WATCH Body Cam Shows Unarmed Dillon Taylor Shot While Walking Away – DA Rules it “Justified”


It’s an all too familiar situation. A man dead, shot by a cop of a different race. And no indictment. No prayers or empathy for the family from Obama. There are no riots, and main stream media is silent.

Just two days after the tragic killing of Michael Brown, which sparked global outrage and protest, another unarmed young man was executed by police in Salt Lake City.  His name was Dillon Taylor, and he was just 20 years old.

On August 11, Taylor, his brother, and his cousin were exiting a 7-Eleven in an area where police were searching for a suspect who had allegedly been waving a gun around.  These uninvolved young men allegedly matched the description.

When the three men exited the convenience store they were surrounded by officers and ordered to show their hands.  Two of the men stopped and complied, Dillon Taylor, listening to music, kept walking. Dillon Taylor had his head phones in so did not hear the officer’s demands.

Barely 40 seconds go by from the time Dillon is approached until he is shot by this trigger happy officer.

Police state that when ordered to stop and show his hands by Officer Bron Cruz, the officer who was following Taylor as he walked away, claims Taylor said, “No, fool,” and this is apparently punishable by death.


His brother and cousin maintain he was simply pulling up his pants.

The County Attorney states Taylor put his hands in his waistband, then lifted his shirt with one hand, while his other hand was “in a drawing motion,”.  Interesting, seeing as how he was unarmed.

“He couldn’t hear them, so he just kept walking. Then … they had guns pointed at his face. That’s when he turned off the music,” Taylor’s brother Jerrail Taylor told the victim-blaming SLC Tribune. “I saw them point guns at my brother’s face, and I knew what was going to happen.”

One officer told Taylor to get on the ground, while another told him to put his hands on his head.

“He got confused, he went to pull up his pants to get on the ground, and they shot him,” Jerrail Taylor said.

The police also reported that Taylor was intoxicated, with a blood alcohol content of .18, which may explain his confusion and poor judgment when reacting to the situation.  It is important to remember, however, that the boys were not driving when the incident occurred.


Taylor was shot in the chest and abdomen, his body was then handcuffed before he would receive any medical attention yet by then it was too late for the young man.

And while the media may have examined the case in passing, they certainly did not give it the treatment they had given Ferguson, in spite of both being cross-race shootings of unarmed suspects with equivalent levels of evidence.


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