University Professor: ‘White People Are Conditioned’ To Commit Mass Murder Like In Charleston


A professor at the University of Memphis suggested that the Charleston shooter was not mentally ill, but was just another example of “white people acting how they’re conditioned to act.”


Zandria Robinson, an assistant professor of sociology whose Twitter account is promoted on the school’s official website, posted a tweet following the Charleston shooting suggesting that the killer’s actions were a result of his whiteness:


Robinson also posted a tweet on June 26 saying that “Whiteness is most certainly and inevitably terror.” The offending tweet has since been deleted. 


Katherine Timpf at the National Review  reported:

This is not the first time Robinson has made the news for her inflammatory social-media posts.According to Campus Reform, Robinson wrote a Facebook post last November preemptively threatening anyone who might be thinking of saying anything about minority students gaining admittance to graduate programs because of their race — even if they were joking:


The above post has since been deleted from her Facebook page. It’s still not clear how Robinson has the ability to see inside of other people’s heads. Robinson still has a job at the public, taxpayer-funded university.

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    • She is Quite correct but WHO is doing the Conditioning????? Surely not other Whites. The BLACKS are the ones CONDITIONING Disturbed Whites into these ACTS by their Normal ways of CRIMINALity, Gangs and DESTRUCTIVE ways and there openly DAILY Actions and CONTINUOUS RACIST Remarks towards Whites like the Black Panthers, being supported and Financed by ALL American COLORED People. Colored People Hate Whites and go out of their way to force Racial HATRED and Destruction. They HATE Whites with a PASSION.!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Before you post in response to this article, know that I agree that what she said is a load of crap BUT notice how you feel being lumped together with an asshole just because of the sameness of your skin color. That’s what we go through all the time.

    • i don’t lump all black people together! when i was in ait (army)i had a very dear friend his name is ralph knight and he was from new york!! yes, he is black and ralph and i would leave base and go into town and eat, hit the bars,etc.ralph would always make sure i was safe and made it home safe!! now what color am i? white!! i regret not keeping in touch with him all these years, but i remember him still and our friendship after 35 years ago!! i’m not lumping all blacks together because that’s not a true comment for me to even say!! i valued our friendship to this day!!

    • I don’t lump ANYONE together….well maybe maybe muslims…. But like muslims, I don’t hear much from blacks who disagree w/ this cr*p….
      Talk about mentally ill, read about the black Carr brothers who went on a robbery spree and killed 5 young white adults, and severely injured one woman….they made them have sex w/ each other, then the Carrs. Killed the dog, sodomized it w/ a golf club handle then beat it w/ the club…I believe had them w/draw money from an ATM early on during the attack. They were all killed execution style, the woman that survived walked naked in the snow w/ a head wound for help….The Carrs spied this group Christmas shopping at the mall, then followed them to a house….DID YOU HEAR ABOUT IT?
      NO!!!…..DID WE MARCH THE STREET AGAINST BLACKS? NO!!!! There are sick people of all races who do horrible things, I’m just so tired and angry at all this…

      • I agree with Cynthia Carlon. I–an African-American man—read this story, on the Internet, while working inside the Orange County Public Defenders office, in Santa Ana, California. NO NEWS MEDIA WOULD TELL THIS NEWS ON T.V. AT THAT TIME

  2. The problem is that when university professors speak, their words are never regarded as mens area. It is called PhD privilege. It even trumps WhT privilege.

  3. How does this ‘professor’ see the sudden outbreak of mass murders performed by ISIS members? Perhaps she is colour blind when it comes to the actions in Africa, the home of her ancestors and where mass murders are noted in the Bible. Probably not a source of reference for her racism.

  4. First, you have to consider the source of this idiotcy! It comes from a laughable guy looking “assist professor” which is a laughable title! All Professorships, unless it is a Medical Professor, like the one who did my liver transplant surgery, then it is a BS title given to someone to make them think more highly of themselves for being able to read a book, otherwise, that is all they know, so what the hell are the a professor of? Empty Air? Just a Leftist Perversion to make Dummy’s look more intelligent but once they open their mouth, it is obvious they are only sewer scum idiots, like this “female?”! Sure that don’t have a penis hidden somewhere?

