vengeance on the perp. I would go so far as to say when the Lord said, “Vengeance is mine, that he did not include the most heinous of sins..destroying the innocence of children. Here in New England so many sicko priests had abused kids that too many to count committed suicide. Worse is that all too often the most bright and sensitive kids are the ones who take their lives knowing that they have been defiled beyond repair. I have a sister who lives in Michigan.She has an afghan neighbor living near here. THis man said that if he ever goes back to Afghanistan he will seek out the man who abused him when he was young, AND HE WILL KILL HIM..AND WHY NOT? When an adult fails to protect a child, then he deserves no protection either. If any priest had ever messed with any of my five kids, I would have taken a baseball bat first to his right knee, and then his left knee, and finally his weenie…he’d never be able to use it again. God has informed me that would be my duty as a parent.

    • Maybe “natural” and “normal” when those male specimens are identifying as ANIMALS…!!! That is the whole gist of the difference between humans and the rest of the animal kingdom—we have the ability to control ourselves through logic and reason! Animals don’t! Therefore, pedophilia is an animalistic behavior among humans. NOT SOCIALLY OR MORALLY ACCEPTABLE!

      • Karine, actually, even animals know better. Very few animals will go for youngsters. Pedophilia has its own classification under twisted perversion. Putting pedophiles with animals is an insult to the animals!

        • Animals won’t go for the young because they aren’t sexually mature. A cat is sexually mature at about 8-10 months. A child is sexually mature at approximately 10-14 years. So are you suggesting that we use when girls first have their periods, and when boys start producing sperm as when they’re sexually mature? I’m not taking sides on this, merely pointing out a flaw in your argument.

          • In many cultures, it’s unfortunately the time when they do force young girls to marry yes. However, sexuality has a lot more implications than just for reproduction. At 10-14 years old, humans might be physically able to reproduce but they are not ready emotionally and psychologically so no, I’m not in favor of using children that young at all. In the animal world, very few animals will engage into sexual activities for pleasure only, their goal is usually reproduction. As far as I know, no study was done on the possible trauma associated with the 1st time of a 8-10 months cat. However, seeing the brutality of some encounters, I would say that it’s not a nice experience for them!

          • oh, and regarding your cat theory. since 7 cat months = 1 human month, that means the cat is ready at about 5.8 years old in human terms, just like i’ve seen many many girls of that age show their panties, pull them down, ask if they can touch, and share stories of what really goes on in the average american household.

            what people are really worried about is not sex with kids, they’re just worried about the great secret of incest coming out and worried about Other people having sex with their kids (instead of only in the fam).

        • that’s not true. take elephant seals for example, adult males will often initiate intercourse with females who could be termed as “toddlers” or “preteens”. and there are million instances in animals kindgom of “gay” intercourse. look at the Bonobos chimps!!! the entire society is based on sex!! adult males and females frequently masturbate, perform oral sex on, and intercourse the “kids” of all ages: infants, preteens, teens and the fun is often sought out and started by the youngsters who i guess are horny!

    • No, it is not natural for parents, and concerned family members of children to Not act on it. The family unit is the core of our humanity, and the core reason by which most parents go to work each day, slave, and save for the joy of seeing the future brighten for their children. Destroy a parents’ dream and you destroy the workforce. Those who Love their children will fight to the abandon of all else to protect them. So please consider this, so called University Academics, that the innocence of the children, and the bright Love of life they treasure within their hearts is the healing of this world. Let us protect our children, and help us keep them safe. Don’t let pedophelia or child molestation become legalized, for indeed it cannot be, for a law is a law only when the people admit honor to it. And as such the majority of the people can change any law, including the martial law that was not stood down before Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. The people, the majority are the land. Those who wish pedophelia to thrive should find their own country, then see how peaceful or long that lasts.

      • This sounds all well and good, but you do realize that “The Majority” doesn’t apply here intrinsically regarding the law, right?

        There are states in the US where the legal age for marriage and consent is anywhere from 12 to 16, depending on said states. MOST states allow for it between 16 and 17. How is it, then, that Ephebophilia (not Pedophilia, which is mistakenly used to reference an attraction to and or sex with anyone under the age of consent) is demonized?

        Sure, I get it. Protect the children. But there is a difference in protecting your children and calling for a mentality that is founded on behavior that is legal even within the states to become illegal.

        Do I support Pedophilia? No. Not even a little bit. Because that is a personal choice. But then, the definition of Pedophilia is aimed at PRE-PUBESCENT children. Do I support Hebephilia? Again, no. It’s aimed at kids still going through puberty, usually in the mid to mid-late stages. 12-15 year olds (roughly.)

        On the other hand, I certainly support Ephebophilia, from a legal standpoint. It is already legal in many (if not most) of the states of the US. A large number of countries also consider it the norm. Psychologically, it is ingrained into us from a societal level that “legal means ok” and “illegal means not ok” when the reality of it is far from the case. Sometimes, “even though it’s legal, it’s not right” is the appropriate reaction – such as in the case where in a state a 16 year old can choose to marry, but he/she is obviously not of a mature mindset… Whereas the flip side is also true “even though it’s illegal, it’s not wrong” can be true, say, for an instance of a 17 year old wanting to have sex or marry in a state where the legal limit is 18.

        Legality does not define what is Moral. Morality has to come from within, and it is a basis of judgment that each of us has our own understanding and definitions of.

        With that said, I’m perfectly happy with my SO. Both of us are decades over the legal limitations, so it doesn’t affect us one way or the other. Neither of us has any particular desire to go swimming in the shallow end of the pool looking for something on the side. But I for one do not stand for demonizing people for acts that fall within our psychological natures, nor in misrepresenting facts to make it seem like the truth is “It is and always has been wrong.”

        My standpoints? Pedophilia is bad. Hebephilia is bad. Ephebophilia is a societal norm, and isn’t worth so much fuss over. But either way, none of those directly affect me.

        • Definitions:

          Child who is not reached puberty (people under the age of 9). Pedophilia is the primary attraction for those who do not hit puberty (people under the age of 9).

          • TO VISIT HE


            And so we can see that a door has been opened.

            Psychiatrist Jeffrey Satinover reflects on the Journal of Homosexuality’s “Male Intergenerational Intimacy”: READ BOY!!!

            “This special issue reflects the substantial, influential, and growing segment of the homosexual community that neither hides nor condemns pedophilia. Rather they argue that pedophilia is an acceptable aspect of sexuality, especially of homosexuality. Indeed, the San Francisco Sentinel, a Bay Area gay-activist newspaper, published a piece arguing that pedophilia is central to male homosexual life” (7).

            Gay advocates correctly state that most child molesters are heterosexual males.
            However, this is a misleading statement, since most males are heterosexual.
            In proportion to their numbers (about 1 out of 36 men), homosexual males may be more likely to engage in sex with minors: in fact, some research suggests a possible 3-to-one ratio (8). However, research in this area is not conclusive because the sexual orientation of male-on-male abusers was not always clear (some abusers are bisexuals).
            These statistics do not, of course, take into account the cases of homosexual child abuse which are unreported. NARTH’s Executive Director Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, for example, says that about one-third of his 400 adult homosexual clients said they had experienced some form of homosexual abuse before the age of consent, but only two of those cases had been reported to legal authorities.

            While no more than 2% of male adults are homosexual, some studies indicate that approximately 35% of pedophiles are homosexual (9). Further, since male-on-male pedophiles victimize far more children than do heterosexual pedophiles (10), it is estimated that approximately 80% of pedophilic victims are boys who have been molested by adult males Homosexual Men were Often Childhood Victims

            Dr. Nicolosi says that many of his clients’ childhood sexual contacts occurred with a trusted older person, and were perceived at the time of the abuse as loving. Other sexual-reorientation therapists report similar high rates of molestation among their clients (12, 13).

            Tragically, the abused child is then more likely to become an abuser in adulthood (14). Thus, it would not be surprising that pedophilia could be more common among homosexual men: since they are more likely to have been victims of abuse themselves, they would also be more likely to initiate a repetition of that abuse with a same-sex child.”

    • No, it is not natural for parents, and concerned family members of children to Not act on it. The family unit is the core of our humanity, and the core reason by which most parents go to work each day, slave, and save for the joy of seeing the future brighten for their children. Destroy a parents’ dream and you destroy the workforce. Those who Love their children will fight to the abandon of all else to protect them. So please consider this, so called University Academics, that the innocence of the children, and the bright Love of life they treasure within their hearts is the healing of this world. Let us protect our children, and help us keep them safe. Don’t let pedophelia or child molestation become legalized, for indeed it cannot be, for a law is a law only when the people admit honor to it. And as such the majority of the people can change any law, including the martial law that was not stood down before Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. The people, the majority are the land. Those who wish pedophelia to thrive should find their own country, then see how peaceful or long that lasts.
      Your comment is awaiting moderation.
      – See more at:

      • from Clinical/Therapeutic Issues

        The Problem of Pedophilia—-(Published in 1998)

        Editor’s note: Through publicity generated by this paper, and followed up by radio personality Dr. Laura Schlessinger and the Family Research Council, the American Psychological Association and (even more strongly) the American Psychiatric Association have issued statements clarifying that they reject the normalization of pedophilia. We applaud them for making such a strong public statement.
        Yet we continue to see editorials which defend the A.P.A. for offering a publishing platform to researchers who fail to see pedophilia as intrinsically harmful. Some well-known psychologists say they see no conclusive evidence of harm to victims of pedophilia.

        Furthermore, the Journal of Homosexuality continues to prominently feature articles which CHAMPION the pedophile-rights movement.

        We hope that the A.P.A.’s will continue to reject the claims of pedophile advocates. As a final step, we would like to see the American Psychiatric Association revise its diagnostic terminology back to its former definition, which leaves no room for the possibility of a “psychologically normal” pedophile. SADLY SINCE ’98 THE APA HAS REVERSED THEIR IDEAS NOW NORMALIZING PEDO CREEP ACTIVITY WITH INTENT TO DESTROY A CHILD’S SOUL.

    • “Corrupt the young, get them away from religion. Get them interested in sex. Make them superficial, destroy their ruggedness.Get control of all means of publicity and thereby: Get the peoples’ mind off their government by focusing their attention on athletics, sexy books and plays, and other trivialities. Divide the people into hostile groups by constantly harping on controversial matters of no importance. Destroy the peoples faith in their natural leaders by holding up the latter to ridicule, contempt and obloquy. Always preach true democracy but seize power as fast and as ruthlessly as possible. Encourage government extravagance, destroy its credit, produce fear with rising prices, inflation and general discontent. Foment unnecessary strikes in vital industries, encourage civil disorders and foster a soft and lenient attitude on the part of government towards such disorders. By specious argument cause the breakdown of the old moral virtues: honesty, sobriety, continence, faith in the pledged word, ruggedness. Cause the registration of all firearms on some pretext, with the view that confiscating them would leave the population defenseless.”
      Vladimir Ilich Lenin, 1921

      • Sounds exactly like where America is headed, thanks to obozo, hillary, pelosi, McConnel, Boehnner, and all the rest of them! Time to take back our country!!

      • Not just Lenin who taught this crap. It is basically a commie crap dictate to destroy the family. “It should be no surprise to learn that Harry Hay, founder of the modern “gay rights” movement, was a member of the Communist Party USA and that the FBI maintained a file on him. Hay was also a vocal supporter of the North American Man/Boy Love Association, known as NAMBLA. But the homosexuals constantly tell us, of course, that there is no connection between homosexuality and pedophilia.

        In his report, “The Marxist Roots of ‘Gay Liberation,’” well-known conservative commentator Robert Knight explains what motivated Marx and his followers: “Families and the moral order stand firmly in the way of any socialist revolution. Families and religion inculcate independence and a strong set of values and personal responsibility.”
        Marx’s partner Frederick Engels wrote The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State, which argued in substantial detail for the abolition of the family. The family was always viewed by the communists as a target because it was a BULWARK AGAINST THE STATE CONTROL OF THE INDIVIDUAL AND SOCIETY”…like we see today in the US.
        What better way to destroy the family than to undermine the relationship between a man and a woman, a husband and a wife, and eliminate the need for children to have mothers and fathers?

        Here, again, the homosexuals deliberately pervert the language, so that two women or two men have now become shacked-up “partners” or even “husband and wife” in “civil unions” or even “marriages.”

