Walmart Makes ISIS Cake Refused To Make Confederate Flag Cake [Video]


In an emotional YouTube post, Chuck Netzhammer showed a picture of the Confederate flag he asked Walmart bakery to make. In addition to the familiar stars and bars, he wanted the statement “Heritage Not Hate” was to be printed across the front.


Walmart refused to make the cake with the Confederate flag.  Netzhammer claims that he was able to go to another Walmart in the same area and have an ISIS cake printed for him with no issues.

Statement by Chuck Netzhammer: “On 06/25/15 I attempted to get an Edible image cake printed with the confederate flag image on it at Walmart. It was denied. The next day I had them do the same for the ISIS battle flag image I brought to them. They cheerfully did it. and sold me my ISIS cake. WTF Walmart! ISIS is beheading Christians, selling little girls into slavery, and is currently a terrorist org at war with the United States……..but you can’t buy the General Lee toy car at Wallmart? It’s a damn shame.”

UPDATE: June 27, 2015:

The Daily Caller was contacted by Randy Hargrove, a spokesman for Wal-Mart, who said in an email, “Our local store made a mistake. The cake in the video should not have been made and we apologize.”

Hargrove later explained to TheDC, “We made the decision to stop selling Confederate flag related items promoting the flag’s image. For that reason we did not make the cake.  [Netzhammer] brought in the other image of ISIS and really, what happened, was our associate didn’t recognize what that image was and what it meant or it wouldn’t have been made.”



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  1. If folks don’t take a stand to this insane bullshit the Left will simply use to the SC church shooting to accelerate their revision of history.

    • It was confirmed, Walmart issued an apology. I do not post speculation, or satire. I research before I write a story.

  2. My take on the Confederate Flag:
    Let people fly it personally in their homes, in their yards. Let them print it on a damn cake if they want to. It’s their money. DON’T let our government fly it. It is a piece of history that should be forgotten. Now people hold the “heritage, not hate” argument. You personally might not stand for hatred, war, and racism, but your flag does. Allow me to explain. The main factor of the cause of the civil war was states rights, not slavery. We all know this. We all also know that Ulysseus S. Grant was a slave owner right up until the Emancipation Proclamation was finally ratified. We KNOW this. But this does not matter. What does matter, is the battle flag (can’t say a flag doesn’t stand for war if it’s called the fucking BATTLE FLAG) was the flag used by the Confederate Army. The Confederate Army was under the direct control of the Confederate States of America. The Confederate States may not have left the Union because of slavery, but it damn sure did play a huge factor in it, and anyone who says it doesn’t is sorely mistaken. The Confederacy wished to continue the slavery and hatred of Africans (later to become African-Americans once the 13th Amendment, and later 14th, was ratified). They had absolutely no plans of abolishing it. Yes, there were still slave owners and racists in the North.

    With this nations history, there were going to be racists everywhere. THAT is why we’re moving to take the Confederate Flag down from government offices. Do we really want to remember that history? Do we really want to, not only remember the history of slavery in our nation, but wear it proudly? While each individual may or may not stand for racism, hatred, and war, it doesn’t matter because the flag they hold up so proudly does stand for those things. It was forged in the fires of a war which held slavery as one of it’s central matters. The major reason was state’s rights, but those who act like slavery had nothing to do with it, are merely toddlers plugging their ears with their fingers and yelling “la la la la la I can’t hear you, I can’t hear you” over and over again at history. But each individual citizen should be able to fly the flag if they want to, it’s their God given right (if you believe in God. If you don’t, well it’s your God given right ((pun intended)). I burnt the Confederate flag with some of my neighbors and friends, and even held a barbecue using the flag as fuel for the fire (and some propane, of course). It was my God given right.

    I hope you understand this message. I don’t hate the Confederate battle flag/naval jack/nation flag, I just hate what they stand for. It stood for slavery. It stood for war. It stood for hatred…. but yeah, go ahead and hang your flag up some more.


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