University Employee Says She Was Fired For Defending Trump’s Immigration Policies (Video)


An employee at the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse says she was fired for defending President Trump’s immigration executive order to one of her co-workers.

Kim Dearman alleges she was terminated from her job as a university law enforcement dispatcher for “threatening or abusive language” and “conduct unbecoming a university employee.”

Three days after the school sent Dearman her termination letter – and after media outlets began reporting on the firing – the university offered her her job back, Fox News reports.

Dearman and her attorney, Lee J. Fehr, joined Tucker Carlson tonight to discuss the incident and what’s next.

Dearman explained that she told a co-worker that she supports Trump’s position on immigration, and she believes that we should take steps to prevent terrorists from entering or staying in the country.

“Apparently the word ‘immigrant’ is racist,” Fehr said. “Immigrants going back to their country is a racist thought that should not be expressed in modern America.”

Tucker asked Dearman if she even wants her job back after this ordeal.

She said she initially did want her job back, but now she’s worried about going back, because she could be fired again for “any type of reason.”


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