        Hay’s contribution to communism in America was developing the idea that homosexuals, like the “workers” under capitalism, were being oppressed and had to assert their “rights.” READ IT ALL HERE..

    • Child who is not reached puberty (people under the age of 9).
      Pedophilia is the primary attraction for those who do not hit puberty (people under the age of 9).

      • Mohammed is dead in the grave and it is impossible for a dead man to be a mediator or communicate for or with anyone.
        Jesus Christ rose from the grave and is sitting at the right hand of the Father.
        Acts 2:29 Men [and] brethren, let me freely speak unto you of the patriarch David, that he is both dead and buried, and his sepulchre is with us unto this day. [1]
        30 Therefore being a prophet, and knowing that God had sworn with an oath to him, that of the fruit of his loins, according to the flesh, he would raise up Christ to sit on his throne;[2]
        31 He seeing this before spake of the resurrection of Christ, that his soul was not left in hell, neither his flesh did see corruption.[3]
        32 This Jesus hath God raised up, whereof we all are witnesses.[4]
        33 Therefore being by the right hand of God exalted, and having received of the Father the promise of the Holy Ghost, he hath shed forth this, which ye now see and hear. [5]
        34 For David is not ascended into the heavens: but he saith himself, The LORD said unto my Lord, Sit thou on my right hand, [6]
        35 Until I make thy foes thy footstool. [7]
        We all know what the islamic teachers teach, which is a lie because they were NOT present when GOD demonstated HIS POWER that was manifest in JESUS CHRIST and witnessed by the Prophets in that day (in the old testament and in the first century AD)>
        David was a True Prophet and his body is still in the grave as is all mankind that has died, just like the false prophet mohammed.
        (Excepting Moses which Jesus Christ raised from the dead and manifested him and Elijah at the mount of transfiguration)
        So all those that are not hearing the testimony of JESUS CHRIST have no hope in themselves, because God is showing your are not being taught of Holy GOD!
        All Praise to the only True Wise God and Saviour Jesus Christ!
        For those that are chosen by God to ‘see’ HIS Glory may be fed and edified by GOD’s Word below proving GOD’s WORD is HOLY and PURE (forever).
        [1] 1Kgs 2:10; Neh 3:16; Acts 7:8-9; Acts 13:36; [Mark 11:10]; [Heb 7:4];
        [2] 2Sam 7:12; Acts 13:23; Rom 1:3; 2Tim 2:8; [Heb 1:1];
        [3] Ps 16:10; Acts 2:27; Acts 13:35; [Matt 1:17]; [Luke 24:39]; [Acts 1:22]; [John 20:9]; 2Sam 23:2; Ps 132:11; Matt 22:43; Luke 1:32; Acts 1:8; Heb 11:32;
        [4] Luke 18:33; Acts 2:24; John 15:27; Acts 1:8; [Acts 10:39]; [Phil 2:9]; [Acts 3:15];
        [5]. John 7:39; John 14:26; John 16:7; John 16:13; Acts 2:17; Acts 10:45; Phil 2:9; Heb 10:12; Acts 1:4; Acts 5:31; [Luke 10:15]; [Luke 24:26]; [John 14:16]; [John 20:17]; [Rom 5:5]; [Titus 3:6]; [Heb 2:9]; [1Pet 3:22]; [1Pet 1:21];
        [6] Ps 110:1; 1Cor 15:25; Eph 1:20; Heb 1:13; [Matt 22:44]; [Luke 20:43]; [John 3:13]; [Heb 10:13]; [Mark 12:36]; [Luke 20:42]; [Heb 10:12];
        [7] Ps 110:1; Matt 5:35; Matt 22:44; Mark 12:36; Luke 20:42-43; John 3:13; 1Cor 15:25; Heb 1:13;

    • I disagree with the entire premise that normal men are sexually aroused by children. Normal men have to be re-aroused after the kids have finagled their way into the bedroom to tell you they’re awake and can they please have a drink of water…. But that’s a normal man, not an arrogant academic looking to leave a legacy of societal decay.

    • I disagree with their definition of normal men, these academics have no idea what normal is since they are surrounded daily by children who admire their ‘intelligence’ & ‘instruction’. They’ve lost their minds. A normal man has to be re- aroused after kids have interrupted mom & dad.

    • You must have missed the huge Internet porn ring bust last year in New York. The DA’s office was shivering to the core because of the fact that these people were from all nations and walks of life. Doctors, lawyers, policemen, teachers, etc.

    • Absolutely, some are aroused by sheep, but they are innocents and as humans we are to be above the mentality of a worm. I work with incest survivors and sexually abused people. Their souls are injured at their core….We don’t act on every feeling we have, or we would kill those who anger us, and sleep with every hot man or woman. We are to be civilized and think of the feelings others. You damage a child when you have sex with them….

    • Being “civilized” means you follow your natural instincts and not act in counter to what is right and feels good and is statistically NORMAL.

    • This piece of trash in the least needs to be castrated and his hands chopped off and that goes everyone of them.If you hurt children the rule book go straight out the windows.Maybe the predators should be turned over to the family’s of the victims

  1. Dear University Academic,
    It is not natural to be aroused by a child. It is not okay to act out on those feelings either. Normal males are not aroused by children, sick perverted men are and anyone who actually thinks it’s okay to be, or normal to be aroused by children in a sexual manner not only deserves to get punched in the face but if they actually try to turn in academic material asserting this, should be charged. As a survivor of pedophilia, I”d like to invite you to go f yourself.

    • im fairly certain that you are misinterpreting the word natural with implying its ok, its also natural for male komodo dragons to eat their babies, does that make it ok? no, part of self awareness, is realizing that your instincts arent infallible and that sometimes you must realize that what your body wants isnt right, because evolution can take a twisted turn, and thats not really your fault, however it is your responsibility to reflect on your actions and realize whats right and wrong

      • Sorry Jay but we are not talking about a craving for chocolate here! I don’t care if someone’s body has an itch that needs to be scratched, studies like that are 1) very bias and incomplete, 2) dangerous as they can be used as an excuse for committing inexcusable actions towards children, and 3) it has absolutely nothing to do with evolution! There is no way a pedophile is not aware that what he/she is doing is wrong morally and physically. Try to look at a kid in the eyes and say, sorry, your abuser cannot help it, it’s not his/her fault! Yes it is, there is no such a thing as “pedophile” gene!

    • Maybe “natural” and “normal” when those male specimens are identifying as ANIMALS…!!! That is the whole gist of the difference between humans and the rest of the animal kingdom—we have the ability to control ourselves through logic and reason! Animals don’t! Therefore, pedophilia is an animalistic behavior among humans. NOT SOCIALLY OR MORALLY ACCEPTABLE!

      • “Therefore, pedophilia is an animalistic behavior among humans.”
        I have not read there text, but I doubt they implied that this was an animalistic behavior, or an immoral or moral behavior.

    • When you consider the pornographic leanings of our modern society in general, as well as the degenerative effect it has on the minds of men and women, then it is not unreasonable to suspect that, for at least a growing number of males(who have been found to be more prone towards seeking pornography)they may have found that their sexual appetites are broader and more distorted than was natural for grown men. Violent sex, violent sexual appetites are indeed not ‘natural,’ either, but the more one seeks solutions for exterior induced feelings of personal inadequacy, or other seeks sexualized comfort in the form of BDMS relationships or material, the greater the hold those unnatural cravings will have. And it is a spiral effect, a man does not simply watch violent porn for months, and remain satisfied with the same level of violence or the same style of BDMS porn, he finds himself desensitized, like a coffee drinker who needs three times as much caffeine than he started with to feel normal. If a is constantly craving sex and children are presented to him as a sexualized object, either by accident, on purpose, or the wandering of his thoughts, he could expirience the same spiral in degeneracy and deepening in craving wheterh or not he indulges the impulse. And if he were to seek out child porn or worse, actual children partners, as is happening with any other adult ponographic types, then men may have created this ‘new normal’ for themselves.

      • Where is your evidence that says states these things aren’t “normal” or that pornography “degenerates” the mind? Where’s your peer-reviewed studies that show that it’s not natural to seek out (for instance) the kind of thing you find in BDSM relationships?

        Just because you find it “not normal” or “not natural” does not make it so. Even if you’ve been taught that, the truth is that what is natural for one person does not immediately mean it is natural for another person.

        Our history tends to show otherwise, in fact. Throughout most of our recorded history, violent or forced sex has been a thing. Moreover, sex with anyone of “breeding age” was a thing. Those things, whether we allow them in the here and now or not were at one point “normal” and are definitely a part of the natures of at least a good number of humans.

        Before laws existed to preclude rape, for example, there was nothing teaching people not to do it. So they did it. Cavemen grabbed the nearest woman and pounded away. Sultans kept harems of women to breed with, whether they consented to it or not. The previous (and now disavowed) Mormon teachings even allowed polygamy, and the raising (and brainwashing) of young girls away from regular society to be taught that it was their job to produce babies for their husband, and it often took place at pretty early ages… There was no “informed consent” there.

        What am I getting at, you may wonder?

        There is a far bit of difference in “Natural”, meaning it is something born into us, not TAUGHT to us, and something that is “Normal” – which is an arbitrary categorization of behaviors that an individual BELIEVES (their) society will find acceptable.

        Why this distinction? Because there needs to be one more distinction made.

        Neither “Natural” nor “Normal” inherently mean “Acceptable.” Neither does “Abnormal” mean “Unacceptable.” Many things are “Abnormal” and are perfectly acceptable. Hermaphrodites are “Abnormal”, deviations in what is the “normal” makeup for a person… and their existence is entirely Natural. But it isn’t Unacceptable for them to exist.

        In just the same way, BDSM isn’t Unacceptable. Pornography isn’t Unacceptable. And even Ephebophilia isn’t Unacceptable. It’s already legal in most states in the US.

        Pedophilia? I find -that- to be unacceptable. Even through our history, it has never been considered “natural” to desire sex with individuals who have yet to go through puberty. Such a thing, historically, has served no purpose and has done nothing to aid the procreation of our species.

        To bring this to a close, my main points here are that your argument is based on unfounded “assumed” truths (in the name of what is normal or not.)

        • Dear Sanity, I absolutely enjoy reading your comments. Truly – it might be a pleasure to discuss any geopolitical, religion or any other topics. I would be honored to know Your point of view and share mine:) Maybe You could drop me an email?:) Br, Andris

    • Being a healthy 50 year old married man, and being attracted to a 19 year old College sophomore is natural as well. However, it is still adultery to engage in sexual acts with her. It is also normal to want to punch someone in the face when they have wronged you. Consequently, it is still assault. Certainly natural and proper are not synonymous. Even if both parties are consenting. (Both consenting in this context I am also referring to an unusual comment posted by another “survivor” whom claimed he wanted the contact he had at 9 years old, and still had no regrets… assuming he was telling the truth.) A disturbing development would be that so many are ready to accept them as one in the same. The shame is once you accept something as normal, you stop looking for a cure. That is the true tragedy about all of these ailments, and disorders.

    • Many years ago I sat in a biology classroom at San Diego State University and the professor teaching the lesson made a very similar statement. To this day it haunts me that I did not do something about this. I was young and stupid and I just wanted to pass the class, not make waves and go home. I wish I would have said something. No one said anything. I should have done something to report this monster teaching students this crap. Our society is going to hell because of educators like this. What can I do now? I’m going to check and see who he was and if he is still teaching at SDSU. But who will believe me know?

  2. I will murder pedophiles were they stand, lay, sleep or live. If one persistently HURTS children/ teens for pure SEXUAL GRATIFICATION…

    They do not comprehend the depracing, damaging, sucidal and physical, mental and spiritual malnutrition the Human sufers under these traumatizing experiences.

    I DO … I was a VICTIM …

    • You nailed it on the head. This is toture for the rest of the child’s life, no matter how normal they wish to grow up to be. Life becomes a heavy burden of solitude, depression, and war with the potentials of further harm. When a child can find solace in faith of a higher, pure, caring, protective Love in the heavens or within their heart, it may heal them and give them hope after this life. But if they have children their protection of their children becomes a manic thing. Like being a mother bear, knowing the males will try to eat her young. So you see, they may be able to be healed to some extent
      …. but they will never forget.

