VA Employees Suspended Without Pay For Not Falsifying Records


Ft Collins VA

Recently, news has broken about  a “secret list” at the VA in Phoenix, Arizona, where disabled veterans were denied prompt appointment times, and lied to, in order for VA officials to appear to be competent, something most are not. The news was only new to the civilian sector, as most veterans understand the frustration with trying to get an appointment for healthcare required for injuries and illness incurred as part of their previous service to country.

It turns out that another VA had a similar list, the VA at Fort Collins in Colorado, and the employee that blew the whistle on these shysters received a two week suspension without pay. But when that whistleblower, Lisa Lee, a former Navy reservist, went to Federal authorities to tell of the falsified records, which she refused to exasperate, the VA officials at Fort Collins promptly offered to allow her to go back to work and they offered to pay her for the two week period that she’d been suspended without pay, but only if she ceased her whistle blowing actions.

As a matter of principle, and out of respect for her fellow veterans, Lee did not withdraw her whistle blowing actions. She continued to inform authorities of the lengthy wait times at the Ft. Collins VA that was leading to a further decline in health, if not death, of many of our nation’s heroes who answered the call to duty.

Of her unpaid suspension, Lee said, “They had to punish us, they had to make us an example to the other (schedulers).”

If only our elected officials would do the right thing and make an example out of some of the VA leadership who is running such an unethical racket.


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