[Watch] The Plot Thickens: State Dept. Still Refusing To Say Whether Clinton Signed Separation Agreement


Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton participates in "A Conversation with Hillary Rodham Clinton" in Manhattan, New York

The State Department is refusing to say whether or not Hillary Clinton signed a separation agreement. Today, State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki was grilled by AP reporter Matt Lee over why this is so difficult to produce.

Former DOJ attorney Shannen Coffin believes that Hillary Clinton committed a crime if she signed the Department’s Form SF-109 STATE-USIA Separation Form and still retained 50,000 emails on her private server.

All employees of the State Department are required to sign a document called the SF-109 STATE-USIA Separation Form upon the end of their employment with the department.

It’s a simple question, yes, or no.

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