WATCH Hillary Clinton Lie For 13 Minutes Straight About Political Issues She Flip-Flops

Hillary Clinton has reversed her position on virtually every issue that she is basing her presidential campaign on, and while Washington, D.C., is full of flip-flopping politicians, she may be among the most notorious.

Here are some of the major issues that she has flip-flopped on:

  • Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement;
  • The construction of the Keystone XL pipeline through America’s heartland;
  • Support for sanctuary cities for unauthorized immigrants; and
  • Support for same-sex marriage nationwide.

Watching this compilation show’s Hillary Clinton for what she really is, nothing more than a career politician who will say anything to get elected.

As compiled by the Republican National Committee, here are 20 times that the former Secretary of State has flip-flopped in recent years on major issues like:Hillary-Flip-flop-chart-e1444768418821

Image Credit: Screenshot/GOP.com

Video credit: Micheal Armstrong 

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