      • I believe that one psychologist’s test given to men to determine whether they are a paedophile is to show him photos of nude children to see if he gets an erection. If it were common knowledge among doctors/psychiatrists that any man who was shown such photos would become aroused, such a test would be of no value.

    • Amen! I am with you! Being molested stays with you the rest of your life! Pedophilia is a sickness without a cure, Only death will stop a child molester!

    • can you describe the nature of the suffering in anything l;ike yr own words tho? In any real way beyond the ‘official words’ that have been supplied to you by others. and that you here trot out with brutal rigidity? Is it not possible that the WAY IN WHICH PEOPLE talk about such things is the real root of your suffering???

      • You have got to be joking!! You sound like a pedophille, yourself! How dare you demand this person, “use her/his words to describe a very traumatic event, in their life. You are an ugly, evil human being!

        • The person asked, not demanded. You can’t have an unpopular opinion on this topic without people assuming that you are a pedophile.


          “If one persistently HURTS children/ teens for pure SEXUAL GRATIFICATION… ”
          This looks like it might be a little different than most posts demanding death, mostly because of the words “persistently”, ” hurt”, and “pure”. Though for the latter two, it is possible that she’s saying that this is always the case, which could

        • The person asked, not demanded. You can’t have an unpopular opinion on this topic without people assuming that you are a pedophile.


          “If one persistently HURTS children/ teens for pure SEXUAL GRATIFICATION… ”
          This looks like it might be a little different than most posts demanding death, mostly because of the words “persistently”, ” hurt”, and “pure”. Though for the latter two, it is possible that she’s saying that this is always the case.

    • Yes. That is the natural inclination, randy brown, to do just that. I agree. It must be right if this is how we feel. I also agree with another person who wrote these academics should be arrested and jailed for their abnormal urges.

    • As a survivor sounds like you got yourself f***Ed first. Your background doesn’t change the facts. For all you know there might be clear evidence of this being true. Especially in relation to hebephilia.

      • From a evolutionary stand-point I can see Hebephilla, you want to reproduce with someone who is capable of having children, and when girls are going through puberty years of evolutionary biology could be signaling to male brains that those females are “almost” there.

        Pedophilia on the other hand, can’t be justifiable. There is no biological use of being sexually attracted to someone you can’t reproduce with. And while the same can be said for homosexuality (yet we still see homosexuality in other species of animals) I don’t understand what purpose it would serve to have males wired for pedophillia.

        • Aaron Clark~”…(yet we still see homosexuality in other species of animals)…” The difference is, Aaron, that man has the ability to know right from wrong and judge accordingly. Animals do not.

        • Agreed. I believe that humans are geared to be sexually attracted to those who are sexually mature and able to be procreated with. And yet they still are demonized for it. You can’t set a hard age limit on something that varies throughout the world. The best that could be done is having them medically tested and certified or something as sexually mature as part of a school testing, or regular doctor’s visit. I don’t think that would go over with parents or authorities well, though.

        • the ‘evolutionary stand-point’ however is hardly very helpful. Past its UBD even! For the point at which we have (human) desire, or in other words appetite now mediated by a scene-of-representation is a huge departure. And with our (society’s) erotic, desirable ideal tending inevitably all the while to the most ‘innocent’ figure of utter purity and perfection? HOW can the figure of a child be exempted from this continuum, i ask you? when it comes to real desire, you have to ditch yr evo-bibles… for we are talking about the sacred, or forbidden-to-approach now, which lies at the very origin of our emergence as ‘humans’, from which the idea of desire is INSEPARABLE

    • Keep in mind that working at an University doesn’t necessarily qualify you as being a good researcher. There is a lot of muzzling of good science going on (eg. global warming) and there is also science that is being sponsored by people who have an agenda (eg. oil company, pharmaceutical company, etc.). Here, it seems to have been sponsored by members of NAMBLA. I have serious doubt about the rigorousness of this study. What also amazed me is that there are countless posts about what is normal or natural for the pedophiles… did anybody stop to think about what is natural or normal for the children? Playing, being carefree, laughing, these are normal for kids… not having sex!

  3. Any curiosity or interest can and will pop into someone’s head whether during puberty or adulthood. We all are flawed humans and we have the choice whether to dismiss or replace them or “feed” those thoughts by dwelling on them, seeking material to stimulate the thoughts,or seeking out ways to act on them. The first thoughts will be vague curiosity but by seeking out more and more material and feeding those thoughts the curiosity grows and in many cases as evil will do, becomes more twisted and depraved. It gradually requires more taboo and deviant materials and actions to get the same level of stimulation. These people may have guilt initially but many will choose to declare that these feelings are “normal” simply because “they feel them” and instead of admitting to willingly perpetuating the evil in their own minds and depraved thoughts that need to be dealt with they want to demand that society accept them as they are, even if that means that they are raping and destroying children. If someone attempts to say what they are doing is wrong you can expect the discrimination claim and that they have a “right” to do what makes them happy. This is the ultimate in a selfish, sexually addicted, deviant mindset. They care for no one except themselves. Spreading disease and destroying countless lives doesn’t matter as long as they don’t have to face the darkness within themselves. Sure they are thrilled to have the “so called” college elites joining in to say they are “OK.” Law enforcement should be monitoring all of these individuals in spite of how successful or intelligent they claim to be to be sure children around them are not being violated. Makes me ill to think of it.

  4. how can anyone male or female think or listen to this sick sick thoughts or actions
    Ask the victims, survivors if it felt normal!!!!
    SOB’s the wood shed is too good for them, as a survivor I say they need to be hung by the neck until dead!

  5. Explains why so men men go to Thailand to be with young women and/or women who act and dress like little girls. One of the reasons I left it was tooo disgusting and in your face everywhere you went. Men of all ages and all walks of life, this sickness knows no bounds.
    Look at Japan as well, in popular culture you see the same thing – women dressing as little girls. :/
    In Afganistan, they dress little boys up to look like girls and have sex with them… I could go on. :/

    • My brother married a Thai woman and later divorced her and kept their first child, my nephew. She said that when a married man went out to have sex with a girl, the saying is that the wife can cut off his penus while he sleeps and feed it to the dogs outside.

      • That’s a reference to adultery, not to sex with young, actual Girls (which is completely sanctioned in Thailand, hell young girls are taught from early age in Oni worship of the penis).

  6. I want to REBUKE this STUDY because the basis of it is VERY GENDER BIASED. The reality of pedophiles is that they have an INSECURITY of being with ADULTS because of the lack of INNOCENCE they see in THEMSELVES AS AN ADULT. So they chose to PREY ON THE INNOCENCE of the CHILDREN because they are VIEWED AS PURE, but MAINLY for the SECURITY of KNOWING that they dont have to deal with the ADULT MENTALITY during the sexual encounter with them. Most males DESIRE A MATURE SEXUAL encounter with a WOMAN….. I repeat a WOMAN that SPECIFICALLY caters to THEIR MENTALITY of DESIRE. But the problem with studies like this is that they NEVER interview the WOMEN and as we ALL KNOW…. the sexuality of WOMEN DRIVE THE NATURE of SEXUAL RELATIONSHIPS between men and women. Men posses the NEED for PHYSICAL SEXUAL RELATIONS from the WOMAN..but society has perverted that need with same sex relationships being supplemented due to the inability to MATURELY deal with sexual arousals and emotions that BOTH men and women FEEL. And by MATURE, I mean to PROFESSIONALLY EXPLORE those feeling and come to the understanding that they are JUST THAT,….. feelings. that you need to take self accountability for as well as the CONSEQUENCES of ACTING ON THEM as it applies to how they affect OTHERS you ENGAGE sexual relationships with.

    • But there are plenty of men who are in adult relationships and marriages who still molest children, whether it be their own kids, stepkids, kids they coach or have in their boy scout troup…so it’s not like they have an inability to relate to grown women.

    • this explosion seems to assume that, at its BASE and beyond all that is wrongly done, female and male experiences of their sexuality should be somehow ‘the same’ Nothing could be further from the truth. And the academies are full to bursting with women speaking out…

  7. Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools. Pedophilia is a perverted and criminal assault against a child. Always has been, and always will be.

    • “Always has been”
      What? That’s not true at all. It does not even take much research to know that the claim is inaccurate. Even your own country (wherever) probably practised it long ago.
      I’m not saying whether or not it’s immoral either, but justi sayng.

      • Unfortunately, pedophilia has been practiced for a long time but it doesn’t make it right! Some countries are still practicing it, especially with very young girls, as they view them like nothing else but sexual slaves and baby machines. It is not right, never was and never will be no matter where you are from and no matter what your religion is telling you. Both women and men are equal and children should be left alone from anything sexual, PERIOD!

  8. This is exactly what the Bible says will happen. God will tarry but awhile but eventually He will turn you over to reprobate minds and in those decisions you will find death. So very sad how this is just what we Christians said would happen once they legalized homosexuality. I’ve actually heard of a man who wanted to marry his cow. smh Pretty soon nothing will be immoral b/c they were born that way. Come quickly Lord Jesus, come quickly. Praying.

  9. This is such an insult to all the good decent men in the world who have strong morals about these issues … as a mother of two very level headed sexually healthy minded sons who have an abundance of respect for women also I too am appalled at this suggestion that it’s “normal” behaviour for “all men” to behave this way … shove that theory where the sun don’t shine and also this insults my parenting skills in raising healthy minded young men who would never harm a woman or child sexually nor would they give such sick thoughts any head room in their sexually healthy minds … !!!!!!!

    • I agree with you entirely! Maybe “natural” and “normal” when those male specimens are identifying as ANIMALS…!!! That is the whole gist of the difference between humans and the rest of the animal kingdom—we have the ability to control ourselves through logic and reason! Animals don’t! Therefore, pedophilia is an animalistic behavior among humans. NOT SOCIALLY OR MORALLY ACCEPTABLE!

  10. In all reality, this is true to some extent. Anything under 14 could be, and should be, questioned. However it’s natural for a species to look for younger mates in order to guarantee a successful pregnancy to let the species continue and thrive. And in todays world you really can’t blame men. Why are men always getting the shit end of the stick when clothing companies advertise “Butt Lifting Jeans” or some “make your A cup a C with the push up bra”, and wear a WAY TOO LOW cut halter top that almost falls of you. You can’t blame males for getting sexually aroused at a 15-18 year old girl when she is the one that should literally be screaming “LOOK AT ME! IMAGINE ME NAKED!”. Me? I am 23. Have I had sexual thoughts about girls ranging in that area? Yes. Have I had sex with someone under the age of 18? Yes, but we all have our “no” boundries. Mine is no one under 17, and that’s ONLY if I am in a relationship with said person. Which hasn’t been anyone under 17 in quite a bit of time. However, am I proud of it? Couldn’t care either way, because in all reality we are animals at instinct. Only difference? We have morals, that’s what makes us human. To only THINK and not ACT.

    • Nate, the LAW is 18. You just admitted to PEDOPHILIA! THIS IS NOT NORMAL BEHAVIOR, nor is it OK! There is a difference between putting something in one’s bra to enhance it…paper (as it hurts no one,) and putting someone’s genitals in someone else’s genitals. In one, you harm NO ONE! With the other, you harm the other person’s innocence and ability to trust. NOT EVERYONE THINKS the way YOU think. Does that mean it’s normal…or YOU allow these thoughts and act on them. Some people say, ABSOLUTELY NOT, IT’S WRONG, but people like YOU, think it ok and then, you think it’s normal. It’s NOT! It also isn’t NATURAL for a species to look for something younger. That is the way MAN thinks. However, if you knew anything about nature, you would find that most animals find their own age group, desireable. Many mate for life, although SOME mate with others in heat. What differentiates man from animals, though, is the ABILITY to discern one’s instinct and assess right from wrong for BOTH PARTIES. We cannot act on a feeling, all the time, just because. Instead, we must account for the fact that we can HARM another, FOR LIFE! The girls you took advantage of, were HARMED, whether you realize it or not, and they were HARMED because YOU were selfish and only thought of yourself. That is WHY YOU SHOULD BE IN JAIL!

      • Pedophilia is a desire for or attraction to children. Once they act on this they then become child molesters. There are many sick men in this horrible world. Unfortunately, the internet has created a lot of them. The porn industry has corrupted the minds of men and women alike. Protect your children. Don’t trust anyone with them. Teach your kids this behavior is bad and to always tell you if they are touched or have any uneasy feelings about someone. Religious or not, the Bible has a good point. We are supposed to believe the little ones.

