Watch: Obama Mentor Bill Ayers Just Proposed We Build A Monument To Bowe Bergdahl (But Only If He Was A Deserter)


During an interview with Fox News Megyn Kelly, Weather Underground founder and convicted domestic terrorist Bill Ayers told the host that America should build monuments to soldiers who desert the military.


Infamous for his terrorist activities and those of his fellow-Weatherman wife, Bernadine Dohrn, during the 70′s, Ayres returned to the spotlight during the 2008 presidential campaign because of his relationship with Obama.

When speaking about Bowe Bergdahl and his desertion from his unit in Afghanistan, Ayres said that if he did, he should be treated as a hero:

   “I think Bowe Bergdahl, if he deserted, is a hero – I think throughout history we should build monuments to the unknown deserters.”

As for the bombings of the federal buildings in D.C. and other sites, Ayres maintained that while his activities were illegal, they weren’t violent:

You could have murdered somebody with those bombs.”

“The people who were conducting the war in Vietnam actually murdered people,” Ayers began, but Kelly cut him off:

“The answer is to make yourself a murderer as well?” Megyn Kelly asked.

You can view the entire interview here Fox News




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