[Watch] Gen McChrystal Said The US Is Facing A ‘Huge Threat’


On “Hannity” tonight, Gen. Stanley McChrystal said that he believes there is a “huge threat” from ISIS attacking Americans.

He told Sean Hannity that certain tactics need to be used in order to defeat the terrorist organization. 

“I’m not talking about strike tactics in the U.S.,” McChrystal said. “I’m talking about putting together the different parts of our intelligence and law enforcement agencies so that they fit together.” 

“If we look at what happened on 9/11, all of the intelligence existed to stop that plot. They couldn’t put the pieces of the puzzle together,” McChrystal added.

McChrystal said that he thinks a geopolitical realignment is happening in the Middle East. 

“People are doing a re-look at the relationships, and what they think America’s role is, what they think their interests are,” McChrystal stated. “Strange bedfellows are now working together.  Some of that is good and some of that is a little bit disturbing.”

Hannity also asked McChrystal why President Barack Obama would make a nuclear deal with Iran without any preconditions.

“I think the president is seeking some way to stop the Iranians from developing nuclear weapons,” McChrystal replied. 



H/T to Fox News Insider


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