WATCH Harry Reid To Senate: “It’s Time For Republicans To Stop ‘Frankenstein’ Donald Trump”


Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid addressed the Senate on Wednesday and said that, “republicans have spent the past eight years stoking the fires of resentment and hatred, building Trump piece by piece.”

Actually, yes they have, so have the Democrats with their mismanagement of taxpayer money, driving up the deficit, and their multitude of lies to the American people. And the hatred he is referring to, is how the American people feel towards the government.


For Reid to join the multitude of powerhouse figures, Barack Obama included, to say that Donald Trump is a danger and threat they must really fear him and the fact that the American people are rallying behind a man that represents the people, and not the political establishment.

The Hill reported that Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) slammed the Republican establishment Wednesday, suggesting they should blame themselves for the rise of GOP front-runner Donald Trump.

“Donald Trump is the Republican Party’s Frankenstein,” Reid said. “Republicans have spent the past eight years stoking the fires of resentment and hatred, building Trump piece by piece.”
Reid’s remarks come after Trump won seven out of the 11 states that held Republican primary contests on Tuesday.
The Nevada Democrat, who is retiring at the end of his current term, suggested that after Republicans “refused” for years to work with President Obama or Democrats on legislation they are now “reaping what they have sown.”
“Donald Trump is the ultimate fulfillment of the Republican Party’s legacy of obstruction and resentment,” he added.
While congressional Republican leadership has distanced itself from some of Trump’s policies, they’ve also been reluctant to publicly suggest that they wouldn’t support him as the party’s nominee.
Reid said that Republicans “act surprised” by Trump’s dominance in the polls “even as Republican leaders continue to support a man who refuses to distance himself from the Ku Klux Klan.”
Reid has repeatedly used the Senate floor as well as weekly press conference to denounce Trump, who he suggests is being propped up by the Republican Party. Top Democrats are also increasingly calling on Republican lawmakers to denounce their party’s presidential frontrunner.
He added Wednesday that other GOP presidential candidates — including Sens. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and Ted Cruz (R-Texas) — essentially have the same message as Trump.
“It’s up to the Republicans to try and undo what they have done by denouncing Donald Trump,” he said. “It’s time for the Republicans to stop the Frankenstein they created.”

Senator Harry Reid statement on Donald J. Trump

Posted by C-SPAN on Wednesday, March 2, 2016

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  1. So one hate group is calling another group hateful.
    Nothing changes.
    Sounds a lot like what they called Abe Lincoln.

  2. Harry’s just worried, because Trump means exactly what he says and these wishy-washy hypocrites are seeing the writing on the wall, because their days are numbered. Bunch of traitors, now are crying.

  3. After we get rid of these ole farts, let’s get these disgusting ads off here: curled toenails, nasty food, disease, nudity, you name it! YUCK!

  4. Republicans alone did not create the Trump “Frankenstein”. You corrupt, blood-sucking, corporate-ass kissers on BOTH sides of the aisle brought this on yourselves. The American people are tired of you telling us what we want to hear when you’re running for office, then as soon as your election is a done deal, everything reverts right back to the same back-room, pocket-lining, screw-the-people politics as usual. Now you’re ALL scared because the minute he’s sworn in, your free ride on the taxpayers dollar will come to a screeching halt. Well I say it’s about time. That is the ONLY way America will be great country we can all be proud of again.

  5. Well well well isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black. They all share the blame by not listening to we the people. They have this idea that we work for them instead of them working for us. It is past time to fix the problems.

  6. They just don’t get it. They are all the problem. We need to get rid of everyone of them. Each State really needs to look at who they voted into office and hold them accountable. If they have been there for more then 2 elections…its time to move on. Elect someone else who is not part of the establishment. People like Reid are corrupt and only care for themselves and the current way of politics….It’s time for a change!


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