While on vacation in Hawaii, Obama found time in-between golf games to address the Marines stationed in Hawaii.


As part of his address to the Marines, Obama lied directly to their faces, telling them that the world is a better, safer, and more peaceful place than it was before he took office.

Obama implied that his policies have resulted in making the world a safer place, but he is completely wrong, as his policies have actually done the exact opposite.

We may have laughed at the buffoonery of Obama when he bowed to a foreign leader like he was his butler instead of the President of the United States, but there are real consequences to Obama’s incompetency on the world stage. The United States is far from a safer place since Obama took office.

Townhall reported:

5) Benghazi: The Obama Administration got Americans killed in Libya by ignoring their repeated requests for more security in a dangerous part of the world. The Obama Administration got them killed, deliberately misled the public about what happened for political purposes, and did nothing when it could have conceivably acted and saved their lives. When the investigations are revealed, we’ll have a clearer picture of what happened, but at a minimum, good people are dead because the Obama Administration didn’t take basic precautions to save their lives.

4) Libya: Gaddafi was an evil dictator with American blood on his hands, but he had also been scared straight by Bush’s invasion of Iraq and was cooperating with the United States. So naturally, Obama signaled the world that it was dumb to work with us by helping radical Islamists defeat Gaddafi. Today, Libya has implemented Sharia law, is a hotbed of terrorism and is descending into civil war. Meanwhile, many of Obama’s supporters still consider that country to be a “success story.” Maybe it is compared to say, Obamacare — but like most of Obama’s presidency, we’d have all been better off if he’d just done nothing and let Gaddafi crush the radical Islamists.

 3) Obama’s Iranian Nuclear Deal: After a lot of grumbling that Obama wasn’t doing anything to stop Iran from building nuclear weapons, Obama swung into action and made the situation even worse. He signed a deal with Iran that will allow it to rake in somewhere between 7 and 20 billion dollars in sanctions relief and frozen assets even as it CONTINUES to work on enriching uranium. In other words, the Iranians get billions of dollars, give up nothing of consequence and when anyone complains, Obama claims the problem is solved because we have a “deal” in place stopping Iran from getting nuclear weapons. Given how bad a negotiator Obama is, I guess we should feel lucky that he didn’t just give Iran a nuclear bomb in return for promises that it will never use it.

 2) The Bowe Bergdahl swap: There’s a reason that it is our nation’s policy not to negotiate with terrorists. If you reward terrorists for their terrorism, it encourages more of the same. So, when Barack Obama broke the law to release five Taliban generals in return for deserter Bowe Bergdahl, he served notice to every terrorist on the planet that kidnapping Americans could pay big dividends. So it’s not exactly shocking that ISIS is promising to murder a captured relief worker if the U.S. doesn’t pay it millions and release Aafia Siddiqui AKA “Lady al-Qaeda.” After the Bergdahl deal, why wouldn’t ISIS expect that to work? Why wouldn’t Al-Qaeda start trying to capture our troops to trade for terrorists in Gitmo? How many of our soldiers will end up being kidnapped and held because of this swap? How many Americans will die when those Taliban generals inevitably go back to the fight? The Bergdahl swap was illegal, short-sighted, and stupid. In other words, it was VERY OBAMA.

1) Iraq/Isis: Despite being told over and over again that it was a terrible idea to set up a timeline in Iraq and pull out of the country for political reasons without getting a Status of Forces Agreement, Obama did it anyway. Then he bragged that “We’re leaving behind a sovereign, stable and self-reliant Iraq.”



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