      • Angel you are an idiot Pedophila is desire for children under 14 Big difference after 14 its called something else .Now i dont condone a 23 year old having sex with a 14,15,or 16 year old i got with my wife when i was 23 and she just turned 17 and we have been happly together for 15 years married for 12 your being way to harsh to nate he isnt a pedophile for thinking that way at 15 and older girls have already started devolping Pedophila is before and devolping starts so your comment is nothing but hatred of men

      • I hardly think a, say, 19 year old who has a 17 year old girlfriend is a pedophile. Technically, under 18 maybe be against the law, but it’s not pedophilia, which is an attraction to pre-pubescent children.

      • Some states have ages of consent as low as 16. Thus, it depends on what state he’s living in. Here in Missouri, it’s 17, and if that (or 16) the case where he lives, he’s OK.

      • I disagree. It is normal for Nate to have physical attractions for a girl he is in a relationship with. Not saying they should (have sex). The better scenario “is to marry and not burn”, but because the law was changed to 18, doesn’t make Nate abnormal. That is just not true. Additionally, the relationship was consensual, so if the law does apply, they both should be jailed and that is just plain wrong. Big Government is wading too deep into our private lives. Yes, men having sex with children is wrong, but let’s try to keep our heads and not go overboard with the perverts immoral academics, and invasive government as they will push for extremes to get the sheep to agree with them. Let’s not fall for it.

      • I agree with angel. The children are the concern here, their future,their innocence and their ability to trust. I know what she is saying and I posted much the same thing below. Pedophelia feelings should be controlled and talked about with counselors to keep it far from our children, Action on it and there should be a death penalty; because not only has that person destroyed that child’s innocence, trust, and future; that person has scarred the child’s future children from one extreme of over protection to another extreme being the victim of another predatory pedophiliac. Add to that the family, the parents, siblings, and grandparents and you have a flood of damage that pours out from these actions. Life is meant to be service to others, helping each other, not stealing the beauty of life from a child’s eyes. I know from experience.

      • Nate is not a pedophile! Pedophilia is when an adult or older adolescent experiences a primary or exclusive sexual attraction to prepubescent children (age 11 years or younger). Hebephilia is when there is a sexual interest in 11- to 14-year-old pubescents. Ephebophilia is when that desire is in mid-to-late adolescents, generally ages 15 to 19… which is Nate’s case. I would say, if both were consenting and were using protection, there is no harm even if ideally, they should be controlling their urges a bit more. STDs and early pregnancy are more the real issues in his case. However, keep in mind that NO means NO at all ages. There is no way kids will consent to such activities so pedophilia is NOT acceptable. As for the early teens, they also need to be left alone as they are not emotionally ready and such activities can have profound consequences! I don’t care how attractive/provocative a teen can be, they should be left alone by adults that should know better!

      • What we have forgotten to mention is women. Women molest also how come no one is talking about that? Why are we only talking about men?

        The age of concent I love this argument so if the girl or guys birthday is May 3rd; on May 2nd at 11 pm they are 17 if you have sex with them it’s a crime because they are not mature enough to make that decision but an hour later at midnight may 3 rd you have sex with them it’s not a crime because they are now mature enough an hour later to make that decision?

        And what about children that molest other children? You Know when a 12 year old touches a 9 year olds privates. Or a 14 year old has sex with a 13 year old.

        There is so much more to this then just a study about what “men” desire

        Why is it ok for a 40 year old to have sex with a 20 year old? But a 19 year old can’t have sex with a 16 year old?
        Please note that I put no sex to the ages because both men and women do these things but for whatever reason we never talk about the women only the men. It seems like a more taboo subject .

  11. Just like now people say “I use drugs because of a broken home or the reason I turned to a life of crime was not hugged” now all the pedophiles have to say is “its normal according to the academics and I can’t help it”. I’m sorry one of the stupidest things I have ever read and these academics should be fired and put on every child predator list in the nation.

  12. That’s absolutely wrong! I and any man I know have no desire for that despicable sin whatsoever. They are despicable people to suggest that. Probably women which hate men wrote the article. To me that is hate speech and they should be punished and censored for it. Lauren Richardson, you are despicable! to put it very kindly. You should have no job!

  13. What about the choices of theses children and adolescents that these “seemingly normal” (according to this very FLAWED study) adult males are preying upon? What about their rights, their feelings and most importantly their right to choose what happens to their own bodies? Many are not mature enough to understand sexuality, and shouldn’t one be old enough to understand such things before a choice that important is placed before them? I have ZERO respect for ANY University that would allow an individual as vile as the one who gave this speech a place within their faculty. This is a shameful example of how much we cannot blindly trust the very individuals who are in a firm position to teach, and subsequently damage the hearts and minds of our children.

    • a child comes to understand heat and fire by playing with it, or being exposed to it. a child learns about colors by playing with them, or being exposed to them. a child learns about…… all of the above…. and sex, by experiencing it, or being exposed to it.

      it’s not really known whether children’s brains can develop more adult characteristics earlier if they are exposed to the related context: emotional intelligence, for instance. all we know is the statistics of when certain types of development have a tendency to actually occur in our current society. but that could theoretically be determined by controlled exposure to context.

      so what if one child sees something that peaks their interest at 5, by seven they have sought out more information (raided their parents closet for porn, for example). and by 9 they want to participate in the acts they are learning about. and even though they can’t cum (if they’re male), or get pregnant (if female), they can still get off. would participating in the act of sex, for this individual, be any more wrong than trying out for little league baseball?

      i’m not talking about participating in a complex relationship with a 30 year old, i’m just talking about sex.

      wouldn’t it be better if they were provided a healthy, safe, or possibly educational environment to learn about sex, when they proved to be ready, or interested. rather than, for instance, shunning their curiosity, punishing them for having porn in their rooms or playing with themselves, and unintentionally encouraging them to secretly seduce another child that isn’t ready for sex, just to experience it themselves (they wouldn’t know better than to do this, it would likely just be ‘sharing’ to them).

      • another idiot…..there are many on this site. and you are an evil idiot! Let children be children! You dont expose them to poison, so they can learn about it!!! You sir, are evil.

  14. The only ‘natural’ need for sex occurs due to evolutionarily based need for human to PROCREATE. Every other sexual activity conducted by an adult (involving whatever a peanut butter sandwich, a sock or be it a pre-pubescent kid) is nothing but an imitation of the primevally triggered act of intercourse, which exclusive and only role is the one to breed. Most pedophiles (also hebephiles, whateverphiles and all these fancily named groups) are usually just fetishists, or men who at some point (most probably a peek of puberty) got confused about their sexual ‘preferences’ which can also be related to personal experiences and such, but in the end that’s not really the case. In my personal view the fault lays within the very foundations of a nature of sexually mature/maturing male who driven by biologically imposed need for male-female sex don’t really care much about the process itself and won’t stop at nothing until ‘the job is done’ That’s why it’s so important to include chemical castration as a form of therapy for sexually deviant males that pose risk to others as it’s erasing the potentially harmful needs in it’s core, and would prevent further actions. All the other ‘affectionate’ needs and actions of pedophiles that were mentioned in this article are rather aimed at grooming and comforting the victim or (relating to presented cases of such men in the article) are nothing but remnants of paternal instincts that got somehow mixed-up in all this and are definitely not to be viewed as an excuse for any sexual advances made towards minors. So again.. there is nothing natural about pedophile behaviour. So.. no dear Eton Mess on My Ass Boy’s School graduate academics, nice try but no kids to mess around with for you this time I guess.

  15. All of you seem to be mixing pedophilia with child molesters. You don’t have to be a pedo to molest a child. While I was studying psychology in college we learned all about sexual diviations like pedophilia. From the cases studied it was found that most knew what they were and took steps to ensure not to harm children. I feel it is important to point out that one is either born this way or a traumatic experience caused them to think this way. All I’m saying is we as a society needs to change how we view them so they will feel comfortable getting the help they need. Imagine being considered evil for just the thoughts in your head, living your whole life alone and in fear of being discovered. I am not advocating for child molesters cause those people do need to be ended, just those suffering alone with who they are with no support and everyone telling them they deserve to die.

    • Right. Pedophiles are really victims. Know what, anyone who’s been an actual victim of a pedophile deserves everyone’s sympathy… right up to the point that they molest children. Then all they deserve is a walk in the woods from which they don’t return.

      And you’re wrong, Pedophiles do deserve to die. Which is what happens to them in prison.

      • Like Nyma said, you are confusing pedophiles with child molesters. Pedophiles are people who are attracted to prepubescent children, which is different from people who molest children. Now, a pedophile COULD cross the line and act on his impulses, thus becoming a child molester, but they are not one in the same.

        Many child molesters do it to hurt, punish or dominate them, and many of those sorts would rape adults and children alike and do not have feelings for the children like pedophiles do.

        Another point you missed was that those pedophiles have no help center, helpline or anywhere they can go for help. Most people have thoughts about murdering someone, but they don’t act upon it. Would you rather someone who knows they might commit a crime get help for it, or wait until they actually act upon on it? Or should people go out and kill you because you have these desires for others (pedophiles) to die?

        You said “right up to the point that they molest children”. Well, this is the thing that could be stopped by helping these people instead of making death threats and keeping the subject so taboo that no one can even talk about the subjects without threatening to kill someone or acting irrationally out of emotion.

        Remember that these victims you talk about have not been molested by the pedophiles we are talking about. The ones we’re talking about haven’t committed any crime yet, and with help, it could remain that way.

        That’s not taking anything away from those victims who have already suffered from real child molesters and rapists, but could prevent that from happening.

        • your distinction, i think, is almost perfectly valid one, save for the fact that even the person who does not act cannot emotionally, let alone sexually, survive in a wholly Platonic world. At a certain point a “paedophile” must wish very much that he could somehow touch the forbidden, that for which it seems his very desire came into being, and the kind of “help” you are here (says me) dreaming of, may not ever exist. Desire simply cannot be killed. I think i fail to see that ALL (sexually-oriented) contact of small beings with much bigger ones must ne,eds be ‘molestation”. Do you eliminate a priori. ALL possibility of mutual plesasure? I thank you for your input into the wasteland here!

    • so you’re saying that under no circumstances is a sexual desire for young healthy individuals normal. not even in a situation where the adult who finds the youthful attractive became sexually aware and active at a young age and still sees people of that age group as sexually desirable.

      i mean, sure, they may choose not to force the issue, or pursue sex with young people. or maybe they find them physically attractive but otherwise mentally immature and undesirable. but they still see them as sexually desirable, physically.

      for example, i became sexual while young. i was interested and curious from between around age 4 through 9, when i first had sex, with an older girl. i, personally, mostly found older girls attractive (teens and women). but i still, today, have a preference for petite women, possibly as a result of my history. or maybe that’s just normal.

      now, i do prefer petite females with hips and tits… and i don’t find mentally immature females attractive at any age, mentally. so i wouldn’t say i’m a pedo, but if it was just sex and no talking, and it wasn’t illegal, i wouldn’t be concerned with age, so i might qualify as hebe, at any one moment or the next.

      i also find that it’s often hard to tell the difference between a petite 20 year old in a bikini on the beach and a physically feminine 14 year old in a bikini (possibly younger). and as far as ‘looking’ is concerned i could really give a hoot how old they are.

      aside from maybe some tattoos or some sun damage, their bodies often look and function the same. but then, to be clear, i’ve never pursued sex with anyone under 18 since i became an adult, despite clear opportunities too.

      30+ is easier to identify, btw, cause the signs of aging start to show.

      and yes, i find plenty of 40+ petite women physically attractive too.

      but what i’m saying is that i have doubts that ever single pedo or hebe is a result of some kind of damage or error. it seems to mean that some of them are, at their core, driven by purely natural, if not normal, impulses.

  16. And this is why we need to be far more selective in the people we allow in our universities for the supposed purpose of educating our young adults. Just another example of the bottom 10%er morons of the college educated that we retain in influential contact with young people. DipShitiots like this give the good Profs a bad name.

    Good thing we have the 2nd Amendment so responsible parents can put these sick POS idiots out of society’s misery and protect the kids.

