Vindicated: ‘Institutionalized’ Conservative Talk Show Host Who Dared To Expose Hillary (Video)

Vindicated: ‘Institutionalized’ Conservative Talk Show Host Who Dared To Expose Hillary (Video)

Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you. Tom Bauerle is a conservative talk radio host out of Buffalo New York, whose relatively normal life became what one would refer to as a ‘conspiracy theory.’

One day, Bauerle began noticing some subtle, but discomfiting changes to the everyday tempo of his suburban neighborhood, which was normally extremely quiet.

The kind of surveillance straight shooter WBEN Buffalo radio talk show host Tom Bauerle was under right in his own backyard would, in the telling, make anyone even the CIA sound crazy.

Even Sherlock Holmes couldn’t have solved the puzzle given the complexity of clues.

But to the surprise of his stalkers, Bauerle and his team ended up cracking the most incredible of mysteries that enemies seized upon to portray him as “crazy”.

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This is where it all began.

For those who don’t know, a beleaguered Bauerle endured almost 3 years of Hell before and following a front-page Sunday article in the Warren Buffet-owned Buffalo News questioning his “behavior” and, infuriatingly to his enemies,  emerged quietly a few months ago from the flames with a big smile on his face—and out of court settlements with those responsible.

The veteran broadcaster, who first rankled liberal media elites with his “Vince Foster” question to then First Lady Hillary Clinton in 1999, has been through an ordeal from which few people could both emerge victorious and vindicated.

Bauerle had this to say about Hillary Clinton:

“I know how the Clinton Nazis work, after I did the ‘Vince Foster Interview’ with this evil woman, operatives offered my ex-wife money for dirt about me and she refused to go along. Since they won’t find anything illegal in my electronics if they are in fact the hackers, they certainly have the ability to plant things in my phone, IPADS or PC’s damaging to my life, if the hacking is in fact connected to the Clintons. For the record, I believe that anyone who is into child porn should have his privates chopped off, and I have no classified documents in my possession. They can plant things in my home. It is easy to set someone up.”


 ‘Phantom Bogey’ techonlogy”

Bauerle, a perennial selection on Talker’s Magazines ‘Heavy Hundred’  list of the most important radio talk show hosts in the USA, has decided to speak with Canada Free Press (CFP) first to set the record straight once and for all: he is not “psychotic” and never has had “paranoia or schizophrenia or anything even close.”


The only malady, ascribed to him by enemies has been an ongoing proclivity of kicking Lib-Left butt.

A headline-screaming front page article in January 2014 painted Bauerle as some kind of paranoid freak, who irrationally believed he was under surveillance.  But as things turned out, Bauerle proved that he was in fact under surveillance as he had suspected. Not only did he prove it, but he has reached out of court agreements with those whose activities greatly damaged his reputation:

“The nonsense around my home had nothing to do with Governor Andrew Cuomo, and I owe him an apology. I’m man enough to do that,” Bauerle told CFP.
So what is the truth behind what Bauerle was seeing around his residence?

“Graduate university students and people from certain entities, conducting supposedly ‘unauthorized’ research on state of the art cover and concealment technology, including invisibility techniques, such as non-linear optics, electronic cloaking and what is known in defense circles as ‘Phantom Bogey’ technology.”

Sound far-fetched?

Try living through it.

Schowengerdt’s confirmation

Bauerle was smart enough to submit photos and videos to the man who obtained the patent in 1994 for electronic cloaking technology (invisibility), 52-year-old,  leading-edge scientist Richard Schowengerdt.

Schowengerdt was involved in many US military research projects involving state of the art fighter jets, and received an award for his work on the B-2 bomber. He was also instrumental in the technology for the presidential plane.

“Mr. Schowengerdt was very helpful to me,” Bauerle said.  “I had spent thousands of hours gathering and reviewing pictures and videos of the weird movement and activity around my home, and I sent him several examples for his analysis.

He confirmed that it was,  in fact the invisibility cloaking technology he’d invented that was being used to violate my privacy and civil rights, and furnished an affidavit that I am allowed to release under the terms of my settlements.”

We publish the (dates redacted) affidavit from Schowengerdt here, but the important point is Schowengerdt’s confirmation that Bauerle had provided him with “definitive proof beyond any doubt that Mr. Bauerle’s assertions of a sophisticated surveillance operation around his home are quite correct.” (See affidavit below)

In late Spring 2016, Bauerle reached settlements with the people behind the long-term research operation around his home, and we have the legal documents that prove Bauerle deserves an apology from the Buffalo News, and bloggers who accused him of having a ‘psychotic episode’.

Not only that, Bauerle should probably receive a medal as a true patriot and national security hero, because of his persistence in breaking some “well above Top Secret” technology being used around his home and his unwillingness to ‘go public’ with specifics, even to clear his own name for fear of putting American military or intelligence people at risk.

“I got lucky. I was the first person in the world to work out a defeat for the technology. Why would I want ISIS to have that info? I love my country,” he told CFP.

The background?

Read more at The Canadian Free Press.



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