Video: IRS Employee Threatens Conservative Attorney During Live Broadcast (Video)

Video: IRS Employee Threatens Conservative Attorney During Live Broadcast (Video)

Listen to a call on a Washington Journal segment on C-SPAN, where Attorney Cleta Mitchell, an American lawyer, politician and conservative activist was threatened by a self-proclaimed “lowly IRS clerk.”


Info Wars reported that Attorney Cleta Mitchell was threatened during a segment on CSPAN, Monday morning, by a supposed IRS employee who said that he will “go after” and “target” her as well as the groups she represents.

The self-proclaimed “lowly IRS clerk” said that when he looks at an application for a Tax Free Status, he checks the organization’s website and discriminates against them if he disagrees with the rhetoric displayed, which in this case was a call to abolish the IRS.

Mitchell responded by stating that “A government employee is not supposed to superimpose his beliefs, or his concern about his job, over those of a citizen who has a First Amendment right to express that opinion.”

She closed out the video by reminding the lowly clerk that “as a government employee, he works for us and it’s not his right nor is it permissible to say ‘I don’t like that group so I’m going to punish them’ which is viewpoint discrimination and is unconstitutional.”

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