[Watch] 10-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Stands Up to Bullies, Spends Day With the Eagles


Frustrated with being bullied, a 10-year-old Philadelphia boy posted an amazing response to Instagram. The post quickly went viral and received attention from people all over the country, including a Philadelphia Eagles player.

Fox and Friends Weekend reported that Dominic Zaffino posted “To everyone that calls me short … I had cancer … You don’t have to be tall to win. I could be tall but God slowed my growth for me to be the best person I can become,” Zaffino wrote.

Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Brandon Bair heard about the post and invited Dominic to come visit the Eagles facility and meet the whole team, including some of his favorite players like Tim Tebow and Darren Sproles.

Dominic and Brandon appeared on “Fox and Friends Weekend” to explain how this feel-good story came to pass.

Dominic revealed that he never expected his post to get such a huge reaction.

“I came home one day and I was blown away. I was really shocked,” Dominic said, adding that getting invited to hang out with the Eagles was an amazing opportunity.

“Everybody’s giving him high fives. They’re talking to him, telling him how proud of him they are,” Brandon said.

“Darren Sproles said he got made fun of because he was always shorter, but now look at him. He’s on the Eagles,” Dominic said.

Dominic revealed that not only did kids at school apologize for bullying him, his message is helping other kids stand up to bullying too.


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