[Watch] Iraq Vet Slams Legislators Over NY Safe Act: “My Right Trumps Your Dead – I Earned It In Blood!”


Aaron Weiss, an Iraq combat veteran and law enforcement officer, spoke to the motion to repeal New York’s SAFE Act at the Dutchess County Legislature back in March of 2013.

Weiss took to the podium and denounced the sweeping measures demanding to know, “Why is dead children your battle cry?”

Weiss was visibly emotional as he recalled his military service and the deaths of fellow soldiers on the battlefield.

“I did more things than people can imagine,” he said. “So, yeah, my right trumps your dead.”

“I earned it in blood!” Weiss proclaimed. “I gave up a lot for this country, including my youth, and better men than me gave up a whole lot more so that all of you, myself included, could enjoy the rights that are guaranteed to us in our Constitution and Bill of Rights.”

The NY Safe Act passed in January 2013, one month after the school shootings in Newtown, Conn. At the time, Cuomo championed the legislation as the strictest gun control laws in the nation.

In recent news, The Washington Free Beacon reported that a court has ordered New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to release records from his SAFE Act’s assault weapons registry immediately as a result of a lawsuit filed against him by a radio talk show host.

The New York Supreme Court in Albany County ordered Cuomo to release statistical records related to the registry from the New York State Police. Judge Thomas J. McNamara directed the release of records after Freedom of Information Act requests were denied for over a year.

The court’s judgement indicated that the State Police received 2,019 FOIA requests for records similar to the petitioner’s request from January to September 2014.

“The reason we pursued it for our station was to get figures from the government, and they weren’t providing it,” said Bill Robinson, host of the Second Amendment Radio Show and the Homeland Security Radio Show at WYSL, a talk radio station in Avon, New York.

“They are supposed to be public servants, and we pay them,” said Robinson. “We’ve had enough of this nonsense. They work for us and we want to remind them of that.”

Two Republican assemblymen praised the court’s ruling in statements, and blasted Cuomo’s lack of transparency, not only regarding the SAFE Act, but in other areas.

“The Cuomo Administration has the worst record for transparency in modern New York political history. Everything is a secret to the governor, and he fights tooth and nail to keep the public from knowing what is going on,” said Assemblyman David DiPietro (R.).

“Maybe with this great victory in court, we will finally have an open window to see whether this registry is yet another maneuver by the Cuomo Administration for personal gain with no public benefit,” said DiPietro.

“The SAFE Act never had anything to do with preventing crime or tragedy, which is why Andrew Cuomo is now refusing to provide any meaningful information about its enforcement. It was a staged theatric, which will do nothing more than snag otherwise law-abiding New York citizens in a nightmare of compliance problems,” said Assemblyman Bill Nojay (R.).

Read the full story at The Washington Beacon.


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