[Watch] Kelly vs. Fowler On Free Speech: Fowler, “Freedom of Speech Comes With Limits” Kelly, “No! You Are Totally Wrong!”


Radio host Richard Fowler on the Texas Muhammad cartoon contest: “Freedom of speech comes with limits, and this is a clear limit. It’s just like going into a movie theater and yelling out ‘fire.”


Megyn Kelly: Do you hear what you are saying? We in this country need to limit our constitutional rights, limit our free speech rights, lest we invite attack, or as O’Reilly put it, “spur” an attack against us. That is the way we need to look at this?

Fowler agrees with Bill O’Reilly that “it is stupid to insult the entire Muslim world” and their religious holy figures, lest they provoke violence,’ and Megyn Kelly response is heated!


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