[Watch] Gutfeld: Obama Saying ‘It’s Fox New’s Fault People Don’t Like Me’ Is a ‘Badge of Honor’


On “The Five“, Greg Gutfeld reacted to comments from President Obama’s criticism of Fox News.


“I think the effort to suggest that the poor are sponges, leeches, don’t want to work, are lazy, are undeserving got traction,” Obama said. “And look, it’s still being propagated. I have to say that if you watch Fox News on a regular basis, it is a constant menu. They will find folks who make me mad. I don’t know where they find them.”

Gutfeld said that Obama’s criticism is absurd, ‘because he never suggests a motive.’

“FNC has always focused on policies that keep the poor poor, not the poor themselves,” Gutfeld said. “And that’s scary to progressives like Obama, who fear that their ideology will be exposed as the culprit behind so much present misery.”

“Identity politics, welfare policies and the white liberal addiction to social intervention has helped replace enterprise with entitlement,” Gutfeld asserted. “And that’s hurt the poor more than street drugs or police brutality.”

Gutfeld went on to say that is why when Fox News is critical of Obama’s policies, he recasts it as being critical of people.

“He says we need to change the way the media reports issues,” Gutfeld noted, translating that as “just agree with me and we’ll be fine.”

“After all, the only network he castigates is the only one that doesn’t buy his spiel hook, line and sinker,” Gutfeld concluded. “That’s not an insult to us. It’s a badge of honor.”

Watch Gutfeld’s monologue and see “The Five” co-hosts react in the clip above.


H/T ‘The Five’


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