[Watch] Islam in America With New Mega Mosque In Maryland


Turkey is building a $100 million dollar mega Mosque in Maryland that will span 15 acres in the town of Lanham. There are currently over 1,200 mosques operating in the US, and 80% of those have been built in the last 12 years.



Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, claimed that Obama had not only agreed to the construction of a Turkish-funded mosque in the state, but gave his approval, and may attend the opening himself. Of course the White House has denied that any such opening is on Obama’s schedule.


Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu and Obama.

Çavuşoğlu recently visited the ‘Turkish-American Culture and Civilization Center’ during a three day trip to the United States. Hurriyet reported that the Turkish state media outlets, who were the only outlets allowed to attend and report on the event, quoted Çavuşoğlu as saying that Obama had approved a larger Turkish mosque at the center, which already has a small prayer center.


Çavuşoğlu claimes that Obama had “accepted in principle” the plans: “During a phone call, President [Recep Tayyip] Erdoğan asked Obama to accompany him in opening the center together and Obama accepted his offer in principle.”

White House National Security Council spokesman Mark Stroh denied that Obama had made the agreement: “We don’t have any conversations to read out for you. And no travel or Presidential engagements to announce.”


The Muslim Link reported that the Turkish American Culture and Civilization Center (TACC) is a project of the government of Turkey and is meant to “serve as a social, cultural, and religious  center for all visitors, including activities for the promotion and introduction of the values of the Turkish Civilization” according to an information packet distributed by TACC at the invitation only ground breaking ceremony.

The cost of the 5-buidling complex is estimated to be around $100 million according to sources familiar with the engineering aspects of the project. The entire complex will be serviced by an underground garage.

The TACC Center will consist of five main buildings: a masjid constructed using 16th century classical Ottoman architecture that can hold 760 worshipers; a two-story, 19,990 SF Cultural Center Building including a 220-seating performance hall; a 9,850 SF recreational building with a 180-seat restaurant and traditional coffee shop; a 43,450 SF traditional Turkish bath for up to 22 people at a time and indoor pool and sports center; and 18,500 SF of guest housing including 16 one-bedroom apartment units. The complex will have very limited above ground parking and most cars will park in the 150,700 SF underground parking garage which gives direct access to all the main buildings. A few traditionally designed residential buildings, Turkish gardens and fountains, and outdoor recreational areas will also be a part of the complex. Images courtesy of TACC.





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  1. It is time to forget about political correctness and watch out for all Mosques, and the Inmans that preach the hate and violence toward America with their Quran and Sharia law.

    The “Trojan Horse” is here and in your neighborhood. Its time to investigate all Mosques before further homeland attacks occur on our military, far too many Inmans preach hate and violence toward America. How many more attacks will it take until America gets the message?4 Marines and one sailor are dead, as a direct result of the Mosques, Islam and the Quran what more is there to know?Have studied Islam and the Quran for several years now, have been inside Mosques and spoken to their Inmans. Let there be no mistake about it. Islam, from its beginning, has been a religion of the sword. The concept of Holy War (Jihad) mandated by Allah, requires all of Islam to completely subdue the earth through military and violent conquest. The Quran says it all. When will America wake up? One sad sick religion. They place a premium on death versus life. They will never grasp the concept of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness on earth. Women are treated as a sub class under Islam with no rights at all. They will never adapt to our customs and culture but rather want to force Islam and Sharia upon the World.. And if they can take a Jew, Christian or infidel to their death along with them, they view it as an honor. Like it or not, politcally correct or not, we are at War with Islam. And until America recognizes that fact, more tragic deaths will result. Sharia law will continue to expand. . Mosques are hiding places for terrorists and we have 3400 plus in America. Read the truth here about Islam and the Quran and Sharia. Get a copy of “heretic” by Ayaan Hirsi Ali. a former Muslim that speaks from experience.. Violence is inherit in Islam. it is not a religion of peace. When they are praying 5 times per day they are praying for death to Jews Christians and infidels and most people are clueless. The threat is real folks. Read the book now and get the real truth. Also google “theprojectmuslimbrotherhood” and see their plan to destroy America from within. Again read the book “Heretic” a must read for all America, for truth about Islam.


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