WATCH: Ferguson Tension Building With Grand Jury Decision Expected At Any Time

WATCH: Ferguson Tension Building With Grand Jury Decision Expected At Any Time

Tensions ran high over the weekend, as residents in Ferguson, Missouri, awaited word on whether a grand jury will indict police officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown.

Anticipating large-scale demonstrations, authorities set up barricades around the Buzz Westfall Justice Center in Clayton, Missouri, where the grand jury has been meeting. Meanwhile, protesters gathered outside the Ferguson police station and around the city.

Fox News reported that as people wait for the looming verdict, some people have continued daily protests, while speculation has grown that the delays are intentional.

“People feel like it’s been engineered, so that the results wouldn’t come out until after the election and until the weather got cold, and it would be more difficult to protest,” said Susan McGraugh, supervisor of the Criminal Defense Clinic at the Saint Louis University School of Law. “It’s really adding fuel to the fire.”


 In a community that is more divided than ever before, businesses are hurting. The farmer’s market shut down. Residents listen to police scanners all night in anticipation of the storm that is brewing and sure to devastate the community even further. 


Authorities appeal for calm ahead of grand jury decision:

Raw footage:


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