‘WAKE UP & JOIN THE RESISTANCE’: Sarah Silverman Calls For Military Coup To Overthrow President Trump


Comedian Sarah Silverman called for a military coup in a tweet last night, while protests against Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos turned violent at Berkeley, California.

The comedian posted in all-capital letters Wednesday night to her nearly 10 million followers to “wake up & join the resistance.”






Trump supporters and conservatives were quick to respond to Silverman’s tweet calling for her to be arrested for inciting violence.

‘You are delusional. Military? Lol. You, your elitist friends, rioters & the convicts are going to wake a sleeping giant,’ one Twitter user wrote.

Another user called The Socratic Hippie wrote: ‘You’re fighting for a lost cause, Sarah. You’re practically giving Trump a second term, with your incendiary rhetoric.’

During the presidential campaign, funnywoman Silverman got serious about politics – becoming an outspoken supporter of Sen. Bernie Sanders, the Daily Mail reported.

Though she stumped for Sanders on the campaign trail, Silverman switched allegiances to Sec. Hillary Clinton, when the former first lady won the party’s nomination.

She even elicited boos at the Democratic National Convention, when she told the ‘Bernie or Busters’ that they were ‘being ridiculous’.

Add her to the list of liberal snowflake sore losers who would rather see the county go up in flames than unite behind President Donald Trump.



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