WATCH ISLAM RISING: The Greatest Threat To The Civilized World

WATCH ISLAM RISING: The Greatest Threat To The Civilized World

‘Europe’s Last Stand Is A Shocking And Graphic Documentary By An American Film Company That Examines The Islamic Invasion Of Western Europe And Its Threat To European Democracy, Freedoms, Culture And History.


A Continent That Once Gave Birth To The Greatest Advances In World Civilization Is Now On The Verge Of Being Extinguished By An Unmatched Foe Of Religious Zealots Who Are On A Quest To Establish An Islamic Caliphate Over Europe.

Now, For The Fist Time Ever, Europe’s Last Stand Uncovers The Five Pillars Of Islamic Conquest In An Extraordinary Film That Documents The Islamic Strategy For Dominating Western Europe!

The Film Is Presented In Five Parts, Revealing Each Of The Five Pillars Of Islamic Conquest: Infiltration. Imams. Isolation. Islamization. Implosion.’





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