WATCH: Obama’s Disrespectful Cup Salute Sparks Anger By Saluting US Marines With Drink In Hand


Obama saluted a pair of United States Marines while holding what appeared to be a styrofoam cup in his saluting hand, a breach of military regulations that won’t win him fans among veterans and servicemen.


Obama is known for drinking tea, not coffee, when he travels, especially before delivering speeches. His quasi-saluting gesture was an instant embarrassment for the White House.

Saluting military personnel is something presidents are expected to do since they’re at the top of the Pentagon’s chain of command. It’s customary for a commander-in-chief to salute uniformed servicemen and women who salute him first as a sign of respect.


No wire photographers captured pictures of the exact moment when the president executed his unconventional tea cup maneuver on Tuesday, but online fury built after the White House itself posted a short video clip of it on its Instagram page.

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