Vaccine Religious Freedom CLASS ACTION COMPLAINT is Gaining Traction (Video)

Vaccine Religious Freedom CLASS ACTION COMPLAINT is Gaining Traction (Video)

Parents have religious freedom rights that protect their children from mandatory school vaccinations.

Ricardo Beas a concerned citizen and parent of three school-age children in California, is on a crusade to shed much needed light on the illegality and health hazards of mandatory vaccines.

Calling upon the First-Amendment’s right to petition for redress of grievances, Beas wrote an amazing 39-page document in the form of a petition that has the format of a legal document.

In his 39-page grievance statement, Beas lists the names and the crimes of the vaccine lobby that includes vaccine manufacturers, like the Merck drug company, complicit government agencies, such as the CDC (Center for Disease Control), and numerous California agencies, local school districts, health departments, the Blue Shield insurance company, and many politicians. California Governor Jerry Brown was specifically named, in addition to California state Senator Dr. Richard Pan and Ben Allen who authored SB277.

In the lists of grievances, he shows how constitutional and civil law has been violated, and calls for the President of the United States to empower an official investigation of the charges and report to the public.

Now Beas wants you to know about, “an opportunity has presented itself” for parents.
It focuses on religious freedom rights that protect your children from any mandatory school vaccination program if you are one among the many who believe that vaccine injury is real.

Beas invites you to join him by participating in the Vaccine Religious Freedom Class Complaint so everyone affected by mandatory vaccination programs can be part of the complaint for full force and effect with the involved government agencies.

Below is everything you need. To start the process read the Instructions and Guide to Filing VRF Complaint. 

To view all complaint documents go to Vaccine Religious Freedom Class Action Complaint:
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As you know, with the assistance of the US Health Consortium we have developed a strategy to defeat California’s SB 277 using the new HHS Conscience and Religious Freedoms Division’s (CRF Division) procedures and filing with them a complaint regarding such religious rights violations as it pertains to mandatory vaccines for school age children. We call our complaint our Vaccine Religious Freedom Class Action Complaint (VRF Complaint).

Our strategy starts with getting information from our child’s school district to prove that they will not allow our children in school unless they have all their vaccines or they have a medical exemption. We also ask the school district for FOIA/PRA documentation that proves that they get financial support from HHS, the U.S. Dept. of Education (DOEd) and other federal agencies to establish jurisdiction for such government agencies to investigate our claims of illegality of such SB 277 requirements and mandates.

The CRF Division created an internet portal to submit complaints, but made it in such a way that if you follow the initial steps to establish such jurisdiction for violation of your child’s school right to attend school without vaccines, it gets to the point where it says that HHS cannot help you, that you have to file with the Dept. of Education.

To address this, Eileen Kurlander, the Director of the US Health Consortium (USHC) contacted the HHS Civil Rights division and express her concerns about the way their complaint portal was set up and she was told that indeed the CRF Division did not design their platform properly to address such and similar SB 277 complaints and told her how we should do the filing, recommending that we have one leading complaint that others can join so they can investigate (our Class Action Complaint). So, to start the process today I have filed my VRF Complaint to protect my daughter from religious discrimination in her school.

Well, some more good news. I got a response from my existing children’s school district (named in my initial and still active Vaccine Class Action Complaint with the CRF Division) and they provided a list of federal benefits they receive, attached here as a photo, and it shows federal funding from many federal agencies, including HHS and DOEd. We are now sure that all of us can prove the jurisdiction of these enforcement agencies so that all of us can file our complaint and have them investigate and prosecute our claims.

There are some additional steps we are taking to make this all happen in our benefit. Now it’s time for you to join us. You will find all our documents, strategy and assistance, including news and complaint update on the USHC website at


Recently the US Dept. of Health and Human Services announced the creation of a new section under the Civil Rights Division. It is called the Conscience and Religious Freedom Division, CRF (link below), whose job it is to take action against any government entity or representative that affects, among other things, a doctor, nurse and other medical personnel’s right to religious freedom and conscience choice to avoid being involved in abortion.

While the announcement by Roger Severino, the director of the Civil Rights Division, appears to be focused on abortion, the idea of religious rights can be applied to vaccines as regard a physician that can issue medical exemptions. Here are three examples that come to mind.

It is against a doctor’s religious rights:

1. When a doctor knows by his study and his experience in his practice that vaccines are dangerous, and he is forced to choose between other specific conditions of a patient before he can issue a medical exemption to avoid harm to his patient by any or all vaccines.

2. When the doctor knows his religious rights must be respected as much as that of his patients, and the patient asks for a medical exemption based on the belief that vaccines are dangerous, and the doctor knows that such patient’s body is the Temple of God according to the Holy Bible and other religious writings around the world and that one must protect such temple from toxic substances that are proven to be harmful, and yet he, being in accord with their patient’s religious beliefs is unable to issue a medical exemption without risk of being prosecuted by the medical authorities.

3. When based on his medical knowledge and experience a doctor is prohibited from applying his moral Conscience beliefs in issuing a medical exemption for that child knowing that any vaccine can seriously injure or kill any child, without their being any prior existing signs that such child might be susceptible to a certain vaccine, or receiving a combination of vaccines at the same time.

The CRF created a process to submit such a complaint for violation of conscience and religious freedoms rights, electronic and mail. One thing that is allows when submitting a complaint is for a qualifying person to submit a complaint for themselves and/or for someone else. For someone like me, a parent facing the force of SB 277 soon, I want to file a complaint for me and for you, so that together we can disarm the teeth of SB 277, while we continue fighting to nullify that law and other similar all over the country. Together we might be able to set an example.

If you want to work with me in filing your own complaint, not only to avoid present pressure you might have, but future government intervention in the way you practice medicine, please contact me directly, at [email protected]

If you want to know more about me and my efforts in trying to defeat the mandatory vaccine agenda you are welcome to visit and join my Facebook group, “Vaccines Class Action Complaint”.

Here is the HHS announcement, presentation starts at minute 15:00. Every time you hear abortion, think vaccines.


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