[VIDEO] Woman goes nuts over Product, Breaks into Botox Clinic With a Power Saw

power saw

Police in Texas are looking for a Mercedes-Benz-driving “soccer mom” who used a power saw to break into a Botox clinic and steel anti-aging products, authorities said.

Surveillance cameras caught footage of the burglary, which took place at the Botox RN MD Spa in Sugar Land, Houston at around 8:25 pm on Friday, August 23.

The woman, who police say is between 35 and 45 years old, can be seen in surveillance video provided by the Sugar Land Police Department tugging on the glass door of the Botox RN MD Spa around 8:25 p.m. Friday.

She walks away, then is shown driving a light-colored Mercedes SUV closer to the business and getting out with the saw.

She grinds away at the door until she manages to slip in through a hole she created.

Watch the scene unfold here:

At first she attempted to use sheer strength and determination to get into the spa but she eventually must have realised pulling really hard wasn’t going to do the trick and that she would need to get some machinery instead.

There’s no time stamp on the video so it’s not clear whether the woman had come prepared with the power saw or whether she went somewhere to retrieve the tool, but she arrived back at the scene in a light-coloured Mercedes SUV which she parked haphazardly outside the building.

The car did not have a front licence plate, making it difficult for police to track down.

Woman uses saw to break into spa

She retrieved the power tool from the car and appeared to try and hack at different sections until she was able to cut through one part of the wall. The woman pulled away what looked like parts of the structure and dropped them on the floor before carefully removing a window pane.

According to ABC 13, after entering the building the woman left to move her car before returning to the spa and emerging with a bag and other items, including anti-ageing products.

Alonso Perez, the owner of Botox RN, described the burglar as ‘the average soccer mom in a Mercedes, trying to break into a business’.

Woman uses saw to break into spa and steal anti-ageing products

He told ABC 13:

[She] had no regards for anyone else’s property, had no regards for her own safety by doing what she was doing with a power tool to a window.

The owner, who took 15 years to build up his business, said the spa had also been broken in to the night before.

Woman uses power saw to break into spa
Photo: Sugar Land Police Department

He added:

Nobody should go through this. It’s not normal for a human being to take somebody else’s stuff, that they worked hard for.

It costs a lot of money to replace the windows. It takes a lot of money to have to buy cameras, to have to buy security.

The owner is personally offering a $5,000 reward for an arrest and anyone with information about the woman is urged to call the Sugar Land Police Department at (281) 275-2540 or Fort Bend County Crime Stoppers at (281) 342-TIPS (8477).