  17. The Prophet Muhammud would no doubt agree. Of course, I want to take mr. Tom O’Carroll and beat him to death with a cricket bat..

  18. it is official…..our world has truly degraded it’s morals to the point that threr is no hope for our society. when the harming of innocent children is deemed “normal” our species is truly lost.For the minority that holds on to their morals and the knowledge between right and wrong, we have many battles ahead……God help us.

  19. Children are too immature to protect themselves, on any level, from cowardice rapists. Children are to be protected from all terrorists, foreign and domestic. Rape is still rape. Perverted fantasies are still perverted. It’s wrong and sick and makes me entertain killing monsters.

  20. It’s also natural for me to line pedophiles up by a ditch, bound, and shoot each of them in the head.


  21. This is just more Liberalism that justifies wrong doing. That is the disease of Liberalism. The opposite ways of God is Satanism. Liberalism is the new name for Satanism.

  22. Then there’s islam. But we won’t talk about marrying six year olds, consummating the marriage when they’re nine. Nope. Don’t go there. Islam, institutionalized pedophilia, and the academics are paving the way to normalizing that behavior. But continue, the rest of you were talking about something inconsequential?

  23. Having a degree in Psychology and teaching at University, its disgusting to see websites calling themselves “News” posting complete and utter lies like this ridiculous article. The article is a deliberate hit piece on men backed by a horrendous feminist agenda to further humiliate men and push through more draconic sexist laws aimed at harming men.

    The facts are simple: At a conference several well known feminist teachers gave an unfounded opinion about a subject they have no background in, these “feminist teachers” spouted off the worst kind of pop psychology and tried to pass of their own disgusting opinions as facts, using their “Teacher” status as their “credentials.” Why the media did not bother to check one fact is beyond rational thought.

  24. From a evolutionary stand-point I can see Hebephilla, you want to reproduce with someone who is capable of having children, and when girls are going through puberty years of evolutionary biology could be signaling to male brains that those females are “almost” there.

    Pedophilia on the other hand, can’t be justifiable. There is no biological use of being sexually attracted to someone you can’t reproduce with. And while the same can be said for homosexuality (yet we still see homosexuality in other species of animals) I don’t understand what purpose it would serve to have males wired for pedophillia.

  25. For REAL Men, Protecting Children by Feeding Pedophiles to PIgs is Natural.
    No, that is not Men they are talking about, that is Sick Twisted, Needed to be Castrated Mangina wearers.

  26. It is NOT natural to feel sexual arousal for children!! It is a sick zionist talmudic perversion, not torah, or jewish. zionism is just a slick cover for satanism. Anyone who hurts, molests a child is deserving of death….in their own words….they cannot be cured. Fine by me. They all need to die.

    • This article has nothing to do with Zionists, and the so called ‘academic’ sickos who worked on this were not Jewish, or Zionist… and, the people in our gov who approved the grant were not Zionists. While I appreciate you clarifying that the evil Zionists are not Jewish, or people who study the bible/Torah, I don’t see how you can say the Zionists had anything to do with this. I agree 100% that anyone who harms a child should be put to death, or better yet, send them to prison where its my understanding that child abuse is frowned upon 😉

      • Look who are in positions of authority in academia publishing and media. It is all zionism . How do 20 million people become half the world’s billionaires? Not with any ethics you could bame. Look at actions and stop letting them tell you how you are to perceive them.

    • +eevi: If we educated young males about male rape and taught them the facts about male rape verses the myths, we would see less of these cases happening. Not all Pedophili’s are into satanism. It’s been statistically shown that 80% of male victims that were sexually violated as a child will sexually victimize when they become adults.

      There is also a high number of children who are sexually violated that will repeat what was done to them with their siblings or friends. This is more than likely due to the fact that when a violator approaches a child to victimize them, they usually introduce sex as a game to the child. Often children see nothing wrong in playing games and therefore will show other children or their siblings the game that they were taught.

      All most all pedophili’s were sexually violated at some point in their life. Not all pedophiles are into satanism and not everyone that is into satanism is a pedophile. If we want to fix this problem then we need to educate young males about male rape. There is an excellent website that lists the myths verses the facts at

  27. What about females? Is pedophilia natural for females also? This statement seems a little sexist doesn’t it? Black men according to statistics are instinctively attracted to bigger women cause it’s a sign of better chances of fertility. It’s possible that men are attracted to younger women (16 and up) for the same reason. Girls are developing at an earlier age than they used to which makes them look older than they are. Younger women does not include pedophilia. Pedophilia is a primary or exclusive sexual attraction to prepubescent children, generally age 11 years or younger. Children ages 11 years and younger have not begun puberty and are not developed as of yet.

    • They do not mean 16 YO’s. Try one what to do if they refuse. No these selfish pigs are talking about little kids. Androgenous, flat chested babies with their baby teeth. Women, it’s time to get back gogether as mothers and lock these turds out. Don’t leVe your kids with your stupid boyfriends and stop saying you aren’t feminists. We aren’t savages, like in the fR east that traffic toddlers. Whites and their superior ethics and intelligence is being undermined by zionists everywhere. Just say no.

  28. Do the universities these “academics” work at, hire pedophiles to work in their daycare centers? I’ll bet not, and that these “academics” would scream bloody murder if their employers started recruiting pedophiles for those daycare centers.

  29. Now wait a minute. The other day some Psychiatrist claimed that transgendering is a mental disease, an d others are claiming pedophelia is “natural”? come ON guys! You can’t have it both way! make up your flippping minds!

    • All of the coming so called laws without honor are here to mutilate humanity at its core. There is no both ways to it. As an adult, you can do as you feel to yourself or with another consenting mature adult. And by mature adult, I mean after graduation, and of voting age, and age of military service. But the children are simply a “No fly zone.” And by child, I mean under the age of graduation, and under the voting age. This is how the majority of parents see it, and as such, they are the backbone of any land. Stick to that and you are on safe ground.

  30. It is not natural or normal for a male (or female) to be SEXUALLY arroused by a child. Just as it is not natural or normal to be sexually arroused by a member of the same sex, or to want to become another sex. These are not natural or normal behaviors . . no matter how the liberal left wants it to be accepted as such. But adults with the age of consent have their free agency and it is not my job or right to judge them .. . as long as they don’t FORCE anyone to condone, witness or participate. But a child . . . a child is not of the age of consent and must be protected from those who feel they have the right to use and abuse them because they have been told that their deviance is natural and normal..

  31. Maybe it’s just a problem for Academics, who have led a spoiled and sheltered life. After all these are people who feel they are smarter than average people, and are entitiled to be cold, and callous to others. tongue emoticon

  32. Anyone refusing to believe that we haven’t reached a moral and spiritual tipping point is sorely deceived. In current society, pedophelia is defended, homosexuality and transgenderism is celebrated, anyone can “identify” themselves as another race or gender simply because they feel like they are (regardless as to their current anatomy or ethnicity), millions of unborn children are murdered yearly through abortions, and in short, anything goes and is sanctioned.

    Pride, Fulness of Bread, Idleness, and neglect of the poor abound, and just as with the pre-flood world and the cities of Sodom, the end result is very predictable.

    Current society is in lawless rebellion to God’s morality, and the fiction is that it is all ok. Judgment is surely coming, and I believe there is a zero possibility that the world will turn from such evil and wickedness. It’s on a downward slide, and the coming result is easy to see and recognize.

    Dire times await for the world, once it’s cup of wickedness is completely full.

  33. I’m sad that no one fire bombed these sick fucking bastards while they were all in one place. Normal? How about going and asking some of the Victums of sexually abuse how normal their life is after being preyed upon by one of these twisted fucks. This is without question the end days, Sodom and Gamora-New Babylon.

  34. There’s a lot of rubbish in these comments about x & y being unnatural, a hollow statements since homosexuality, paedophilia are both common features in the natural world. All this article is saying is that given the prevalence and as it is apparently a feature in otherwise normal individuals (though usually latent or not acted-upon) is it appropriate to call it an illness (something that presumably must be curable). All this reminds me of the phrase: ‘ I take the world as I find it, not as I would like it. ‘

  35. Maybe “natural” and “normal” when those male specimens are identifying as ANIMALS…!!! That is the whole jist of the difference between humans and the rest of the animal kingdom—we have the ability to control ourselves through logic and reason! Animals don’t! Therefore, pedophilia is an animalistic behavior among humans. NOT SOCIALLY OR MORALLY ACCEPTABLE!

  36. Two questions:
    Is “hebephilia” some kind of fancy term for “shabbos-goy?”
    Are these academics predominantly share ethnicity with Woody Allen and Roman Polanski?

  37. Anyone touches my kid is getting shot in the head. Period. These monsters need hanging. They should be dragged out of their houses and stoned to death.

  38. Bullshit, just because pedophilia happens to be something white men enjoy, they try to justify it! I’m sick and tired of white people trying to get Away sick shit like this, every man doesn’t feel like what this bullshit article says,

    • Are you really trying to say that white men are the only ones that participate in this despicable practice? Please…

    • I was a cop for years when I was younger. Every, repeat, every case of pedophilia case I saw was involving a black man and a child; usually the child of his live-in girl friend from someone else. Clay can take his racist sh*t and stick it.

  39. Nature is designed very specifically for very basic reasons. The family unit is completely natural, while what you contend as natural is not. When you lose sight of a child’s innocence, you lose sight for humanity. Parents who protect their children, find the reason to have dreams and hopes for them in the future. The future you design is service to self without consideration of the children. pubesent girls who become pregnant generally die giving birth as their bodies are not matured. This is nature speaking. So prepubescent attraction is unnatural as it destroys a vital component of the natural state. Live by example, lest you reap the consequence. Cause and effect.Take a child’s innocence and reap their wrath, for indeed they will return on you. Seek destruction in the young, and you define your own fate. Sickness unchecked devours the whole. Control is the factor here. Control and honor for the children of this world, for they Are your future leaders. Service to others, not blind service to self. Think of the children, and “Then” return to the debate, consider the other side, family members and children involved in your absorptions, include them in your debate. For a one-sided debate on a two-sided equation will bring you more harm than good. The family unit is the core of our humanity.
    I can speak from experience; and so can my brother, a US marine.

  40. “Some university academics believe that it is ‘natural and normal for males to be aroused by children.” This is some of the crap that is being taught/indoctrinated in schools.Well, I guess I am not normal then??????????? These creepy ideologues are trying to redefine what is normal from abnormal. Remember Muslims believe in pedophilia. Their prophet, Mohammed was a pedophile murderer. Could it be that is why they want to justify it? Bruce Jenner proclaims he is the new normal. No, he is not and pedophilia is NOT normal.

  41. Their “research” is wrong. Only nasty perverts are aroused by children. Hell, those words shouldn’t even be in the same sentence. The life of a pedophile is far less valuable that that of a cockroach.

  42. The first thing this will be used for is older homos to have sex legally with teenage boys. Again, the elite gives us this stuff increments..

    • What has homosexuality got to do with children?
      One of my dearest friends is a homosexual man and he’s in no way attracted to children anymore than a heterosexual person is attracted to children. You’re mixing apples and oranges here.
      Homosexuality does not equate to pedophilia.

      • My close friend had his first sexual experience at 13 with his male tuition teacher, who groomed him by showing him porn and masturbating him, and then finally mutual oral sex. My friend who had always been attracted to girls, became sexually confused as he started to develop bisexual attraction as well… however he tried very hard to suppress it as he hated feeling that way. He felt inadequate as a man… he went on to meet a girl & got married… but he secretly seeked homosexual encounters with many many partners. His wife finally found out and left him… He was heart-broken as he really loved her. The pedophile who took away his dignity and right to grow up as a heterosexual male got away scot-free, I wonder how many young boys lost their manhood.



  45. I find it interesting that a group of professionals who should be dedicated to the psychological well being of people, promoted a discussion about sexual attraction to children, but not discuss the horrific psychological damage done to children that have been molested.

  46. If Children as young as 7 are allowed to consent to taking hormones for transsexual reassignment then they can consent to mutual affection and showing it with adults. I do not support it but you cannot argue out of gravity of it.

    If liberals want to cry out and say that children can make such massive decisions such as to mutilate their bodies while often being pressured by their parents then by god they can consciously choose whatever else they want to do with their bodies.

