[Watch] Bombshell Interview: Malik Obama Says Barack is Dishonest, a Schemer & Frank Marshall Davis May Be His Real Father


Joel Gilbert, the man who produced the film Dreams from My Real Father, which suggested that Obama’s Communist mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, may be his real father, has just released a bombshell interview with Obama’s brother Malik.


Freedom Outpost reported that the interview, which took place on April 10, 2015, is bound to stir up more suspicion about the true identity of the usurper-in-chief in the White House.

Malik told Gilbert, “Well, the way that he’s turned and become a different person with the family is the same way that I see him behaving politically. He says one thing and then he does another. He’s not been an honest man, as far as I’m concerned, in who he is and what he says and how he treats people.”

The two began to speak about Barack Obama’s book, Dreams from My Father. Malik claims to have had an original manuscript and said the original title was Where My Father Lies Buried.

“He changed it to Claims of Inheritance, and then I think that’s when he finally changed it to what it is, Dreams of…,” he said. “And he felt like as a representative of his dad, his only elder brother, I should go through the book just to make sure that everything was OK. It was a tedious process and so I just did the best I could.”

When asked if the book was accurate or if there was a lot of embellishment, Malik said, “Well, some of it like my grandfather being detained and all that, I’m very close to my grandmother and I never heard that before, and some of the things weren’t correct especially what my sister had to say.”



Read full story at Freedom Outpost


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