Watch ‘Lone Survivor’ Marcus Luttrell’s SHOCKING Statement About Obama’s Background Checks


Former Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell , who the movie “Lone Survivor” was based on, said “I don’t think it’s a problem” for people with “psychological problems” to be required to have a background check prior to purchasing a firearm.


Saturday on CNN’s “Smerconish,” Luttrell rightly argued, “when you start messing with the Constitution and what this country was founded on, our baseline is what we call it. It just opens up too many doors.”

“You start messing with that, then people can say, ‘Well you religion kills people, so let’s start messing with that,’” Luttrell suggested. Or what about “stuff on the news, or social media, it affected, it killed somebody. So I think if you’re going to make a decision like that it can’t be a one-man deal. It’s got to be both houses and the people coming together in unanimous decision when you start messing with the Constitution.”

The DC reported that host Michael Smerconish then went to Peter Berg, the director of “Lone Survivor,” but Luttrell interjected, “Let me put this out to you, man. I applaud him [Obama] for trying to do something, alright.”

“Something has to be done. I mean, I think that should be said, too. Everybody takes jabs at him [Obama] but he’s trying to do something. I get that,” Luttrell argued. “And I’m not 100 percent on this, but didn’t they open up that if you get a psych eval and the doc thinks you’re crazy he can turn you over to the feds?”

Wow, Kuttrell does not understand why Obama saying veterans, and others who go through psych evaluations that are determined ‘crazy’ should be turned over to the Feds, and not allowed to own a gun is not only unconstitutional, but does not stop mass shootings? Whose definition of ‘crazy’ should we go by, Liberal psychiatrists, or Obama who said ‘right-wingers‘ are extremists. 

Apparently, Marcus is not aware that the ‘crazy’s’ who committed the horrendous mass shootings not only passed their background checks, but did not appear to be crazy.


“I don’t know if that’s internet lure or that’s part and parcel of this. Because my understanding and I’ve read it,” Smerconish said. “What he’s trying to do is identify who is a hobbyist at gun sales and to make people subject to background checks. That’s the bottom line. It seems pretty modest, frankly.”

“Yeah. I don’t see, why is that a problem? I mean, people get driver’s licenses and — I don’t think that’s an issue. In 2016, I don’t think that that’s a problem,” Luttrell said.

“Marcus, they may yank you off that NRA ad, if they hear you say that,” Smerconish interjected.

“To have people with — with psychological problems have a background check before they can buy a weapon? I don’t think the NRA would pull me off that one,” Luttrell said. “If they do, then I need to be pulled off it because… you can’t give a weapon to someone who has mental issues, right.”

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  1. The rubric of psychiatric fitness can be used to devalue US citizenship for a critical mass of individuals. In that case, maybe lower marginal tax rates should be in store for such people. You know, yet another set of lines on the tax forms to attach the medical notice of disability (exercise of rights).

    The fact that Mr. Lattrel mentions driver licensing and the lecture that is commonly given to newly licensed drivers is very telling. Why is it that people are entrusted to two plus tons of weaponry yet not the one receiving specific mention in our founding documents?

    One is THE ORPHANED RIGHT and the other is well on its way to said orphanage.


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