  47. Its not natural to be aroused by children, children cannot reproduce which is what the main purpose of sex is. Pedophilia is an unnatural disorder where there should be a law that both males and females who suffer from this should seek their doctor’s help in treating it. They should be placed in a Pedophilia Treatment Service with accommodation to keep an eye on them, whilst allowing them to live a normal life outside. Also place them on a police watchlist with regular checkups by police to ensure they aren’t doing anything bad.

    • nothing in human life is 1005 ‘natural’ If it was, we’d still be immersed in the life-world, with not even a periscope peeking above it. The criterion of ‘natural(ness)’ is therefore a very weak one with which to judge human activity. ‘Treatment’ is a dream of the clinical fantasist.What you have to reckon with is desire – and how desire is generated and sustained in one way or another in the endlessly represented world we have made. To ask that children somehow escape this world complete all of its sexual undercurrents is to expect a miracle. Since contraceptives came upon the scene we have been liberated from our complete bondage to the reproductive. You must know this. Try to look at the world through the ‘eyes’ of our moral potential, not our moral limitations – ‘kay?

      • I never said anything about shielding children from sexual influence, because it is impossible. I’m saying we need to shield children from the dangers of paedophiles because most victims suffer trauma for the majority of their lives. Why say nothing in human life is 100% natural? Human behaviour and instincts are part of nature until something goes wrong, like pedophilia. I think you missed the point. To be me, it sounds like you condone paedophilia sufferers to act out their desire. So because a 46yr old man has protective sex with a 8yr old boy/girl its ok then is it? The point I’m making is, in terms of nature sex is meant for reproduction, that is the MAIN function of it. Of course there are other reasons for sex. Children cannot reproduce, so having sex with children is not something that should exist. To even suggest the paedophilia isn’t all bad is sick in itself. Humans still apply to nature, we are not above another species nor do we have a higher importance. Morals differ from person to person, and unlike most species we just have a higher understanding of right and wrong.

  48. As a man, I truly believe that we were design to protect women and children alike. For us to pray on them is sickening. Mind you, I am not saying the person is sick but the action the person takes is sick. Labeling a person sick only put them into a category of being locked up for a few years and then release, that’s not good enough. I believe one of the main reasons why we are going down this road is because we have become too politically correct, and of course too tolerant, with everything and everyone we are at a stage where we consider right to be wrong and good to be bad. We need to step back and look at the basic foundation of our Creator.

  49. I was wondering how long until it would be deemed ‘normal’ for pedophilia and other sex offenses as ‘it’s just the way they are wired’ like it’s the same as gay, lesbian, or born as a man trapped in a woman’s body or vice-versa. It still doesn’t give them the right to victimize others because of the way they feel, because what is not talked about in this conference is how abnormal it is for a child be be sexually aroused by adult men. The people at this conference are probably all talking about themselves; justifying their behavior and fetishes by surrounding themselves with others who agree with them.

  50. Are you KIDDING ME?!
    It seems that this University is run by Pedophiles themselves! Folks out there want to make this a “normal” sexual behavior and deem it as such.
    Here’s a little clue for ya, ITS NOT! They are just a bunch of SICK F**KS that want to get their rocks off at the expense of innocent children..

  51. The Kinsey report was a disgusting atrocity!
    Prisoners were allowed to molest babies and children!
    You call that SCIENCE!?
    Sick and weak men among us seek out the innocent and vulnerable!
    Children fall prey to these sick depraved monsters!
    Castrate them all!

  52. Gays keeps saying what does pedophilia have to do with them, well for one there’s a lot pedophiles that hide in your movement.

  53. Wow, the comments on here are so closed-minded. Not a single intelligent comment on here. Not to say that pedophilia isn’t wrong, but we are ANIMALS after all. We exist to be born, have sex, and die, and as far as nature cares, absolutely nothing more. The desire for sex is most probably the single strongest urge that humans experience, and as a result, different people have different tastes for what turns them on sexually. Very few people will admit their deepest fetishes, but they’re there whether you admit it or not, and the ones who are open about it are the ones who are able to proceed in a discussion about it in a scientific manner.

    Unless you’re under the mindset “If I do/think sex wrong, I’ll burn forever in a lake of fire”, your personal sexual desires/interests/fetishes most likely, at least from time to time, go to some rather weird and socially unacceptable places. Obviously having desires and acting on those desires are 2 different things, but still.

    To call academics, at an association conference of academics, having a debate about one of their policies/definitions, “retarded”, suggest public hanging, and saying that colleges want to molest kids (by, obviously, not a college grad) does nothing but show a horrific amount of closed-mindedness and lack of intellectualism of random morons in the public domain commenting upon academia that relates to a social topic.

    How about this: If you haven’t published a peer reviewed paper about, majored in, or done significant research on sexual behaviour, Fuck your opinion.

      • Due to the high volume of spam messages I get, (approximately 100 a day) I must approve ‘new’ messages. Going forward, your messages will post directly. Sorry for the inconvenience.

        • Ahhhh, I made a false assumption, my apologies.

          My experience with posts that have a “comment awaiting moderation” flag usually means “If your post doesn’t aline with our political/religious views, it wont exist on here”

    • Tyler, I’m a senior scientist and I can tell you that this study is biased. You should know that any scientific study needs money in order to be conducted. I’ve been in countless situations where the real findings couldn’t be displayed/presented/published because it was not to the liking of the sponsors/stakeholders. I don’t know who sponsored that one but I wouldn’t be surprised that they are from NAMBLA or from a bunch of rich pedophiles. There are also countless articles in peered reviews papers that are false and end up in journals only because of the people the authors know. That being said, this article is dangerous because it uses science as an excuse for some pervs to act upon their so called sexual desires/interests/fetishes. If you want to play the “professional card” then I advise you to talk with a child psychologist who deals with kids who have been abused and traumatized. I also advise you to talk to a child who has been abused and ask her/him what her/his take is on that so call “normal, animalistic” behavior! Sorry child for ruining your life, my dark sexual desires/interests/fetishes made me… WTF!

    • “Obviously having desires and acting on those desires are 2 different things,” No one seems to get this. Also the age of reason in the Catholic Church is, and has been all my life 7 yrs. I recall my first confession at age 7 involved sexual desires and many wet dreams. Children are curious about sex, except for bits and pieces, had no intercourse till age 16 and went down, or up hill from there, depending on how you look at it. Regards

  54. My great grandfather was 40 years old and my great grandmother 14 years old. At 16 mygreat grandmother gave birth to my grandmother . Many Afrikaner men were married to children in the 18 hundreds.

    • Child who is not entered puberty (under 9 years old).
      Teenager who is entering puberty (over 9 years).
      Adult’s who reached the reproductive capacity (over 11 years old).

    • Having your internal organs ready for procreation is not an equivalent of maturity/adulthood. At 13 (or 11 – Paul), you are still very much a child. The brain is not done with its development, you are not even done with the growing process. Stop making poor excuses to justify the “normality” crap associated with this article.

  55. I agree with what many others have said here. Pedo, or hebe, may in fact be a natural consequence of various human, primarily male, characteristics… be they socially or biologically driven. For instance: men are commonly known to be more dominating. I have no doubt that some pedos, or hebes, are driven not by desire to hurt children, nor a direct desire for sex with prepubescent boys or girls, but instead by the desire to dominate others, which is then manifested in whichever specific act.

    This could be easily compared to a person desiring carbohydrates and learning that Oreos fulfill their desire, so they eat Oreos regularly, and seek them out. One could just as easily eat Fudge, or Apples, but after years of habit building, they just don’t seem the same to the individual (I personally have a psychological preference for specific Ice Cream Sandwiches which I can recognize as a result of a subconscious attachment to quality time with my father).

    If this were the case the Pedo’s, or Hebe’s, could possibly retrain themselves over time to fulfill the same desire through non-harmful domination of consenting adults… of course in order for that to occur easily we, as a society, would have to be more open about sex, and likely legalize prostitution to boot.

    On the flip side, Tom O’Carroll, sounds like a sociopath. So there are probably some really dangerous people that would fall into the mix too. And locking them up indefinitely may be the only option.

  56. Why only Males?

    Does the sexist whale that made this know that half of all women rub their clit to MattyB? Go look at his Facebook page, you’re in for a treat.

    Clickbait fail.

  57. No child should be touched or messed with and that should not be a natural thing for a male that is wrong a child should be ptotected

  58. Fuck all that, hang those sick fucks from a lamp post in the middle of town square and let the kids stone them to death! Period. If you are a civilized person, you will have no reason to flame this comment and you most certainly would agree.

  59. Anyone who compares consensual sex between two consenting adults to an adult fucking a child (that’s the only language that can get through to you idiots) is as sick as the pedophiles you’re defending. Or maybe you’re all just pedophiles yourselves, looking for more justifications for your evil.

  60. The people responsible for pursing this pedophile agenda, are not your typical pedophile, hebephilia etc, many of the people who are pushing this agenda, are the ones who molested in the past, or they come from countries where this carry on occurs, like Tom O’Carroll, and we don’t support people like him, with his background, and not every pedophile has a criminal record, or choose to harm children, or has ever harmed children, otherwise we would be locked up by now, its those people you should be talking too, not people like Tom O’Carroll, and his associates and professors, how the hell is Britain’s best education system using these people as role models, as a purpose to legalize pedophilia, the foundations are totally wrong in soceity, i am gobsmacked, there is a very strong connection between incest and pedophilia, i would like to see that connection broken in the future, to prevent further diseases in children, it would also improve children in general, physically and intellectually, we have built this society, that only focuses only on sex, titillation, not the emotions or feelings, or intellectual value they have to offer, of all individuals, it should not be based on sex, that’s where we went wrong, there are porn corporations out there promoting incest, and bestiality, that promote diseases in humans, these people are psychopaths, they are insane.

    All of this is not a mistake, they are leading people down the garden path on purpose, creating more diseases, in children, and human beings, that is their agenda, and they can get away with it, because they run the legal systems, they create the problems in society in order to incarcerate people, there is no common sense, at all, it all part of Agenda 21 , that’s all i have to say, we live under the guise of psychopaths, who normalize killing every day, and prevent any form of evolution to understand each other……

  61. Young boys who are sexually abused by homosexual men have a high chance of becoming homosexual or bisexual later in life. Their abuse would cause them to be sexually confused and in many ways, boys who are preyed on by pedophiles suffer much more than girls. These heartless men who prey on children purely to satisfy their own lust must be stopped. They cause lifelong trauma and anguish to these children, and rob them of their innocence and dignity. The sad reality is that its a vicious cycle- the pedophiles themselves were probably abused.

  62. All these so-called University “Professors” are laughable because unless they are a Medical Professor, than can actually perform surgery, then it is only a title for an idiot who learned how to read, but not much else! They all think their opinion is the law when they have the intelligence of a cockroach! I have totally NO RESPECT for any Professor unless they are a medical doctor, otherwise, they are only abusing a title!

  63. This is revolting. 1. To suggest that males biologically are pedophiles, whilst women offending is just as high as males and 2. If so, why does the thought of this make my skin crawl? Most men I know have been along with me when we’ve beaten male and female rock spiders. You sick perverted F**ks can’t hide under those rocks forever.

  64. I’m confused by the word children. I don’t think a 16 year old is a child but I think a 12 or 13 year old is and of course younger. I child shouldn’t be determined by puberty bc some girls start puberty at 9 and ur telling me a 9 year old and a 30 year old having sex is normal?? Odds are many 9 year olds don’t even know wat sex is. Just bc a girl has her period doesn’t mean she’s mentally prepared to have sex. All that means is she’s physically capable of having children. People are fucking disgusting. And y would someone say gays don’t believers pedophilia is beyond me!!! There’s been plenty of accounts where a gay man had sexual activities with a little boy. Sooooooo……..okay. Actually there’s plenty of mentally sick people who are bi bc there just that mentally fucked up that they don’t even associate or discriminate a certain sex. I think it’s wrong wen an 18 year old gets charged with rape with a consenting 16 year old bc a 16 year old and an 18 year old have the same mentality but that’s a lot did than say a 12 and 23 year old, I say that my best friend lost her virginity when she was 12 to a 23 year old and she still looked like a lil girl then, she still does now! That’s just wrong I always felt extremely uncomfortable around that 23 year old bc he was there family friend and I just felt violated even being next to him bc I was more physically mature looking than her. It’s just wrong to have sex with a young girl end of story

  65. It doesn’t matter what the university of I don’t give a shit says. For the child it would never be normal. It will make them feel uncomfortable forever.. SEX WITH KIDS IS NOT OK!!! arrrrg it makes me so sad and upset.. why don’t they fill a room of 11 and 12 year old and ask them would you feel comfortable having sex with an adult? and see what they say! that is the voice that matters.

