U.S. Army Lieutenant Clint Lorance Serving 20 Years For ‘Murdering Taliban’ In Afghanistan



1st Lt. Clint Lorance is serving a 20 year prison sentence, forfeiture of pay and dismissal from the military.

This is remarkable considering he is only the second Army officer charged with murder in a battlefield death during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

Why you ask…


Flashback to July 02, 2012:

In July 2012, while serving as a Rifle Platoon leader in a remote sector of Kandahar Province Afghanistan, First Lieutenant Clint Lorance’s platoon embarked on what was seemingly a normal combat patrol. 1LT Lorance’s patrol, consisting of 16 US Infantrymen, 5 Afghan National Army Soldiers, and 1 US Interpreter, left their Strong Point early in the morning on July 02, 2012 to a neighboring village. The platoon knew this village all too well, as only days before, one of their brothers, a US Soldier, had been shot in the neck in this very village.

Having constant contact with overhead US Army helicopters, it would soon become apparent to 1LT Lorance that the platoon was headed into enemy held territory. Army pilots warned 1LT Lorance over the radio of enemy presence to the North, East and West of the Platoon’s position on the ground.

LT Lorance confirmed with the pilots a good description of the enemy, and pilots continued to track and provide overhead surveillance for LT Lorance’s Infantry platoon who was traveling on foot in the mine-riddled Afghan terrain.

The Soldiers were operating in a terrain that the Army had deemed too dangerous to drive vehicles due to the expensive damage to vehicles as a result of mine explosions. In an effort to preserve their vehicles, the Infantrymen walked everywhere on foot, behind hand-held mine-detectors and explosive-detective dogs.

On July 02, 2012 while conducting an Afghan-Led dismounted patrol into an afghan village, the Afghan Army element on the joint patrol began to engage what they thought were Taliban. Worried that the Afghan Soldiers are poor marksmen and would likely cause collateral damage, Clint ordered his gun truck to fire two precision shots at the Taliban. As the platoon moved through the village, the intelligence analysts intercepted several radio transmissions indicating the Taliban could see the Platoon in plain view.

There was an existential enemy threat in the area. From the beginning of the patrol, US helicopters were radioing LT Lorance’s patrol indicating confirmed enemy activity in the area, the description of the enemy matched exactly the enemy combatants the patrol initially engaged with the two precision shots. A few moments Later in the patrol in the same village, Clints Soldiers captured one Afghan on a motorcycle who was later confirmed as a Taliban.

As the platoon made their way across the road and through the concertina wire, a two wheeled motorcycle bearing three military-aged males came down the road at a higher-than-normal rate of speed. As the motorcycle approached, the men were pointing at the Soldiers’ positions. Trial testimony proved that back at Headquarters and simultaneously, radio signals were being intercepted by US intelligence Soldiers which clearly indicated that someone was pointing out via radio the positions of the US Troops on the ground. These radio intercepts were being translated into English and relayed via secure military radio to LT Lorance on the ground. These Taliban were clearly setting up for an ambush.

As the motorcycle approached the patrol, one of Lorance’s Soldiers, a former NC traffic policeman, yelled back to the LT and said the motorcycle was coming at a faster-than-normal rate of speed and asked for permission to fire. The Taliban showed no indication of slowing down and ignored the Afghan Soldiers’ verbal and visual warnings to stop. The lieutenant had 3-5 seconds to react to this threat before the bike reached his men, who were tactically vulnerable because the patrol was in the middle of crossing the road, LT Lorance granted his Soldier permission to fire. The Soldier fired, and missed.

The motorcycle came to a stop under a tree a few hundred meters from Lorance’s position. The Taliban dismounted and began walking aggressively toward the patrol. The Afghan Soldiers who were in front of Lorance’s men instinctively raised their weapons and prepared to fire, shouting at the men to stop. The men ignored the Afghan Army’s commands. This is all happening in seconds. Considering that these men just broke through a US Army/Afghan Army formation, even though they were being shot at, and then continued to approach the patrol, and having mere seconds to react, LT Lorance chose to ensure the safety of his men and engage the Taliban. The LT ordered his Soldiers to fire, killing two of the men, one ran away.

Later on in that same patrol, the Soldiers detained that man who had ran away, he later tested positive for homemade explosives residue on his hands. During this patrol, a separate element of Lorance’s platoon on the other end of the village engaged and killed two Taliban who were visually observing and communicating that they saw the Soldiers’ position on the rooftop. A second man was captured while attempting to flee the village by another element of Lorance’s platoon. This man also tested positive for homemade explosives residue.

On Tuesday, January 15, 2013, Clint was charged with various crimes to include murder, 2 counts, attempted murder, as well as a few other ancillary charges to include using harsh language towards Afghans.



Latest update from Clint’s family:

December 31, 2014 – Official Statement

Brig. Gen. Richard Clarke of the 82nd Airborne Division notified the Attorneys that Clint’s conviction will stand. Clarke took ONE YEAR off of Clint’s sentence.

1st Lt. Clint Lorance is serving a 20 year prison sentence, forfeiture of pay and dismissal from the military.

Lt. Lorance’ is at the mercy of Obama, and you are being asked to sign a petition of ‘presidential pardon’ which requires 100,000 signatures before it will be considered. 

Consider all that Obama did for Bowe Bergdahl who deserted, which resulted in the death of 6 platoon mates. Consider that a unprecedented ransom was paid, and 5 high level Taliban were released in trade.

Consider what could be accomplished if everyone who reads this signs the ‘presidential pardon.’ 





  1. He stopped a terrorist attack on a us base during war and there was more than sufficient proof by both sides that it had to be done.

    Make no mistake, Obama is just trying to show what will happen if you defend yourself or country against the people he sent us there to kill!

  2. Enough of this “we’re taking the high road and won’t stoop to their level” bullshit! That is not the set of rules they are playing by. We have to respect their rules of warfare but and dismiss their fuck ups because we are going to show the world that killing is bad and reasoning and negotiations are the way to win. WTF?


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