[Watch] Army Veteran Returns to Iraq to Fight ISIS and Protect Christians


Brett, a 28 year old from Michigan, is an Iraq war U.S. Army veteran who has returned to Iraq to fight ISIS by joining up with a group called Dwekh Nawsha.


Image Credit: Getty – Safin Hamed

Dwekh Nawsha is a Christian militia formed primarily to fight against ISIS, and protect those persecuted by ISIS.

Brett and the Nawsha group protect thousands of refugees by patrolling the streets, and guarding the villages of Baqofa, Alqosh and Sharafiah.


Image Credit: Getty – Safin Hamed

When they aren’t patrolling, they’re helping to bring much needed medical relief to the villages.

Brett began by studying Arabic at a school in Lebanon before heading to Iraq to join the Dwekh Nawsha team.


 Brett stated in an interview with IJReview:

“As far as the risk, it means nothing to me; when my brethren are dying I think not of myself.

‘When people ask me why I’m [in Iraq], I have a natural tendency to say, ‘what has stopped other people from doing this?’

‘And I wonder, why aren’t other people doing this? Where are the rest of the people coming to help?”

“What did Jesus tells us: What you do to least of them, you have done it unto me.

‘When I see something like this whether it’s Yazidi, Christian, or Shia, it doesn’t matter what religion it is. That’s between them and God. But I have a responsibility to help those people, regardless of their beliefs.”

Brett questioned why world leaders have refused to send ground troops to help in the war against ISIS and help to defend those ISIS is persecuting and murdering. He stated:

“Where is Barack Hussein Obama? Where is Mr. Cameron? These people have the money, they have the troops and the support. But they’re not helping us. And it’s ultimately going to come down to good people standing up for them.”

Brett asked that his last name not be given to protect his family.

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