Virginia Authorities Anxiously Await Monday’s Massive 2A Rally


The residents of Richmond, Virginia anxiously await the potential for trouble that is rolling over the hill as a massive rally to show support for the Second Amendment is set to take place on Monday.

The Second Amendment demonstration hopes to bring attention to what many feel is extremely strict new gun legislation being railroaded through the statehouse by the Democratic majority who only recently came to power in Old Dominion.  Online opposition to these new regulations has been intense, and perhaps a bit extreme at times, with some fringe meme-makers suggesting that a second American civil war will begin this week.

There are several white supremacist gang members have already been arrested in the run-up to the event after a plot to storm the Capitol was uncovered online.  This prompted Governor Ralph Northam to declare a state of emergency for Monday, barring any and all weapons from Capitol grounds.

This has merely added fuel to the fire, it seems, and Richmond residents are bracing for the worst.

Monday is lobbying day in Richmond, and businesses downtown are announcing closures ahead of what’s expected to be a massive and potentially violent gun-rights rally at Capitol Square.

Earlier this week, Gov. Northam declared a State of Emergency and a temporary emergency ban on weapons, ranging from sticks to firearms, saying that the decision was done in anticipation of the VCDL’s annual gun lobby day that is scheduled for Monday.

Northam said law enforcement had received “credible, serious threats” of violence from out-of-state militia and hate groups. He said some the threats include “storming the Capitol” and “weaponized drones.”

Road closures, bus detours, and business closures are all scheduled for Monday as the city prepares for an influx of ralliers downtown.

Adding an additional layer of uncertainty to the mix is the expected presence of Antifa.  The far left group is coming to advocate for the Second Amendment alongside other groups, but there’s no telling how the undeniably disparate political factions will fare on issues not relating to gun ownership.