WATCH Members Of Congress Give Obama Standing Ovation After Challenging Trump


Members of Congress could not bow fast enough to President Obama, in this case a standing ovation after he denounced bigotry in the United States, specifically citing freedom of religion, an obvious denouncement meant for presidential front-runner Donald Trump after he proposed a conditional ban on Muslims entering the United States.


During Obama’s speech, he called for all Americans to fight discrimination and cynicism “no matter what ugliness may bubble up” in society today.

“Remember that our freedom is bound up with the freedom of others, regardless of what they look like – or what faith they practice,” he said as members cheered and applauded before rising to their feet.

According to Obama, we are not suppose to judge radical Islamist’s based on their garb, or that they practice jihad and want to kill us.

We are suppose to open our country to thousands of Islamic immigrants, the majority of which are young, single men.

No thank you Obama, I agree with Donald Trump, no more Muslim immigrants until we have a more thorough screening process in place. 

HT Breitbart


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