[Watch] Assyrian Christian Gives Emotional Account of ISIS Kidnapping Villagers’ ‘KILL THE CHILDREN BUT DO NOT MOLEST THEM!”



An Assyrian Christian speaking in his ancient Aramaic language gives an upsetting and heartfelt account about what happened when ISIS entered the Assyrian Christian villages at the banks of the Khabur river near Hasaka.

Asseryan 3

He cries while he tells how ISIS took his young granddaughters, and he prays to God they kill them quick and not molest them.

Asseryan 6

He begs Americans to tell the truth about what is happening in these villages.

The villagers wonder why America and other countries do not send military help. I wonder the same thing. 

Asseryan 7

Showbat.com translated his testimony as he recounts the story of one Christian sister, Widad, an Assyrian Christian female fighter and how she single handedly killed 5 ISIS terrorists before she herself was killed.

Video note: there was an error in the translation “Widad killed ‘have‘ of them” should read “Widad killedfive of them”)

Photos courtesy of Shoebat.com


    • There are many there and more go daily. Its not surprising that many are veterans, although a lot are regular people too; one was a salon owner, another a business man who sold it all to go. They all go knowing they may not return.


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