Watch: It Only Takes 30-Seconds For Fox News Host To HILARIOUSLY Destroy The Clintons


Fox News commentator Greg Gutfield let loose on a rant that expressed exactly how he feels about Liberal Americas Clinton-worship when on Friday The Five commentator Geraldo Rivera tried to revive the debunked claim that a video about Islam may have been a cause of the Benghazi, Libya, attacks that killed four Americans in 2012.


“I wouldn’t be so quick to blame Hillary. I think she still has PTSD from being shot at by that sniper in Bosnia,” he quipped, referring to Clinton’s notorious lie that she came under fire during a 1996 visit to Bosnia .

He then turned to his main subject — the Benghazi attacks and Clinton’s continuous lies to the American people.

“The campaign ad is already written,” he said. “It’s so easy Michael Moore could do it from his oversize commode.

 “Side by side. She lied,” Gutfeld said, gesturing for emphasis. “And you put it next to the victims’ families. It is so easy.”

“She is actually more deceitful than her husband,” he said. “She lies about what she does. He lies about who he does. She blames a video; he probably made a few.

“She’s more disgusting than he is,” he concluded.

“For the last three years, the American people have been told lie after lie after lie about Benghazi by Hillary Clinton,” wrote RedState’s Jay Caruso. “There are families of loved ones who want closure and they cannot get it because Hillary, like her husband Bill, has this insatiable need (That’s one of Bill’s insatiable needs anyway) to lie rather than admit to any wrongdoing.”

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  1. Beautiful. … especially the part about probably having PTST from “being shot at” when she was no where near any shooting. … Liar, Liar, Depends on fire !!!


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