    • so without getting unnecessarily all emotive about it, can you say why you are so confident that sex with same-age is “comfortable” and with different-age “not comfortable”? To the degree that the participant in the latter will be ‘uncomfortable forever’??? How many kinds do you think would have such hideous experiences if we were NOT always banging on about the idea this way that we do? Can you have a shot at honestly answering that?

      • Not sure what you mean but kids are of course curious and might explore a little. This is very different from having an adult who has sexual desire, not curiosity. Unfortunately, I know children who were molested, boys and girls and by either an adult male or female. In all cases, they never enjoyed, they always hurt and cried, screamed, pleaded to stop and to these days, they are broken. This is the reality. Not because they were “told” but because they lived it, they suffered through it! Add the emotional distress, the shame, the broken heart over realizing that someone you were looking up to is a monster. Those feelings come from them and yes, they ALL have hideous experience!

  66. I would LOVE to actually READ the supposed documents proving this. Because so far… this looks like an example of bad science and I don’t trust the information to be true or even presented correctly.

  67. This is an excuse to abuse and exploit children. There are some people who want to legalize there crimes and make them appear natural. Because children cannot speak for themselves we must speak for them. Notice those supporting this did not give the perspective from a child’s point of view because they only care about their own gratification. Everyone must speak up and speak out against allowing predators to have their way with our children. Remember the children need some one to speak for them.

  68. Wooow angel, your a complete idiot!! Learn the law before you make yourself look stupid again ^_^ Not EVERY state’s law is 18, in Kentucky the legal age is 14! In Florida, the legal age is 16! Seriously, learn the laws before you make yourself look stupid!

  69. ANY interest in children is gross. As a man in my 30’s , ANy interest in a female younger then 15 is disgusting. 15 and older is fine.

  70. In few years, pedophilia will be allowed and supported by law in many countries, and if any mother or father stand against his/her children have sex with adults he/she will go to jail, not by disrespecting the pedophile rights, but by disrespect the “right” of the children to be rapped by these monsters. We are ruled by psychopaths and will come a day that we will have to take an action against these monster.

  71. So, at close future we will see “Paedo pride parades” with slogans
    “We, paedos, are normal people”,
    “We need our rights and to be not discriminated”,
    “Who criticizes pedophiles is a latent biggest pedophile”,
    “Who doesn’t fuck children is a primitive fascist”,
    “Poor but still civilized parents, please give your children to us to adopt them, we know what to do with them”
    Because very smart scientists from a renowned university said so…

  72. This is the beginning of dangerous time. Small groups of people who support pedophilia, incest, etc. are going to slowly grow in numbers and plead with the government for legal recognition. These groups already exist, and even though they are currently small and seen as outcasts of society, they will gain support as people like these professors continue to send the message that these things are “normal” and “natural”.

    And if they continue to be ridiculed, they will use the “no-judgement” logic to shield themselves. Consider this, for example: a 15 or 16 year old girl is in love with a thirty-something year old man, and they want to get married and have their marriage recognized by the government. Technically, the girl cannot consent. But, what if a group of teenage activists begin to fight for the right of consent for minors? They could use the tactic of saying “who are you to judge who I can love and marry? Who are you to take away my rights just because of my age? I love who I love, and the government shouldn’t be able to keep me from happiness.” If they can win people over with this tactic, than any group can get any law passed if they have the right strategy. All they need to get started are people with degrees to normalize their behavior.

  73. There are things that should not be done. Sex with children is one of them. Simple as that. We are allowing liberals to make the US a society without morals or boundaries. A society like that is not a society at all. It is an anarchist conglomeration that is like a law-of-the-jungle scenario. That scenario is what people made societies for; to protect women and children and allow people to flourish. If a grown person sexually molests a child he should be severely punished as a warning to others. This is why liberalism must be destroyed. It is nothing but destruction.

  74. I found this: It’s a lot less sensationalized and fear and ignorance based reading material with a lot of detail most people never told me about before. I’m a man of science and fear no subject as ‘taboo’ or come at facts from a ‘religious’ posturing, so I can learn this stuff without over-reacting, although temping at times. I may not agree with it all, but the lack of research frightens me. What has been stated there is incredible, on all sides of this subject, but at least some people actually have done some research along the way, and I had to laugh when I saw Dr Ruth’s name as one reference because I remember her from years ago on the TV saying ‘penis’ when I was just a kid and she made me chuckle. She seemed goofy but approachable. I guess I wasn’t afraid back then either.

  75. Unfortunately, our children are being exposed to sex before sexual orientation has completed or soon after.. From the male point of view, here are two basic stages assuming no discover of orgasm 1) attracted to face of opposite sex occurs at 11-12.. 2) As child matures, they discover the orgasm and become attacked to the mature female form, target age is 16 for male to discover orgasm. This because he sees the mature female form in school.. Now children are being exposed to sex prior to sexual orientation development completion – 10-11-12, so they become attracted to the forms they see.. that is the immature form of boys and girls.. Orgasm is highly corrupting especially with young children.. I’ve see posts where 12 year old boys are masturbating 5 times a day. these boys will corrupt other young males. the road to world peace is tied to our sexual orientation development.

  76. I think the byline is misleading readers in giving the click bait impression that an opinion by a speaker is somehow an endorsed opinion by the organisers of the conference. It was a single university academic for a start, some nonentity lowlife at a Japanese University with a teaching post in a country where every possible degradation of children is normalised. I would have expected better from this weblog, if truth is what it purports to be telling.

    • Not true, the American Psychiatric Association (APA), sponsored the conference. They have been debating it for some time.

  77. Homosexuals choose their lifestyle. No child chooses to be molested or raped by grown men who only wish to satisfy their perverted desires. It is always forced upon them. Pedophilia is not and will never be a thing of consent. How selfish can some humans be to only think about their perverted lusts. What about the child and the hurt she will endure mentally, emotionally and physically.

    • Homosexuals CHOOSE their lifestyle? Are you gay? Or are you straight?
      If you are straight….please tell us when you “CHOSE” that lifestyle!

      The rest of your comment I can agree with….but this part is utter nonsense.

    • Are you kidding?? Homosexuals CHOOSE their lifestyle? Are you gay? Or are you straight?

      If you are straight….please tell us when you “CHOSE” that lifestyle!

      The rest of your comment I can agree with….but this part is utter nonsense.

  78. Its also natural for the loved ones to blow a mutherfuckers head off,for doing that to a child too,dont forget to put that part of it in there….

  79. This might also explain why judges in the West are so lenient on paedophiles, you can expect a longer prison sentence for tax evasion. This article makes me in favour of vigilante justice, it’s the only way these poor kids would get justice. These people should never be let out, a paedophile is one of the few criminals that can never be reformed.

  80. Are you fucking serious? It can’t be natural or morally right to want to have sex with children what a bunch of sick motherfuckers. Tell you what you sick bastard’s hell sure will be busy on judgement day. We are in serious trouble as a race. If I was a alien in a space ship and was watching what was going on I would nuke the fuck out of this planet. God help us please!

  81. These are very disturbed men….extremely mentally ill men. The fact that anyone would give credence to this proves JUST HOW MANY PSYCHOPATHS there are in the world!

    A child cannot not give consent to sex because they are underage….SO THAT IS CALLED RAPE and no amount of ‘justifying’ will change that!

    These types do not deserve to walk the streets. LOCK ‘EM UP AND CHOP IT OFF!

  82. I’ve seen too many reports of this behavior from too many different socio-economic levels, professions and types of people, I always felt something was missing. And this is it. It exists. People are freaking out because they are afraid of ‘normalising’ this, but I don’t believe that’s what the conference was about. Nobody is condoning sex acts with children but we have to face the fact that these feelings exist within a larger segment of the population than we care to admit to.

  83. it is my understanding that this is caused by a brain defect, one that could be researched and possibly treated. the brain defect may occur “naturally” , as in born that way, or get instigated by injury or poor social conditions, granted. but one must define one’s terms so as to avoid misunderstanding.
    and of course this article content report of said conference, fueled by alcohol, is supposed to be believed w/o question. yeah right.

  84. All men knew this already.
    Luckily we are humans and not monkeys so we can make intelligent decisions and not be a slave to our impulses.
    We shouldnt ban anything pedo related though, drawn/fictional erotica depicting kids is healthy and let males not act in real life their urges.
    Pedophilia needs to stop being so demonized in general.

  85. this article makes me want to vomit. wtf is wrong with ppl? making excuses for sexual predators….these ppl should b thrown on an island somewhere

  86. Am I the only one here that is attracted by children for their purity?
    Like, I rather have a night with someone who has? less experience on sex than with a whore that has sex every day, and what better choice than a kid?

    • Unfortunately, there are more pervs like you! Yes children are pure but it is not an invitation for taking away that purity! If you want a less experienced adult, go for one who is classy, not a child! Your desire for purity shouldn’t make a kid pay, become dirty, ashamed and forever broken! Another thing that is pure that might work on you… fire!

  87. Whoever made this study has never ever experienced sexual child abusers. I don’t give a fuck what they say, you sexually abuse a child, or a minor, and they’ll suffer on certain levels all there life’s. To get payed to do studies like this is redicouluis, why not study how abuses children have problems for the rest of their life’s and find a way to help them?

  88. This is another feminist ploy so that fathers will not be granted custody of their children in the event of a divorce. I find it ABNORMAL for a man (not to mention the “majority of men”) to be aroused sexually by children.

  89. God Almighty destroyed the world for its sexual and moral perversions once already, he destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for the same reasons and ordered Israel to clean the same degenerate types out of Canaan. The Bible clearly shows a future day when he will once again clean out such mentality from off the earth. It is referred to as the Great Tribulation or Jacob’s trouble. Of course in the eyes of many I am just a silly old goat that believes fairy tales, but this very article is a sign of those times being upon us.

  90. The photo to the article itself is a statement, and not a good one. And there is nothing “natural” about the photo, placed as it is in an eroticized context.
    Around here (Germany) the idea that ‘paedophilia’ is innate, just as other forms of sexuality are, is ripe. The Green Party and quite a few politicians from other parties advocated for the decriminalisation of what they called “non violent sexual relationships with children” or “children’s right to intergenerational sex” or to “sex with adults at eye level”; the demands were scrapped not too long ago, and in some places (Berlin) they even “forgot” to take the demand off the party programme. Of course (nearly) everybody these days stresses that this does not mean that the men have the right to use the children. But it is being normalized, the men are, of course, to be pitied .. and the rest will follow in due course. Cousellors for these men work around a misguided idea of “acceptance” and confuse accepting a person they counsel with accepting what the person allegedly is, and with accepting the entire culture around that person. To use an example – when helping, counselling, supporting a person who suffers from alcohol addiction, that person must be accepted, of course. But counsellors would be doing a lousy job if they accepted the addiction as perfectly “normal” in itself, nothing to worry about in itself, and while the people I know who do work with people suffering from this addiction are not teetotallers, they are definitely critical of the way alcohol is presented in ads, normalized, ever-present in the media, works in our culture. Compare this to how many want to treat or counsel paedo”philes”. You can’t help somebody who is in deep sh*t for whatever reason and refuse to see the situation they’re in. (Unless, as I suspect, the situation is viewed as totally unfair and to be changed in the ways the German parties/politicians envisioned in the 80s….) A proper support, help for men who feel like paedophiles (and yes, probably many of them were groomed and abused as children) cannot go around saying that all their feelings are perfectly “normal” and while doing nothing to challenge our ideas of male sexuality and of how sexuality is presented everywhere. In not challenging any of that but accepting this as normal, those who are supposed to help these men (and protect children) contribute to our porn culture depicting and ab-using more and more very young or young looking women, st. men, and accepting or even contributing (view the photo in this specific context) to a culture that pornifies children, or keeps endless abysmal debates about what isn’t really child pornography at all and what is “art”, or what kind of pictures should be perfectly acceptable on public but commercialized websites. And ending paedo”phile” abuse won’t work in a culture that doesn’t challenge the idea of entitlement especially when it comes to sex, the idea that as long as there’s not too much blood there isn’t violence, and the man’s wishes trump any other demand. So all of sexual violence must be addressed, plus male privilege, in any meaningful counselling and in any training of counsellors. The psychologists from this conference would do well to sign up for a few courses.

