WATCH: CAIR The Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Front Group Is Outraged At New Federal Anti-Profiling Regulations


The designated terrorist group the ‘Council on American-Islamic Relations’ formally known as CAIR, is outraged that the new federal anti-profiling regulations will not apply to Muslims at airports or the borders.


How dare Americans hurt the delicate sensibilities of Muslims wanting to blow up cities in America!

CAIR is the hyper-aggressive group which designates almost anyone critical even of radical Islam as “Islamophobic.”CAIR also is a key component of the Democratic Party coalition, using its media savvy to demonize opponents.

I wonder how CAIR is going to wiggle out of being designated by the United Arab Emirates as a terrorist group? Is the UAE “Islamophobic”?

cair 3

The influence and intelligence operations of CAIR which is a front for the terrorist group Muslim Brotherhood are as much a threat to America as Al Qaeda, ISIS or any other violent terrorist organization and should be not only ladled as such, but their organization should be shut down and charged as such.


Bare Naked Islam

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