  5. Black Serial/Mass/Spree Killer List:
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    • A black boy murdered 5 caucasians at church and kidnapped more caucasians on his way out….. odd how national media, blacks and barrack hussain obama had the day off when that happened…..

    • The majority still ain’t shit you can add a hundred more names to the list the point is white people in general are narcissistic sociopaths who have always stolen what they wanted when they wanted and if that didn’t work are violent and vicious at any means necessary
      truth hurts doesn’t it and it’s a hard pill of facts to swallow

    • On Aug. 6, 1945, during World War II, the United States dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan. About 140,000 people were killed or died within months when the American B-29 “Enola Gay” bombed Hiroshima on Aug. 6, 1945. Three days later, about 80,000 people died after the United States also bombed Nagasaki. I’m afraid your list of Black murderers doesn’t really compare Greg Zotta…

      • Hey Dummy, you are right but for the wrong reason. One was war, the other were MURDERS of innocent people. You forget, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, which got the US into the war. And to save American soldiers lives, which would have been lost, by attacking mainland Japan, Truman decided to drop the bomb. Japan was given ample warning to surrender before the first bomb was dropped. It took the second bomb to drop before Japan surrendered FYI the US won WWII.

  6. This is your brain.. This is your brain on Black Supremacism-Obamaism / Liberalism / Democrat Party Projectionism and Propaganda.

    Funny how the Democrat party was the party and people of Slavery, Jim Crow Segregation, the KKK-Lynchings, Racism, Bigotry, and Hate-George Wallace, Sen Robert Byrd and J William Fulbright,m etc, etc.. as opposed to the Republican Party of Lincoln- aka “White” people- fought and died to free Black Slaves-aka her ancestors. But I guess they do not teach actual factual U.S. history to Liberal Blacks in Universities, do they.

    John Hawkins, quote- “How is it that the party of Lincoln, a party that led the way in opposing slavery, Jim Crow laws, lynching, the KKK, poll taxes, led the way on integration and voting rights for black Americans, and top percentage wise, voted for the 1964 Civil Rights Act in greater numbers than Democrats is now only getting about 10% of the black vote? ” unquote

    • The ability of the Democratic party in America to hide these facts from the electorate and, in effect, swap sides with the Republicans is one of the greatest acts of sleight-of-hand in recorded history!!

  7. At 13% of the population blacks commit far more crime than caucasians…. Go look up serial killers, Maas murders, child molestors, anything you want….. not to mention Fbi throws hispanic crime committed under white, they have been doing this for 28 years….. Hmmmmm does mexico throw caucasian crime under mexican? Didn’t think so…… 13% black vs 79% “white” for any crime you want to look up

  8. Zandria Robinson is full of midget minded stupid shit! She needs to be censored by the university. This is the kind of teaching that creates racist and racism. She is a sick minded hateful racist. If the university does nothing, the Board of Regents needs to take action against the school! This is nothing more than hateful race baiting!

  9. She should spend some of her free time taking grammar and writing lessons! Wonder what percentage of her students are white?

  10. Hmm very interesting. This “professor” is nothing but a racist. As both an activist and supporter equal rights for all I am extremely offended by this.

  11. Typical Affirmative-Action Negro spewing filth.

    Needs to spend a little more time studying Negro history methinks?

    Regarding the Negro Anthropological Studies from the 1800’s –

    There is neither gratitude, pity, love, nor self-denial ; no idea of duty ; no religion ; but covetousness, ingratitude, selfishness, and cruelty.

    All are thieves, idle, envious, and ready to plunder and enslave their weaker neighbours.”

    (It is reported the Negro had) a peculiar taste for dogs and human flesh. The Negro tribes performed razzias (raids of neighboring Negro Tribes), and ivariably ate the bodies of the slain.

    The traders complained that they were bad associates, as they insisted upon killing and eating the children which the party wished to secure as slaves.

    The research is stunning regarding the toxic nature of the Negro.

    The Negro has no written language, no science, no real history but debauchery and cannibalism.

    Now you know why the Jew imported millions of these creatures into the United States. [Bio-Weapons]


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