Video: Gov. Rick Perry Is About to Do What President Obama Won’t at Texas Border


Texas Governor Rick Perry announced that he is sending 1,000 National Guard troops to the Texas border to assist in border security efforts.

It currently has 3,000 border patrol agents covering 320 miles of land and 250 miles of water, which equates to 5.4 agents per mile. The Tucson sector, for instance, has approximately 15.7 agents per mile.

Perry also wants Obama and Congress to hire an additional 3,000 border patrol agents for the Texas border, which would eventually replace the temporary guard forces.

He made the announcement, which he called ‘Operation Strong Safety,’ on Monday in Austin.

Perry’s state has received the majority of migrant children, especially in the Rio Grande region, and he has repeatedly called on the federal government to deploy the National Guard.


Gov. Perry also stated he will perform his duties to the citizens of Texas, in light of the fact that President Obama is dragging his feet.

 “I will not stand idly by,” Perry said. “The price of inaction is too high.”

Obama recently asked Congress for $3.7 billion in emergency funding, but only a small part of that was reserved for border security, apparently Obama does not feel protecting the border is a priority.

As for the cost of Texas to protect its border, which also acts as a doorway into the USA, Texas hasn’t determined which line item of the budget this $5 million-a-day move will come from but says it will be from a “non critical” area.

Perhaps a new category can be created: Federal Government (Obama) Fail?


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