[Watch] Actress Nicole Kidman Under Fire For Being Spokes-Infidel For United Arab Etihad Airways


Nicole Kidman is the official face of the state-owned Etihad Airways, and recently filmed a series of sexy and provocative commercials, all of which are ‘un-Islamic’ poses like the one with her on an in-flight bed on the plane.


The Washington Post reported Kidman saying  “This is my second home here,” Nicole Kidman told reporters last month as she visited Abu Dhabi. The Hollywood starlet was in the United Arab Emirates to announce her new role as a brand ambassador for Etihad Airways. According to the National newspaper, Kidman planned to spend more time in the city, the capital of the UAE, in the future.


Laura Glading, the president of the Association of Professional Flight Attendants, which is the largest independent flight attendant union in the United States, released a scathing letter criticizing Kidman for promoting Etihad Airways.



Here’s a section of that letter (which you can read in full here):

Dear Ms. Kidman,

The 25,000 members of the Association of Professional Flight Attendants greatly admire and appreciate your efforts to advance women’s rights around the world as a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador. Using your profile and stature for such a noble endeavor is commendable. However, we believe those efforts are at odds with your prominent role in an advertising campaign for Etihad Airways. The United Arab Emirates and their airlines are well-known in our industry for their discriminatory labor practices and deplorable treatment of female employees. Therefore, the APFA must respectfully ask that you – as a leading advocate for women around the globe – not lend your voice, your image, and your good name to Etihad Airways, the second- largest airline in the UAE.


Sadly, Etihad’s abhorrent labor policies are hardly surprising when one considers the fact that the airline is wholly owned by the UAE, a country where the only thing that is being “stepped up” for women and girls is the level of abuse: According to a recent article by Business Insider, “the UAE is a country where husbands are permitted to beat their wives. There is no legal recourse for marital rape, and the UAE has imprisoned victims who report rape to authorities – including Western tourists.” And Human Rights Watch says in its latest World Report, “The penal code gives men the legal right to discipline their wives and children, including through the use of physical violence,” noting that the UAE’s Federal Supreme Court has even upheld a man’s “right to ‘chastise’ his wife and children with physical abuse.”

Bare Naked Islam reported that Glading’s letter criticized not just Etihad, however, but also the entire UAE. In particular, she pointed to a recent report from Human Rights Watch that said that the UAE’s “penal code gives men the legal right to discipline their wives and children, including through the use of physical violence.”




Photos courtesy of Bare Naked Islam


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