    • muhammad was as sad example of a huminoid, and had every fault imagineable, and is the pure road to assimilte hell on earth.
      worshiped as a totally ignorant mesaanger…..i have a news paper boy with a higher intellegence level so sorry not buying it.

  91. from my brief study of the topic, i found all straight males have a basic need to drop there seeds into the youngest most viable female around them. and will commit all there resources to this end. period., most people afraid of gays, are uncertain of there own sexuality. one thing with the intruduction of transvestites… that this is change in our species. the last major changes were in the 26 th version of humanoids the cro magnon man… where his epiglotis moved up in his throught, making it harder for him to eat, but the side effect was speach, lately gods plans see to involve love and reproduction, not our plan not a desease….the norm is change and without it we will die as a species….you should not feel threatened by it , be cbservent of side effects such as hiv possibly, things that can make them the 28 th version and leave us behind. wo sit back change building codes as required to accomidate the few…..and enjoy the ride, this is gods ride and he sets the rules and makes the judgements….

  92. This is merely more PROOF that homosexuals are deranged deviants that will stop at NOTHING to obtain their carnal pleasure. Little boys are especially prized by these deviants.
    As much as homosexuals vehemently deny it, homosexuality and pedophilia are inextricably linked. Almost all homosexuals have had their first homosexual “experience” introduced to them by an ADULT homosexual as pre-teen males. This, in itself constitutes homosexual pedophilia, which is criminal behavior in itself and is a way to destroy a pre-teen child for life.
    The so-called Roman Catholic priest “child abuse scandal” was actually homosexual pedophilia in action. Of course the “mainstream media” could not afford to offend the “homosexual community” by calling what it really was–thereby, the “play on words”, calling it “child sex abuse” rather than homosexual pedophilia–the true definition of their sordid behavior.
    Homosexuals are at it again, pushing to redefine pedophilia as a “lifestyle”…sick, huh??

    • This isn’t about homosexuality… this has been a leftist agenda outside homosexuality for decades. This current push to define paedophilia by men as natural is a strategic move… presuming people accept the premise, it forces people to ether accept paedophilia, or it further demonizes men as inherently paedophilic. Ether way, they get something they want.

      • I respectfully disagree…pedophilia is a staple of homosexuality as most homosexuals were accosted as CHILDREN (pre-teen or teenage BOYS) by an ADULT male homosexual. This, in itself IS pedophilia and is a CRIME in all 50 states (or “57 states” if you are the o’bama)…pedophilia is part and parcel o most homosexuals…

        • “as most homosexuals were accosted as CHILDREN (pre-teen or teenage BOYS) by an ADULT male homosexual.”

          And where did you get that statistic from? The Westburough baptist church?

  93. If you hate pedophiles, then you should support this reclassification.

    This academic discussion will have no impact on the legality of child rape. The law presumes that crimes are committed by sane people who are responsible for their actions. Mental disorders introduce exceptions to the law. When it is determined that an offender has a mental disorder, it tends to make courts more lenient. This leniency is often codified in the law with special dispensations for the mentally ill.

    Declassifying pedophilia as a mental disorder brings back full accountability to a person who commits sex crimes against children.

    Part of being human is moderating our behavior to find balance between our urges, our own general welfare, and social constraints. Having immoral urges is not a mental disorder; it is universal to the human condition; finding ways to resist temptation is a big part of most religions. It is not a mental disorder to have the urge to lie, to steal, to copulate, to harm, and even to kill. And it is not even a mental disorder to act on these urges. And yet we still have laws against fraud, theft, sexual assault, battery, and murder.

    Laws exist to define a balance in the protection of individual rights and public welfare. The law does not care whether your urges are “normal.” If an action would infringe on the rights of another person, or if it would generally put the public at risk, or even if it would just be a nuisance!… there is likely a law restricting that action.

    Ultimately, the purpose of defining mental health disorders is to aid in the clinical treatment of individuals who are seeking help due to mental distress. Generally, the law’s only concern with the definition of mental disorders is to determine whether someone is competent to stand trial, and whether they can be held responsible for a crime, and whether the offender will be remanded to custody in a prison, or a mental health institution. The definition of mental disorders has virtually no role in determining whether an act should be legal.

    Homosexuality was removed from the DSM in 1973. It took 30 years for the supreme court to strike down sodomy laws.

  94. by 2035 child porn will be the norm
    culture changes over time and attitudes
    we look back in history nation fall and nation rise
    i know this is a rant but when i was a child nobody would say nelson mandela would become presadent of south africa

  95. The only difference between the persecution of the homosexual community in the last century and the persecution of the pedophile community this century is the legal notion that “adults can consent, children cannot”

    Seems logical. The problem is that society keeps “fiddling” with the age of that consent.

    It all started way back when with the obvious premise of “an infant or toddler is too young to grant consent”. Even 1,000 years ago most people would agree with that logic. This child can barely speak much less understand what sex is about. Obviously should be off limits.

    But over the centuries, society has been manipulated (mostly by puritan men and women who feel threatened by their partner’s attraction to younger flesh) so that the common sense notion of “age of consent” to mean a child so young they quite literally don’t know what is happening to them – to as old as 17 in some places today. (as if a 17 year old is somehow as ignorant about sex as a toddler)

    The punishment for sex below this ever changing “age of consent” line is the same for the baby rapist as it is for the hebephile.

    This is why I say pedophiles today are persecuted. Because over zealous prosecutors and law enforcement are spending all of their time hunting men and women who are sexually attracted to pubescent humans (that 100 years ago would have been marriage material)- and then punishing them with same laws that were designed to punish infant rapists.

    • “This is why I say pedophiles today are persecuted. Because over zealous prosecutors and law enforcement are spending all of their time hunting men and women who are sexually attracted to pubescent humans (that 100 years ago would have been marriage material)- and then punishing them with same laws that were designed to punish infant rapists.”

      Except what you’re describing is Ephebophilia, pedophilia has a specific meaning, which is a sexual attraction to PRE-PUBESCENT children. You’re using the defense of Ephebophilia in order to protect the infant rapists.

  96. Every day we see inroads into formerly taboo practices, and the end result will be a Nanny State world-wide. As soon as sex with children is acceptable and becomes lawful, parents will no longer be allowed to protect their children from those who want them for sex.
    We’re on a slippery slope to Hell, and it all started with Tolerance. Eventually, we will have tolerated ourselves into a Viper’s Pit from which there will be no escape.

  97. […] the rainbow as their motif a symbol closely associated with childhood and children. The fact that Tom O’Carroll, a multiple child sex offender, long-time campaigner for the legalization of sex wit… is horrific enough evidence of a Marxist paedophile ring operated at Westminster. Yet when Steven […]

  98. It’s natural and normal to be roused to murderous rage, sometimes, too, but that does not mean that committing murder is ok. Further more, it turns out that I have natural and normal feelings towards paedophiles; in fact, I even have a criminal record to show for it, though there was nothing at all indecent about the assault I perpetrated on that particular psychopath and I wish I had broken more than his nose.. BUT, I did not I try to hide the fact or lie about what I had done in order to get away with it. I guess I did try to blame the paedophile to justify my actions, however, which creeps me out as they all try to blame the children they abuse in order to excuse their own depravity….

    • we may all feel fear from the fact that it didn’t ever work to blame psychopaths/paedophiles, (even sociopaths maybe in their same category if they never acted out the worst), . . . and that they seemed to thrive on being the victim of the blame of others, . . . and that is why our only solution was to avoid blame altogether. This is a hard lesson, especially because such persons as were capable of the branch of psychopathy which included conscious intentional abuse of childhood, turn out to be the only legitimate cause of warfare. If they wanted us to lose our innocence to them, of course we might want that to happen via violence towards them, and in this fact, you are correct, that it is natural and normal to feel angry enough to murder. Thus the social solution need be how to redirect that anger, in a way that solves their story for them, without becoming guilty towards them. Thanks for your post.

  99. I know persons whose sexuality was defined by an ability to convince another person, that they were at fault, when in fact they are not at fault. That was why men and even women, have had such a as was being described as a sexual preference for childhood. It was a sexual preference for innocence, in knowledge of an inner desire to corrupt what is innocent, and assume to remove from the innocent, the social regard owing their innocence. They did what they did for “popularity”, and the offender mentioned in the article, accepts that fact, of desiring popularity. They wanted us all to believe that they can’t help themselves. I believe that they could not prevent themselves from isolating moments of future innocence in others, and projecting their own guilt upon others in those moments, and thereby thieving the innocent social reputation of us all. I believe they were insane in that fact. I believe they find respite, within the self-belief, of having had a harder time in their past, (ie via a belief in past lives for example), than anybody else around themselves at any time. Of course they have a hard time, because the vast majority of the rest of us, did not want to believe them. We especially find it disagreeable to believe that what sustained their lives, was our own innocence.

  100. the fact that people are comparing homosexuality to pedophilia is devastatingly unsettling. WTF is wrong with you people….CHILDREN are not consenting adults. Pedophiles are adults who are sexually aroused by children. This has NOTHING to do with homosexuality. It’s sickening.

  101. […] the rainbow as their motif a symbol closely associated with childhood and children. The fact that Tom O’Carroll, a multiple child sex offender, long-time campaigner for the legalization of sex wit… is horrific enough evidence of aMarxist paedophile ring operated at Westminster. Yet when Steven […]

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  103. All it takes is a scandalous article like this to get the gay world abuzz, defending the life! While the jump from pedophilia to homosexuality isn’t fair, this is an opportunity for the boys to haggle over every detail of their life-choice seeking justification. You go, girls, and yes, gay men seek out weak and confused boys for grooming. Once that boundary has been crossed, the new recruits are so mortified that they join the justification squad!

  104. You knew it would happen didn’t you !!! Damn liberal teachers and pedophiles themselves. Children are meant to live in a safe world free of being hurt by you scum bags. They have to grow up soon enough. Touch my 2 year old grandson any let me find out !!!!!!!
    Why do you people print this crap ??

  105. As much as homosexuals vehemently deny it, homosexuality and pedophilia are inextricably linked. Almost all homosexuals have had their first homosexual “experience” introduced to them by an ADULT homosexual as pre-teen males. This, in itself constitutes homosexual pedophilia, which is criminal behavior in itself and is a way to destroy a pre-teen child for life.
    The so-called Roman Catholic priest “child abuse scandal” was actually homosexual pedophilia in action. Of course the “mainstream media” could not afford to offend the “homosexual community” by calling what it really was–thereby, the “play on words”, calling it “child sex abuse” rather than homosexual pedophilia–the true definition of their sordid behavior.
    I must play “devil’s advocate” when it comes to the Catholic church homosexual pedophilic priest “problem”…The Catholic church was “caught between a rock and a hard place” and had every right to be concerned about how many false claims would be made by those parishioners who belonged to the parish at the same time as this behavior was going on. Follow the money… Of course, there is (and was) absolutely NO EXCUSE for this homosexual pedophilic behavior…
    Sad to say, the homosexuals are at it again, encouraging the “psychiatric community” to change the definition of pedophilia from a psychiatric “disorder” to a mere “lifestyle”, not unlike what was done for homosexuality. Sick, huh??

  106. […] Uma conferência acadêmica realizada na Universidade de Cambridge, disse que o interesse pela pedofilia é “natural e normal para os homens“, e que “pelo menos uma minoria considerável de homens normais gostaria de ter sexo com crianças, e que os machos normais foram despertados por crianças ainda crianças.” disse um membro da The American Psychiatric Association (APA),; […]

  107. No one is made homosexual, smh either you are or you not. Stop making lobbing Pedophilia and Homosexuals in the same boat. One legal consent between two adults the damn other can never be consent between a child and a adult Pedophilia is simply about power and fear otherwise why do they use threats to keep the child silent. Simple fact. I have worked with kids that have been sexually abused believe when I say these sick bastards should be executed for the damage they do.


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