(Video) Police Assault and Batter Woman For Taking Tylenol For Tooth Ache


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In yet another case of hot headed police officers going off on a whim and abusing a civilian, an Ohio woman was assaulted by up to five police officers at one point, all for having the audacity to take a prescribed pill for a severe tooth infection she was suffering. The citizen who was attacked was Siobhan Householder, a thirty five year old mother of three. She was awaiting to appear in court in a holding room off to the side of the court room when she took a pill that had been legally prescribed to her for her dental issues. When the police officer in the room with her saw her take it, he told her to spit it out. She said she can’t, and was about to tell the cop that she’d already swallowed it, but by then, as can be seen in the video, he’d set upon her and began choking her, taking her to the ground, and trying to force his hands down her throat.

wow more police brutalityThe officers tried to rip her bottom lip away from her teeth. After the “incident” she was taken to a local hospital for treatment. She suffered cuts and bruises to her face and the inside of her mouth and the cops pulled large quantities of her hair out of her head. To top it all off, after the beating, Householder was charged with resisting arrest and obstructing official proceedings.


  1. There MUST be more to this story. I, and other people I know, carry medicines in empty ‘pocket size’ Tylenol bottles. Still, treatment was totally unnecessary.

    • I have seen many vids and reports of police brutality and to my shock, there is often not more to the story… sad but true. Police brutality is on the rise, and they are becoming more and more violent and suffer no negative repercussions for their actions no matter how heinous. They get paid leave and in 99.9% of the cases, they are not prosecuted and are back on the job as if nothing happened. It’s sick!

  2. I hope it never comes to this, but there may come a time where aggrieved groups “take things into their own hands” . . .

    Find out where one rogue officer lives. case his home. Wait until early one morning and catch him as he comes out of his house- bring a gang. Once you have successfully beaten him into unconsciousness, go into his home- tie up his family. Break everything in sight. Pour sugar in all the gas tanks of their vehicles. Get all the info you can off their cell phones and computers. move on to the next rogue officer until you have visited them all. Then case the rogue chief of police. Keep doing this and they might start to back off being such assholes. When these bastards have to “grow eyes in the backs of their heads”, they might decide to “behave themselves’. Give these so-called SWAT bastards a “taste of their own medicine”.

    The above is just a thought. I hope it will never come to that, but . . . with the amount of unjustified murders that cops get away with . . . it is a possibility.

    There have been individual cases where rogue cops have been “black bagged”, tied to a tree and warned to start behaving themselves. Of course, these cases are never publicized.

    Look up “the battle of Athens, Tennessee”. This is one instance of the townspeople “taking back” their town from corrupt “law enforcement”.

    Obtain and read “Unintended Consequences” by John Ross. In it, are history lessons, law lessons, and ways to take back our country . . .

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