University Professors Say US Flag Symbolizes Racism, Take Them Down


I blame Barack Obama for this. First the Confederate flag and digging up historical figures, and now the American flag. The truth of the matter is that the American flag offends Obama’s precious illegal’s.  

A group of California lawmakers is working on a bill that that would prohibit publicly funded universities from banning the American flag.


Fox News reported:

A group of California university professors has signed a letter showing their solidarity with students who tried to ban the American flag at the University of California, Irvine – because they said Old Glory contributes to racism

“U.S. nationalism often contributes to racism and xenophobia, and that the paraphernalia of nationalism is in fact often used to intimidate,” read a letter obtained by the website Campus Reform.

Hundreds across the nation have signed the letter – including some U.C. Irvine professors, Campus Reform reported.

“We admire the courage of the resolution’s supporters amid this environment of political immaturity and threat, and support them unequivocally” the letter stated.

On March 3 the U.C. Irvine student government association voted 6-4-2 to remove Old Glory from a campus lobby for the sake of cultural inclusivity.

Breitbart quoted an unnamed student who said the student government association feared the flag might hurt the feelings of illegal aliens.

“There were people who were like, ‘the flag triggers me’ – that was their exact wording, too,” the student said.

Over the weekend, the executive leadership of student government met and vetoed the legislation and by Monday the flag was once again posted in the campus lobby.

“Our campus is patriotic and proud,” student government President Reza Zomorrodian told me. “We did something right for our campus.”

A March 10th legislative meeting to discuss the controversy was canceled after the university received a “viable threat of violence.”

While the threat was not specific, university officials said they were taking the threat seriously and urged students to be diligent.

“Regardless of your opinion on the display of the American flag, we must be united in protecting the people who make this university a premier institution of higher learning,” Chancellor Howard Gillman wrote in a statement posted on the university’s website.

Meanwhile, a group of Californian lawmakers is working on a bill that that would prohibit publicly funded universities from banning the American flag.

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    • I’m okay with declaring California a socialist country/state and letting them remove the flag as long as everyone that feels that way moves to California and they receive no federal funds collected from other states. State by state government and funding. Everyone can move to the state where that has the laws they agree with.

  1. These self proclaimed ‘professors’ are preaching inciting students and creating racism – THEY should be banned and removed!

  2. If it offends you, then leave! My husband died for this flag and if it offends your illegal, foreign ass, then you’re welcome to go back to your Own country! Leave My flag alone!

    • Yes Taunya I agree Leave the Flag alone!!!! Thank you for you post!I am sorry your husband had to die for the Flag and America! Chef Jeff Albion Rhode Island!!

  3. Really, so what part did the Democrat party (Party & People of the Confederacy/ Slavery, Jim Crow Segregation, the KKK) play in America’s Racism, Mr and Ms Professors, indoctrinated student activists, etc.. That’s what I thought.. Obama’s Liberal Democrat University Professors have just been exposed for the politically motivated ignorant hypocrites that they are. And btw, Illegal aliens should go back to where they came from if they do not like the American flag.

    You leftists are not fooling anyone but yourself. I recognize your leftist strategy and tactics for what they are- fascistic, like squatters, you sit where you want to sit, then proclaim you’re righteous indignation, then attack those whom you have indignantly erroneously occupied property and sovereign territory from, ie; you do want to earn your wealth and citizen status, you want to take it from others, from those who have earned it the hard honest way.

    • nut Jobs is right! You have got to be kidding! Our kids are being turned against their own country! This is a shame!

  4. Wake up Americans and realize that our universities are filled with Marxism/Leninist communists and follow the communists goals to remove American history and heritage

      • Chef I took the constitution courses from Hillsdale College online when they were first introduced in 2012. The reading material from the courses of real American history are priceless. from there I went into the archives of history and discovered the detailed plan by strategist Joseph Stalin to destroy the United States within with communism and the detailed goals and objectives to accomplish it.

  5. Don’t like the AMERICAN FLAG then get out and go to school somewhere else. Don’t want anyone in this country who doesn’t respect OUR flag. Ungrateful POS’s

  6. They want to stir up a hornets nest…..just try taking our American flag away….they’ll have a fight on their hands they will wish they had never started!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Communists, Socialists and Atheists (unpatriotic SOBS’S) have infiltrated PUBLIC Education and Colleges these OBAMITES are a CANCER to American Society and must be removed with EXTREME PREJUDICE!
    Any Elected School Board or College Board that allows this SOB’s to teach this NATIONS next Generation of LEADERS are just as GUILTY!

    • We have the same problem here in South Africa even our vice president is a member of the South Africa communist party ,Our ANC Govt is now joining with Brazil,Russia,India,China and of course South Africa it is called BRICS the first letter of each country, They are starting their own bank to rival the World bank, The Govt is going to buy Nuclear plants from Russia and student training in Russia and China, Medical training in Cuba to become Doctors.Looks like we are to become a comminist state with a dictatorship in charge.

  8. Leave the flags of our country alone! If our flags offend you, find another country to call home! It is, in my opinion, absolutely absurd that we as Americans are becoming a divided country. I am proud to be an American and I will fly my American flag until the day I die. That is my right as an American!

  9. I would say that these people who want to ban the American Flag on any state University Campus, SHOULD BE EXPELLED FROM THOSE UNIVERSITY and the UNITED STATES of AMERICA!.

  10. You liberals offend me. If you dont like our American ideals and values then leave. We AMERICANS do not need you in our country.
    I am appaled by the number of stupid idiots that are supposed to be so smart who are living in this country and supposedly educating our young people. They are educating them to be racist liberals who disagree with anything honorable and respectful and to hate anything that
    America has stood for for over 200 years.
    YOU PARENTS CAN TAKE A STAND AND GET THE CURRICULUM. I shudder to think wgat is going to happen iF YOU DO NOT


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