[Watch] Cop Gets Slap On The Wrist For Punching Handcuffed Woman In The Face

[Watch] Cop Gets Slap On The Wrist For Punching Handcuffed Woman In The Face

Surveillance footage taken in a parking garage behind police headquarters, shows Philippe Archer, a 19-year veteran to the department, who was dressed in plain clothes, punching Megan Adamescu, 29, after she kicked him in the leg while handcuffed.


Adamescu reportedly began using racial slurs toward Archer punched her in the face.


Archer tried to kick Adamescu in the head while another officer pulled her away.

Adamescu was arrested after police were called to a South Beach condo where the concierge said Adamescu was drunk and refused to leave.

Detective  Archer has been suspended for a month unpaid nearly two years after he punched and kicked a model while she was handcuffed and in custody.

Daily Mail reported that Adamescu was arrested by Archer for being drunk and disorderly and he took her to the Miami Beach Police Department, which is approximately one mile from the condo area.

When Archer escorted Adamescu through the parking garage, she was too drunk to give him identification, so he took her purse to get an ID himself, according to police reports.

At this point, Adamescu began using racial slurs toward Archer, who is black, reports said.

A passerby, Andrew Mossberg, saw Archer going through Adamescu’s purse and thought he was witnessing a mugging, so he he called the police and stepped in to defend the model, even after the plain clothes officer identified himself.


CBS Miami reported that Miami Beach police released the video, along with more than 500 pages of investigative documents Monday, after a lengthy investigation of the incident that occurred in July, 2013.

The woman, Megan Adamescu was left with a swollen face and concussion. The fist-swinging, kicking cop was Officer Philippe Archer. Earlier, he had karate-kicked and punched 50-year-old Andrew Mossberg, leaving Mossberg’s face, cheek and forehead bruised and bloody.

Mossberg had come upon the cop, who was wearing a casual shirt and jeans, rummaging through an inebriated Adamescu’s purse.

He thought he was seeing a robbery, dialed 911 and shouted out that he was calling the police.

“Apparently that really infuriated him, because he rushed me, kicked me in the head, the left side of the head, and knocks me on the ground,” Mossberg told CBS4 News shortly after the incident in 2013. “While I’m on the ground he punches me twice, and I’m knocked out.”


Archer (left), a 19-year veteran to the department, will serve his 160-hour suspension on days spread over May, June and July. He arrested Adamescu (right) after a South Beach condo concierge called police claiming the model was drunk and refused to leave the lobby.


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