[Watch] Homeless Freezing Child Ignored By Hundreds – One Unlikely Man Stops


hungry boy

What would you do if you saw a presumably homeless child standing on the streets in freezing temperatures with a sign asking for help?

Shockingly, hundreds of people pretended not to see him and kept on walking … all except for one unlikely person.

In a this social experiment conducted by OckTV, a young boy disguises himself as a homeless person, begging for food and money on a street in New York City. 


    • Greg – amen amen!

      In the beginning..Cain killed his brother, Abel.
      The ‘All Seeing’ Lord saw what he’d done, and He confronted Cain.

      Cains reply to the Lord was; “Am I my brother’s keeper?”

      Yes, Yes, – WE are our brother’s keeper – each and every one of us.

      The ‘Golden Rule’ and a Commandment from ‘THE Lord’ :

      “Do unto others, what you would want done unto you.”

      Everyone – PLEASE – Pay – It – Forward.

      Love – Peace – Pray


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