Vietnam Veterans Speak Out About John ‘Songbird’ McCain (Video)


John ‘songbird’ McCain, the so called ‘war hero’ not only buried information about POWs left behind in Vietnam, he lied about what happened to him. The group ‘Vietnam Veterans Against McCain’ speaks openly about McCain’s so called heroism as a POW in the Vietnam conflict.

48th Munich Security Conference

This video was making waves during the time that McCain was a presidential candidate in 2008 and is even more relevant today to combat the negative onslaught against President Donald Trump.

Main stream media works hard to hide the truth about McCain, but American veterans reveal what really happened.

 McCain, who has risen to political prominence on his image as a Vietnam POW war hero, has worked very hard with the help of the government to hide the shocking information about American prisoners in Vietnam who did not return home.

McCain’s facade is one of a crusader for the interests of POWs and their families, but in reality, he is a fraud whose worked very hard to hide evidence and conceal records that would reveal the truth.

To this day, McCain doesn’t talk about the missing men, and the press never asks him about them, but the Vietnam vets continue to speak out about the truth.

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  1. Mc Cain’s performance and lies anout his treatment aside, his performance as a “representative” of americans is deplorable. He has been cowardly and gutless against Obumbles and this administration.
    He could have gained our respect if he had testiucles and fought Obama.

    • Those photos of our “hero” taken with ISIS “moderates” and him advocating their arming and training are still jokes to local Muslims. (Learn some pertinent Islamic doctrine and Muslims will respect and open up. No affirmation or denial of being a Muslim is necessary – they understand secrecy.)

      • And let us not forget about him and Nuland going to Kiev and giving out cakes and mucho money to the neo nazi’s for the NWO regime change. That is why he is so against Russia also because Russia will not go along with these NWO psychos. It sickens me how many people have been fooled by this fool and still think he is a hero.

  2. Never imagined a collaborator would be in any kind of hurry to face those he’d betrayed – until he could concoct a cover story (some never came back), but did not consider this reckless youth having the maturity at the time to plan for some kind of political life after Hanoi. I was one of the eight men sent to replace our first “official” combat casualty, James T Davis; the first of 3 tours.

      • SBT. Four of my five children were born abroad, not unlike John McCain, of American parents, myself on official duty accompanied by their mother. They are “natural born citizens” and qualified for any office. Obama is born American, the bastard son of Frank Marshall Davis who had nude pictures of Obama’s mom in his photo album before she was introduced to Obama Sr., who needed a green card to finish his education. He denied all responsibility for the kid’s upbringing in the pre-nup and dumped her to go back to his real wife in Kenya after the kid was born.


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