WATCH OBAMA LIE: Obama Caught by Twitter Using Stealth Muslim Brotherhood Tactic while Describing ISIS as ‘Not Islamic’

WATCH OBAMA LIE: Obama Caught by Twitter Using Stealth Muslim Brotherhood Tactic while Describing ISIS as ‘Not Islamic’

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Last month, Obama stood in front of the American people and told them a bald-faced lie when he said, “ISIL is not Islamic”. He said this not because it was true but because stealth Muslim Brotherhood agents in the U.S. needed him to say it. Just five days prior to his speech, an article penned by the leader of a Brotherhood front group in the U.S. referred to the Islamic State as “anti-Islamic” in an article that appeared in TIME Magazine.

TIME Magazine gave the leader of Muslim brotherhood front group a platform to profess ‘ISIS is anti-Islamic.’


At issue for Awad is that as the atrocities committed by ISIS continue to dominate news headlines in the U.S., Americans are increasingly suspicious of Islam itself. He writes:

Despite misappropriating and misusing the name “Islamic State,” ISIS is little more than a criminal gang that attaches itself like a leech to revered symbols of Islam. It exploits counterproductive Western policies driving desperate people into its fold and uses injustices in the Muslim world as a smokescreen to cover its own cruelty.

When ISIS uses the Islamic declaration of faith, the Shahada, and the Prophet Muhammad’s (peace be upon him) seal on its flag, it quite literally – and falsely – claims to uphold the banner of Islam. When ISIS says it is establishing a “Caliphate,” an historic term that resonates with Muslims worldwide, it does so to fool those who have experienced nothing but injustice and oppression into believing past glories will be restored.

Unfortunately, the media, political analysts and public officials – really all of us – are unwilling participants in ISIS’s public relations branding campaign.

 Every time we refer to ISIS as the “Islamic State,” call its members “jihadists” or in any way grant it the religious legitimacy that it so desperately seeks, we simultaneously boost its brand, tarnish the image of Islam and further marginalize the vast majority of Muslims who are disgusted by the group’s un-Islamic actions.

Awad then amazingly invokes the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to help make his point:

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the “Muslim U.N.,” said ISIS has “nothing to do with Islam,” and has committed crimes “that cannot be tolerated.”

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Perhaps an even more stunning admission from Awad came when he suggested that the U.S. should have supported the Free Syrian Army (FSA) in order to prevent the rise of ISIS:

There would be no ISIS in Syria if we had fully supported the struggle for freedom in that nation since 2011. It was only the political vacuum created by our lack of support for the mainstream opposition to the brutal Syrian regime, and the resulting slaughter of more than 200,000 people and the displacement of millions more, which gave ISIS space to form and grow.

We need to support the mainstream Syrian political and military opposition seeking freedom and democracy. A free and democratic Syria and region is the long-term guarantee for the defeat and marginalization of groups like ISIS.

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The more ISIS seeps into the American psyche, the more desperate stealth operatives are to keep the lines between them and terrorism blurred. How else does one explain Obama’s reference to a group called the Islamic State, founded by a guy with a PhD in Islamic Studies as being anything other than Islamic?

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