[Watch] Baltimore Bracing For Another Night of Riots With 10,000 Cops and National Guard on Patrol


Baltimore is bracing for another night of mayhem with 1,000 National Guard already deployed to the streets of the city, and 10,000 cops and National Guard ready to take to the streets if sporadic clashes begin.

Last night’s riots left over 150 vehicles set ablaze, 19 building fires and more than 235 arrests, including 34 juveniles. The number of people left our of work is not know at this point. 

A general curfew will be in effect from 10pm till 5am every day from tonight until May 4th until the Mayor orders otherwise.


Militarized: Members of the Maryland National Guard patrol the harbor section of Baltimore as the city began cleaning up the wreckage from rioting and fires that erupted after the funeral of a 25-year-old black man who died after suffering a spinal injury in police custody. Daily Mail

Daily Mail reported that Heavily armored Baltimore police in riot gear used pepper spray to break up crowds that gathered at the CVS store on the corner of West North Avenue and Pennsylvania Avenue – where a CVS pharmacy was gutted by rioters on Monday.

Tensions were clearly running high as police formed a line blocking the intersection and ordered demonstrators to move along – while others pelted officers with bottles, glass and stone.

With parts of the city resembling a smoldering war zone, Hogan confirmed 5,000 law enforcement officers would strictly enforce the 10pm to 5am curfew with 5,000 National Guard on standby as local media report that looting in broad daylight is continuing.

Hogan said New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a political ally of the Republican governor, would sent 150 troopers to help out.

‘It’s not going to happen again. We are not going to have another repeat of what happened last night,’ said a defiant Hogan.

‘We’ll be more prepared here,’ added Hogan. ‘We’ll have more people here from the police, from the Guard and from the fire departments around the state.

The carnage wrought on the city left at least 20 officers hurt, including one critically as local gangs and high school students used social media to launch a coordinated ‘Purge’ – a slang term which comes from a film about rampaging lawlessness.


A National Guard vehicle drives by a Maryland State Trooper in the aftermath of the huge riots that broke out in Baltimore on Monday.


Video courtesy of Daily Mail.com


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