*UPDATED* WATCH LaVoy Footage When He Was Killed…Why Did He LOWER His Arms?

*UPDATED* WATCH LaVoy Footage When He Was Killed…Why Did He LOWER His Arms?

Arms raised – hands up… and then? On Thursday, the FBI released aerial footage of LaVoy Finicum’s shooting death on Tuesday. An airplane was following the joint FBI-Oregon State Police operation, during which Ammon Bundy and others were peacefully taken into custody.


There is a lot of controversy surrounding what happened to cause LaVoy, who by all accounts was obviously surrendering with arms held high. Then, for some reason, he lowers his arms and turns back to the truck where Bundy and the others were under heavy fire.

What we know for a fact is that the Feds will say that he was reaching for a gun.

But consider this, its obvious that he was surrendering, he was walking forward with his arms held high, he had no reason to turn back the way he was coming. Now, if he were shot, which is likely, would that not cause him to lower his arms like he did and spin around? 

Watch the videos and decide for yourself.


WARNING: The videos are very upsetting to watch.

LaVoy Finicum ENHANCED and Zoomed

This is the original version released by the FBI.

UPDATED on January 30, 2016 – The Orgonian magnified the time when LaVoy was shot… watch.

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