Veterans Pleading For Help Because VA Refuses To Set Appointments



John 15:13 says, “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

This is exactly what our veterans from every war from every era throughout the history of our great nation has done for his countrymen. And in return, our Government has pledged to see that these brave men and women receive the help they need once they return. However, in recent times, our government has fallen short on their promises, and many veterans are being placed on secret lists, where it takes them more than a year to get an appointment for treatment, or worse, they are being denied out-right for appointments, for a litany of different excuses handed to them via Veterans Affairs employees.

Kevin E Lake, who is a veteran of the Iraq War, a machine gunner in Mosul in 2008-2009, had contacted his local VA hospital for several years in an attempt to receive counseling for P.T.S.D., which the VA has approved him for 60% disability, and his local V.A. hospital refuses to set an appointment for him. Here is why, in his own words:

I am a 60% disabled Combat Iraq War veteran who suffers from P.T.S.D. My local Veterans Affairs hospital (Manila) refuses to set an appointment for me for psychological counseling for my P.T.S.D., because they are “responsible for me from the time I leave home until the time I return home” as they explained it to me, and it is too far of a distance for them to feel comfortable to set regular, monthly counseling sessions for me, so I must seek private healthcare in the private sector at my own expense. I went to my local VA hospital (Manila) six months ago and begged three different employees for an appointment, and they all declined. I will seek counseling with any funds you can provide and use any excess funds to see that other veterans in my area get the help that they need and deserve; help that we were promised before we deployed, that we are being denied since our return.
This is from the veteran’s Go Fund Me page, where he is attempting to raise funds to pay for his psychological counseling on his own, because the Government that started the war that he volunteered to fight in, and did, is not taking care of him now that he has returned. If you would like to help by making a contribution, you can do so at this link.


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