[Watch] ISIS Makes Hollywood Style ‘Deadly Sniper’ Video in Response to American Sniper Chris Kyle Movie


ISIS responded to the publicity surrounding Hollywood blockbuster American Sniper about US marksman Chris Kyle. The three minute film shows the sniper terror groups supposed deadliest sniper hitting targets in eastern Syria.

The video starts by showing detailed information about the sniper’s Russian made Dragonov rifle, referring to its firing range and shooting capabilities.


The footage is said to be a bid to rival the Oscar nominated film, which tells the story of Chris Kyle, the most lethal marksman in U.S. military history.


The only known detail about the shooter is that his kills are all said to have been in the Deir Ezzor province in eastern Syria.

Much of the three and a half minute video is based around supposed footage from a sniper’s nest.


Most of the footage is in such poor quality that the editor had been forced to highlight the location of the unsuspecting victim, prior to their death. A red box was used to indicate the grainy shadow of an unfortunate victim.

Photos courtesy of Daily Mail

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