Valerie Jarrett Scheming Behind The Scenes With Big Corporations To Support Obama’s UN Climate Talks [Video]


Valarie Jarrett is making deals under the table with major corporations to gain support for Obama’s climate change agenda. 

White House Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett is working behind the scenes, no doubt making deals under the table to build an alliance of major U.S. corporations to back President Obama’s goal of securing a global agreement to cut greenhouse gas emissions at the upcoming United Nations summit in Paris.


The Daily Caller obtained a letter which outlines that by the end of June, Obama is looking to build a coalition of businesses to show support for UN climate talks. After that, the White House will then try to grow this group of businesses to 250 in the run up to the Paris talks this November.


The way the letter is written, it is likely going to be circulated by someone, or some group on behalf of the White House. The source, who has asked to remain anonymous would not disclose who was circulating the letter on the White House’s behalf, but did confirm the business they work for was approached to support the Paris climate talks.

According to the letter, the White House is asking U.S. businesses “to show support [for] the climate change discussions to take place in late November in Paris.” The letter also states that Jarrett and her staffer Robert Diamond are “working to garner business support through outreach to a number of corporations … with the goal of securing 12 to 15 ‘anchor partners’ by the end of June.” 

Read between the lines, Jarrett is making private deals under the table to gain support for Obama’s climate change agenda. 

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